50 Dragons by Aristocrat

50 Dragons Slot von Aristocrat

Have you ever felt the desire to own your own dragon? We don’t mean the one you can make out of paper and let fly on a string in the wind, but really a real dragon – lively, scaly, often with many heads, not exactly small and can breathe fire. Well, to be honest, we never thought about it before until we came across a slot game from the Aristocrat brand and were invited to play 50 Dragons for free without registration. This was an extremely exciting slot test!

Let us tell you about 50 Dragons slot in detail for once. We assume that after that you won’t be able to resist and want to play 50 Dragons for free as well!

Our impressions and experiences with 50 Dragons online

We never expected to see a dragon in our lifetime. German dragons have been extinct for a long time, even abroad we don’t know of any place where a specimen is flying around. So we had no hope for a real kite viewing until the said invitation from Aristocrat to the tester agency fluttered into our house.

We were very surprised, because judging by the name of this game, it is not a single animal, but 50 Dragons, which means 50 dragons in German. That could be something, we had a little concern whether we would be a little charred here, in the truest sense of the word. We were very reluctant to end up as flambéed casino professionals. But in the end, it turned out that Aristocrat wasn’t exaggerating. There really were 50 Dragons online, if not more!

A slot test of a very special kind

We were about to ask whether we should now book flights and pack our bags, when we received the information that we didn’t even have to leave Germany for our dragon adventure. In fact, we could stay in our office chair because everything would be done online.

We breathed a little sigh of relief, because of course our dragon experience tended towards zero. Playing 50 Dragons for free without registration is harmless and we didn’t have to worry about whether we would need fire suits.

We didn’t even have to bring real money, it was explicitly free! So, as agreed, we went to the casino without registration to meet the 50 Dragons online. How excited we were!

50 Dragons free to play without registration, a fabulous experience!

So we sat down at the 50 Dragons slot and started playing right away. It was at least as exciting as we expected. The dragons are quite spirited and real flight artists, which can hardly be said about us.

Likeable little animals, these 50 Dragons! But as you can imagine, when 50 Dragons play, it gets turbulent. They perform all kinds of tricks, including fire-breathing. This explains why the slot machine is quite hot! Maybe 50 Dragons online is even the hottest slot game in the whole online casino?

Fortunately, the dragon spectacle doesn’t result in embers and ashes, but lots of bonuses and free spins! We were able to convince ourselves of this extensively when playing 50 Dragons for free and spent a lot of virtual flying hours with 50 Dragons online.

The 50 Dragons slot is made for masters of dragons.

While playing, we testers were overcome with something like feelings of omnipotence. Who can claim to spend time with 50 Dragons without picking up a single burn blister? We managed to do just that, which is why we now feel like true dragon masters.

The 50 Dragons behaved wildly, but they didn’t touch a hair on our heads and formed beautiful flight formations and winning combinations. They obeyed when we sent them tumbling over the reels. We consider them friends and ourselves born dragon tamers.

As newly minted Dragon pros, we can now help you with some important tips. The most important one concerns regularity. You should play with the 50 Dragons for free at regular intervals and by all means show up now and then without registering. Then the 50 Dragons will get used to you and accept you as their master or mistress. With a lot of tact you can train the scaly fellows like a dog and maybe even let them retrieve Free Spins.

The 50 Dragons love to play and are docile, so take your time with them and find the right strategy for dragon training. When a dragon follows the rules, it does so voluntarily and out of affection. After all, he knows that he is a flying Bunsen burner with a grill function and never has to submit out of compulsion.

Non-violent parenting pays off in many ways. Nothing is nicer than cuddling the head of a tamed dragon after a frolicsome game and gazing into its grateful little eyes.

Just the right slot game for dragon fans

Playing 50 Dragons for free will please all players who are enthusiastic about mythical creatures and fantasy themes. The sound in the slot game is obviously from a casino, so you will feel like you are among people. Everyone is in the best casino mood.

The slot has been illustrated with great attention to detail. For one thing, the control buttons are designed to make you feel like a pilot and have everything under control. There are 50 paylines and five reels, which feature other winning symbols besides the 50 Dragons.

The ambience reminded us a bit of Asia, where the dragon is a lucky symbol. Luck fits perfectly in an online casino and is also needed when playing 50 Dragons for free. So everything is perfect, now let’s quickly show you how it works!

How to play 50 Dragons online without registration

We couldn’t locate the land of dragons exactly, but we think we had landed in China. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the fact that you might not understand Chinese and can’t cope with the menus and settings. In fact, in our experience, it’s quite simple. You don’t even have to press the play button for each spin because there is an autoplay feature. You can find the button for it right on the start button. Click + and – to set the number of spins. Of course, you can also leave it at the default setting of 1 and trigger each spin manually this way.

Before you let the kites circle above you, set your bet level. Depending on whether you play in demo or real money mode, you’ll use real money or play money for this. You will notice many human voices around you, obviously there are other dragon trainers on site. If you prefer one-on-one training, just go to the sound menu and turn off the sound. Some players can concentrate better this way, especially since it is said that dragons also communicate telepathically. Just try it out, the decision is entirely yours!

Now wait for the reels to stop and the dragons to land. They form winning combos from left to right, but not only the dragons bring winnings.

The following main characters can help you win (we have sorted them from lowest to highest value):

  • 9, 10, Jack and Queen
  • King, Ace, the Bat and the Carp
  • The Tiger and the Crane
  • The Dragon

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in 50 Dragons.

  • Wild Symbol: The white pearl of the dragon is a wild and can appear anywhere but on the first reel. It can substitute for any symbol to complete a winning line, except the scatter.

  • Scatter Symbol: The scatter is a Yuanbao gold bar, which was a common currency in ancient China. It appears exclusively on reels 1, 2 and 3. Once it appears in a group of three or more times, ten spins are activated for free. During these free spins, the chance of wild symbols, i.e. the pearls, is significantly higher.

  • Bonus Games: There is the Card Gamble, which can be activated after any cash win. Here there is a deck of cards and some guessing options. If you guess correctly, your winnings will be multiplied, but if not, you will lose the entire amount. If you choose the correct suit, your winnings will be doubled. However, if you want to take the maximum risk, you can also bet on a card type (spades, clubs, diamonds or hearts), which gives you a chance to quadruple your winnings.

Our verdict: Play 50 Dragons for free and time will fly by.

If you want to become a professional dragon trainer, you should take it easy and without any risk. Dragons are sensitive and want to build trust first. Don’t let anything go to waste and just go for our offer: play slots for free without registration. Many slots are waiting for you, including 50 Dragons by Aristocrat!

Playing 50 Dragons for real money is the highest art of dragon taming.

You have made friends with 50 Dragons and managed to put the fire extinguisher aside? Then the time is ripe to give it a try with real money. Find a friendly online casino, get welcome bonuses and take advantage of no deposit free spins whenever you can. You’re a dragon tamer, so you’re entitled to these privileges, we’d just say. Real money games are no different from free games, the only difference is noticeable should you win. Maybe 50 Dragons is your very own lucky machine?

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