Alladin’s Legacy by Amaya

Aladdin’s Legacy Slot History

For almost a century now, the story of Aladdin, in all its various iterations, has delighted children and adults from all over the world. Especially through the children’s series that ran on television in the 90s, Aladdin’s story has gained additional attention. Not surprisingly, it would eventually be followed by a slot machine. The slot machine, developed by Amaya Gaming, follows the tradition of Aladdin and the story that has been told for decades. Accordingly, everything here also revolves around Aladdin’s magic lamp, in which a ghost slumbers – or in this case, play for free. The slot itself is completely based on the story – oriental sounds play in the background, while the playing surface is lined with images of deserts. This game is similar to the Faust slot machine.

How to play Aladdins Legacy slots?

Aladdins Legacy works similarly to many other slots that use five different symbols, and like them, it is also built on a line system.

  • The game itself: In Aladdins Legacy, you try to line up five different symbols, which then spit out different wins depending on the line they were lined up in. So the actual gameplay is very simple to understand.
  • Various Bonuses: A distinctive feature of Aladings Legacy is the large number of different bonuses and bonus modes that you can achieve while playing. The number of symbols is also relatively large – but fortunately, the values and function of the symbols are explained by the game itself. The different bonus modes are highlighted below.

So, Aladdin’s Legacy works very simply in itself – you can set a value, then click on the light and the slots will start spinning. Depending on how they are lined up after that, you win – or lose. You can also play Merkur automaten echtgeld here.

The bonuses and the real money winnings when playing Aladdins Legacy

As mentioned above, Aladdins Legacy offers a very large number of different symbols, but also bonuses that can be obtained when reaching these symbols. These bonuses are partially interlocked with each other. We offer here a small overview of these very bonuses.

The first bonus mode is the cave mode, which virtually leads into all other bonuses. You reach this mode when you get the cave symbol in the last row in any slot – something that happens very rarely. However, once you have achieved that, the bonus begins.

After that, you’ll see a door where you have to put three different gems. Which ones they are is random. If you guess correctly, you are one step further and the next bonus mode appears.

Here you have to choose one of several paths to get to the treasure. Again, it depends on chance which path is the right one. If you are lucky here, you have finally made it and reached the bonus – a really large additional sum is then added to the winnings. So if you are very lucky, you can really clean up here! Play slots without registration on our website.

You can play Aladdin’s Legacy for free or for real money. When playing for real money, the cave feature of Aladdin’s Legacy is disabled – but there are many other winnings and bonuses waiting for the lucky winner!

Alladin’s Legacy slot details

Bonus Rounds
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol