5 Dragons by Aristocrat

5 Dragons slot by Aristocrat – an enchanting journey to the mystical Far East.

Who doesn’t like to dream of a journey to a mystical land that awaits with adventures and surprises around every corner? With this slot machine, 5 Dragons online from developer Aristocrat, that is possible. But as a player, this game takes you not only to the Far East, but also to another time. When playing online, you get to know a China that only exists in fairy tales and legends. The country is dominated by dragons and magicians. In this slot game, the implementation of the theme has succeeded excellently.

In its structure, 5 Dragons free to play online casino presents itself first as very classic. With its 5 reels and the freely selectable paylines, up to 30 can be selected at the same time, it resembles other slot machines, whether analog or in the Internet casino. Apart from the major differences, which are mainly evident in the gameplay of 5 Dragons, the first thing that stands out is the detailed design. When playing 5 Dragons, all colors are chosen very consciously. The sound effects, which never seem obtrusive and can be adjusted to your own taste with just a few clicks, also match the gameplay.

Each of the characters appearing on the reels, no matter if main character, wild symbol or scatter symbol, is based on ancient findings. This makes the game look very high-quality and as a player you will quickly notice how much work has gone into the development and programming of 5 Dragons online. The game breaks new ground with its interesting structure and a tension that is hard to beat. This is mainly thanks to the features triggered by the scatter symbols and the gamble feature.

No longer do you wait for luck to show itself, but actively intervene in the action. If winning combinations occur, you decide for yourself whether you want to gamble for the win or not. Unlike other games, the gamble feature in 5 Dragons is multi-level and the player decides for himself which risk he wants to take. While you can double your winnings in most slots with such a feature, you even have the chance to quadruple your winnings when playing 5 Dragons for free without registration. Of course, you take a corresponding risk, but especially small winnings are quickly upgraded in this way.

The flagships of 5 Dragons listed:

  • extremely detailed design and focus on lovingly designed elements and characters
  • variety even for experienced players thanks to numerous features
  • freely selectable paylines for precise risk calculation
  • small stakes possible without any problems
  • Even small winnings can be multiplied by the gamble feature
  • High payout rate of up to 96 percent
  • Autoplay with self-selected number of game rounds possible

The 5 Dragons slot is far more complex and detailed than comparable games. This leads to a more entertaining game. As a player, you automatically make more decisions and feel more involved in the course of the game. This keeps your concentration at a constantly high level and you may make better decisions. If you are looking for a new challenge and want to know what is possible with a good strategy and well thought-out rules, you should look for this game in German online casinos. Those who return to the slot game after a long time and not only want to chase their luck, but also be well entertained, will find the best solution in 5 Dragons, the modern game by Aristocrat.

5 Dragons online – complex rules with added value

As with other slots, 5 Dragons is structured in such a way that the appearance of the same symbols on the selected paylines leads to a win. The main symbols are complemented by wild symbols and scatter symbols.

  • Main symbols – these lead to a payout as soon as three or more appear on a payline simultaneously and consecutively. Combinations are read from left to right. A distinction is made between low- and high-paying symbols. The higher-paying symbols are recognized by their more elaborate design, which also contributes to the story of the game.
  • Wild symbols – these characters are always welcome on a payline, as they are able to replace any other symbol that might be missing on a line. This only does not apply to scatter symbols, which are the highest in the ranking of characters. If you already have a win anyway, because there are already four identical symbols on a payline, the wild symbol represents the fifth winning symbol. Likewise, in 5 Dragons online, this symbol is able to connect unconnected main characters on a payline.
  • Scatter symbols – this sign are responsible for the special moments in a game. Usually, as in the case of this game, they trigger not only especially high wins, but also special features, such as free spins with a higher payout. Since these characters occupy the highest position in the ranking, they occur most rarely. This is compensated by the significant effect of the scatter symbols.

The Gamble Feature

When playing 5 Dragons for free without registration, there is at any time the possibility to gamble after a win. This option does not have to be taken, but it is offered if you want to actively work on increasing your winnings. As with other gamble features, the player decides between the card colors red and black. Here, the winnings can be doubled in up to five rounds each. If the player chooses the suit, which can also be selected as a symbol, there is a possibility of quadrupling the winnings. Even if this option is selected, up to five individual rounds are playable in 5 Dragons.

Free spins after scatter symbols

If the player receives free spins while playing 5 Dragons for free, another window opens, which in connection with the appearing colored dragons indicates which multiplier is possible in case of a win.

A conclusion to play 5 Dragons for free – this is how you get started right away.

With the presented features and specialties, 5 Dragons shows itself to be a game that is rather aimed at experienced players. Of course, the game is just as suitable for beginners who want to see how complex a modern slot game can be. The best way to find out whether a game suits you or not is to try it out. This happens without any problems when playing slot machines for free without registration. We offer players to get started with the game right away. You will not be asked for any data and will not take any risks.

Getting straight into the game is casual and you can easily take as long as you want to get to know all the ins and outs. When playing 5 Dragons for free, you naturally want to test out how you react when a feature occurs, for example, when you decide to gamble after winning. If you are already familiar with all the ins and outs of this game, you will quickly learn tips and tricks to be able to react correctly and with a chance of success when a situation arises.

Even free spins, also known as free spins, follow their own rules when playing 5 Dragons for free. If you pay attention to them and have the necessary experience, you will easily multiply your winnings if a winning combination occurs during the free spins. When playing 5 Dragons, a well thought-out tactic quickly turns into a feeling that tells you like an inner voice how to act in a certain situation. Once you reach this point, you have internalized the game and easily venture to the really big wins, which are more likely thanks to the high payout ratio.

Test the full range of features and bag real winnings with 5 Dragons slot.

It takes a certain amount of practice to master this slot to perfection. Fortunately, you always have the chance to practice for free and without registration until you feel that you have mastered the game. If you find your way around the many features in particular, you can score big wins with 5 Dragons online. The important thing is to get a feel for the risk and slowly approach the many features, which come less from the reel game itself than from the possible additional functions.

Those who feel ready, perhaps because they have already raked in permanently amazing winnings in the free games, can continue the game in an online casino in Germany. Due to the popularity of the game, it is offered at a large number of virtual and verified casinos. So, a comparison regarding possible advantages at the start is always worthwhile when playing 5 Dragons.

A real bonus at the beginning are free spins without deposit, which are offered in some cases by certain casinos. These make sense for a player especially if not much experience has been gained so far in the game for real money. Thus, the entry takes place without much risk and even first winnings are possible without an own stake. Of course, you are allowed to keep such winnings when playing 5 Dragons. These first, practically free winnings are sometimes a good start to a series of achieved winnings based on the first win without an own bet. These winnings are, of course, the ones that taste by far the sweetest when playing Aristocrat.

5 Dragons slot details