Asian Attraction by Novoline

Asian Attraction Slot free games from Novoline

Since we do slot machine tests every day, we need a lot of variety. This time, too, it should definitely be something exotic. With Asian Attraction this wish has come true. After many hours of Asian Attraction online we feel refreshed like after a vacation. We are enraptured by this game, which is woven like velvet and silk!

That’s why we don’t want to deprive you of Asian Attraction slot either.

Asian Attraction slot description and features

Our center of life is Germany and our last real vacation was a long time ago. But why should we, typically German, always eat only potatoes, when thanks to Novoline there is a slot machine that rather reminds us of rice? Of course, we only mean this in a figurative sense and actually mean the Asian Attraction slot with our metaphor. For our German standards, Novoline has just served up a slot game that is quite exotic for us. Asian Attraction, which means Asian attraction in German, does not miss its effect. That’s exactly why the comparison with food came to our mind when playing Asian Attraction. We love Asian food and can’t resist Asian Attraction online either!

Perhaps the most graceful slot machine we’ve ever experienced

The aesthetics that prevail in Asian Attraction online are breathtaking. Asian beauties play the leading role in Asian Attraction. They are as enchanting as lotus flowers. Spontaneously, we took a tiny break to wash our hair with rice water. Maybe this strategy also works for us to approach the charm of Asian women?

In general, the ladies in the Far East know the best tricks and beauty secrets. They have flawless skin, silky hair and never seem to age. However, we immediately returned to Asian Attraction free play without registration and were thunderstruck even at second glance. How can people be so incredibly beautiful?

Concentrated beauty in Asian Attraction Slot

To be honest, we can hardly tell the Asian beauty queens apart. Probably the same would happen to them when they see our European faces. You just don’t notice it on them, because they always just smile adorably whenever we show up to play Asian Attraction for free without registration. This radiant smile is also probably part of Asia and certainly contributes to the fact that the women don’t have a single wrinkle – Botox is definitely not involved.

Play Asian Attraction for free – and the smiles are guaranteed.

When we play Asian Attraction for free, we feel like the most delicate flowers of the Orient. We sit in the online casino with a permanent smile and hopefully even radiate a touch of Asian Attraction ourselves. Novoline, you guys are really brilliant, we have to say thank you. Playing Asian Attraction for free makes real fortune cookies out of us. On top of that, it’s free to play! So we have plenty of time to study the beautiful facial features of the Chinese models online. So far we can only tell them apart by the colors of their traditional dresses, but we’ll keep playing Asian Attraction free and practicing. By the way, the Asian music is great too!

How to play Asian Attraction slot

To play Asian Attraction by Novoline, you don’t need to understand any technical jargon, just read the following simple tips.

Don’t stress, the slot is easy to understand. Take good care that you don’t fall in love with the Asian ladies right away. The slot has a traditional structure with its 5 reels – 3 rows setup, but there are a lot of new things to discover in this oriental paradise.

These are the steps you need to take to catch a glimpse of the Asian beauties:

  • Choose your bet for the 20 paylines.
  • Press the green start button that flashes enticingly in the bottom right corner.
  • Just above it, you can also find an autospin button.
  • The reels will now spin a few times, you just have to wait for them to come to a stop and for the symbols to form winning combinations.

These are the main characters you can see in Asian Attraction online (sorted by their value, ascending):

  • The card symbols from 9 to Ace.
  • The blue Asian
  • The purple Asian
  • The green Asian
  • The red Asian

The extra features and bonus rounds in the land of smiles

The highlight of Asian Attraction is the innovative free spins feature. Although you can collect your free spins as usual with the scatter symbol, a lotus blossom, an ornate frame appears in the middle of the third reel during these free spins. If one of the Asian beauty queens or a lotus scatter falls within the frame, it will be enhanced and your Free Spins will be replenished.

So, the rules are quite clear to see. You don’t have to juggle complicated features, but you still get more wins. You also get your wild symbol in the form of the Asian Attraction logo, of course. If you are not quite sure about the rules, you can also play Asian Attraction for free.

Are you in the mood to play Asian Attraction for free?

The thing is quite simple, because you will get coins from the casino to test Asian Attraction for fun, without registration and for free. So, you don’t have to have real money if the slot machine interests you. We will show you where to find the slot game and where slots free play without registration is allowed. Basically, we are 100% sure that you will also find pleasure in the exceedingly charming game! Try it right now and get enchanted the Chinese way!

That’s why you should play Asian Attraction for real money with determination

You like Asian Attraction and it turned out that you are a natural and a winner while playing Asian Atrraction for free? Then it’s worth considering pulling out the real money for the purpose of multiplying. Don’t forget to reserve a bonus at our top casinos. One of the reasons we’ve named these online casinos the best in the world is because they’re so generous. This is clearly evident from the welcome bonus and other playing conditions. You are probably even entitled to free spins without a deposit! This is, after all, a fitting opportunity to play Asian Attraction for real money and fulfill many dreams with the winnings. Maybe Chinese food or even a trip to China?

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