Alibaba by Leander Games


Alibaba by Leander Games is based on the famous story of Alibaba and the 40 robbers. The story in the slot is presented from the point of view of the Arabian horsemen. The game developer Leander Games has done an excellent job in developing this slot. Not only is the gameplay easy to understand, but most importantly, the sequences are kept fluid. This makes players have a lot of fun trying out the slot very quickly.

The entire action on the reels takes place against a background that represents a desert. The slot is defined by five reels, three rows and a total of 20 paylines. The 20 paylines can be further defined in the slot, so that each player can decide for himself how many of the lines he would like to act with. The graphics in the slot are reminiscent of a comic drawing, which makes the slot look amusing. With the well-chosen background music, every player now has the opportunity to play the slot online for free.

Get to know Alibaba online

Those who would like to get to know the slot have different options to do so. On the one hand there is the chance to play the slot in an online casino without registration, on the other hand there is the opportunity to use a real money game. Here, each player should decide for himself which game appeals to him more.

However, Leander Games offers every player a good game variant, in which the rules are easy to understand. The game can begin after the stakes for the slot have been selected. Once the reels have started spinning, only chance can decide on the winning combinations. The main characters in the game, of course, indicate the highest profit. But what other game combinations are there in this slot game?

  • Wild symbols: The wild symbol in the game is defined by the belly dancer. If this appears, the entire reel is equipped by higher winning combinations. This can lead to additional wins.

  • Scatter Symbols: The game has a total of three of these symbols. The treasure chest is one symbol of them and pays out an additional cash win. The other symbols lead to a bonus game. The bonus game is defined by Gold or Bandit. Free spins can be won here.

  • Other game symbols: Among the other game symbols include the monkey, the sword, the drum, the ring as well as Alibaba himself and the robbers.

Tips and game tricks in the game

Players who hope to cheat their way through the game with tips and tricks and thus achieve the strategy for a better win should be aware that a slot cannot be bribed. Of course, a good strategy is important to be able to use the slot for a correspondingly long time. So, those who would like to play Alibaba should consider what winning strategy they would like to adopt. A good tip is to play Alibaba for free. Because this gives you the advantage of getting to know the slot better and to look at the processes more intensively.

Play Alibaba for free

With us you get the opportunity to play Alibaba for free. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the slot with the excellent animations better before you play for real money. Of course, you do not need to register for a free game.

Play Alibaba for free without registration

Those who would like to play Alibaba with a little more thrill should keep in mind that real money play is possible at any time. As soon as the minimum age is reached, every player in an online casino can take the opportunity to play with real money. For this, of course, a deposit is necessary in the casino. If this deposit is successful, every gamer can use the low stakes to test his luck in a real money game.

Alibaba slot details

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