Animal Quest by Evoplay

Animal Quest: Exciting treasure hunt in the jungle online slot free games by Evoplay Entertainment

Are you ready for an exciting treasure hunt in the deepest jungle? Do you want to experience the feeling of an explorer and do it easily from the comfort of your home? If you answered yes to these questions, then Evoplay Entertainment’s new game Animal Quest is for you. In this online slot game, you’ll search the jungle with Turtle, Red Panda, Rhino and Opossum in search of hidden treasures. And if you travel with these four experts, you will almost never come away empty-handed!

So play the Animal Quest online slot game now. With its vivid and realistic jungle design combined with the stimulating explorer soundtrack, Animal Quest gives you the feeling of a real slot machine.

Evoplay Entertainment has achieved a new masterpiece with Animal Quest. The perfect conveyance of the jungle atmosphere and the appealing game design make Animal Quest an outstanding online slot game. You don’t believe us? Then try it out for yourself right now and convince yourself of the realistic and exciting online treasure hunt you will experience when you play Animal Quest for free. You can play Animal Quest for free without registration, so you can try it out without any problems and without any ulterior motives. It won’t take long and you will feel like a real treasure hunter. So don’t hesitate any longer and play Animal Quest online. The cheerful heroes Turtle, Red Panda, Rhino and Opossum are already waiting for you and need your help to find the greatest treasures.

Play Animal Quest for free: Decipher the signs of the treasure map correctly

In the game Animal Quest you have the opportunity to discover the most exciting treasures of the jungle. In the five vertical reels, different masks and of course our four animal explorer friends appear per spin. To give you an overview of the main characters of the game, we have sorted them in a list in descending order of value:

  • Red Panda
  • Opossum
  • Rhino
  • Turtle
  • The purple mask
  • The orange mask
  • The blue mask
  • The green mask
  • The red mask

The rules are easy to follow. The more masks and animal explorers are in the right winning combination, the more treasures will fall into your pocket. But that’s far from all.

For one, there is the bonus round in Animal Quest, which is triggered by the Big Symbols. Here, one of our treasure hunters suddenly emerges from the thicket of the jungle, but not in its normal size, but, as the name suggests, which is “big symbol” in German, which immediately takes up a lot more space than a normal symbol. If this scenario occurs, there is reason to rejoice. Because now a respin is triggered, which means that you get another free spin where the big symbol and also smaller symbols with the same motif as anchored keep their place while the rest keep moving, which leads to an increase in your winnings.

Should you have the luck of a proficient treasure hunter, you may also quickly get to ten free spins. Here, you need two scatter symbols and one wild symbol and, before you know it, you can get ten free spins and maximize your paylines in Animal Quest through the Gold Symbols. The Gold Symbols are symbols that can only appear during the free spins. They are golden framed and multiply your winnings by a factor that varies between 2 and 5. However, you can discover all this only if you play Animal Quest for free now.

Play Animal Quest for free: A journey into the jungle and completely free of charge.

Who wouldn’t want to be an explorer and explore the jungle? Many of us harbor this desire, but only very few can fulfill it. Until now! Because with the new online slot game from Evoplay Entertainment, you can start your own little jungle expedition at any time, whether from Germany, Austria or Switzerland, and completely free of charge. On our website you can play Animal Quest for free without registration. So you don’t need to go to a casino, but can operate our reels for free and all that, as already mentioned, without registration.

Animal Quest slot offers you fun, thrills and the atmosphere of a jungle adventure – and it’s completely free. So don’t wait any longer and visit our website, where you can easily play the slot for free without registration. Without registration and without hidden costs, you can explore the online jungle world of Evoplay Entertainment and play Animal Quest. And who knows, you might gain some helpful experience for future adventures.

Animal Quest: From virtual treasure hunter to real jungle explorer

In addition to the possibility of spinning the reels of Animal Quest for free and without registration, there is also the alternative of playing Animal Quest online with real money. Here you have the best online casinos at your disposal, where you can put your luck to the test. The online casinos where you can play Animal Quest online often offer you a free starting balance, which means that you can get started right away without having to deposit any money and go on a real treasure hunt. In addition to this free starting credit, many online casinos also offer a welcome bonus, which gives you additional motivation to hunt for large and small treasures in the virtual thicket.

In the course of your explorations through Animal Quest slot, you can, with a little luck, also get free spins without deposit, which in combination with the right constellation of the main characters can give you a whopping profit.

You can already play Animal Quest online and you don’t have to waste any more time! So don’t hesitate any longer, examine the new game from Evoplay Entertainment and play Animal Quest for free or choose the more daredevil variant and play Animal Quest online with real money. And who knows, if you apply the right strategy, incorporate little helpful tips and tricks into your gameplay and rake in a bonus or two, you might soon be able to afford yourself a real voyage of discovery into the jungle and set off on a real treasure hunt instead of a virtual one.

What are you waiting for? You can play Animal Quest with Turtle, Red Panda, Rhino and Opossum right now. Whether you play Animal Quest for free or with real money, for a bit of a thrill, our four beastly treasure hunters are always happy to assist you. Or you can compromise and play Animal Quest for free first, and then maybe for real money.

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