Aztec Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

Aztec Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

Aztec Bonanza by Pragmatic Play is an extremely exotic slot machine in all respects. The name already hides a hint about the place where our reels are located. A little hint, they are not in Germany. It actually goes to the Mayans in South America in this slot game and here slots are played differently than German players are used to. For example, there are no paylines and the playing field is not presented in the usual format of five reels and three rows. Furthermore, except for the free spins, you will encounter bonus features while playing, which are also anything but commonplace.

We think that all this is already reason enough to take a closer look at Aztec Bonanza slot. That’s why we tested the game for you and experienced quite a bit. The adventure begins for you with this slot game already in the casino, while you play Aztec Bonanza for free without registration. Who has already grabbed the spirit of adventure, should read on and get to know this impressive slot, because Aztec Bonanza online is a game that you can not miss in any case.

The Aztec Bonanza slot at a glance

We already realized how different and exciting the online detour to South America is when we were able to play Aztec Bonanza for free. Even though we immediately realized when we saw the layout that you don’t need a strategy when playing Aztec Bonanza. After all, at the edge of the jungle there is not only a beautiful landscape with waterfalls and a Mayan temple, but also the game field with its five reels and two, four, six, four and two rows. Do you think this format sounds interesting? It gets even better, because Pragmatic Play has designed the rules to unlock more reel positions as the game progresses.

As for the sound, you’ll encounter a mix of an adventurous background music and gripping sound effects accompanying the gameplay. On the other hand, you should not be impressed by the torture stake, which is located to the right of the playing field. You will get used to its scary shape while playing Aztec Bonanza for free. In fact, it has a very important meaning, which brings us to the bonus features.

The Cascade Feature

This feature was left to you by the Mayans, we don’t know what tricks were used here. But every time a winning combination lands, the motifs of that combination explode and are replaced by new ones that fall from above. This can set off a chain reaction in Aztec Bonanza with just a single spin that ends in several consecutive wins, and should this happen, you’ll encounter the unlocking symbols feature.

The Unlocking Symbols Feature

As you can see, thanks to Pragmatic Play’s ingenuity, when playing Aztec Bonanza everything is somehow connected and one event leads to the next. Let’s briefly recall the unusual layout with the different size of the rows. When the Cascade Feature leads to two consecutive wins, one of the four face-down corners of our playfield is revealed and another bonus feature is triggered at the same time. These include oversized motifs, a mystery symbol and multiple matching symbols. This process starts in the top left corner and continues clockwise. With each corner that is now unlocked, one of the jewels of the torture stake begins to light up. Once all four corners are unlocked, then you start into the Free Spins. We would like to remind you at this point that you can play Aztec Bonanza for free and watch the steps at your leisure.

The Free Spins

So, the free spins are not triggered with a scatter symbol as usual and you will also look for a wild symbol in vain when playing Aztec Bonanza. It doesn’t matter whether you play Aztec Bonanza for free without registration or go into the free spins round with real money, the playing field here always consists of five reels with six rows. You only get five free spins, which cannot be triggered a second time, but they are still worth it. Because with each of the free spins, a bonus feature is triggered, and always. These consist of either a symbol transforming from low to higher value symbols, secret symbols transforming into matching symbols, or oversized motifs.

How to play Aztec Bonanza

If you are still not sure whether you should play Aztec Bonanza for free, then the rules will surely convince you to give the game a try. Aztec Bonanza online is not played with paylines, but with the principle of winning ways. Nevertheless, there are two common features here, firstly, all winning combinations, including those with the main characters, must consist of three identical motifs and secondly, they must land on adjacent reels from left to right. At the beginning, Aztec Bonanza has 384 winning ways, but this number increases continuously as the additional positions are unlocked, up to 7776 winning ways.

Including the mystery symbol, Aztec Bonanza is played with nine symbols consisting of the following designs:

  • A brown-green stone
  • A blue stone
  • A dark green stone
  • A dark brown stone
  • One light green stone
  • A purple stone
  • A pink stone
  • A light brown stone
  • A golden mask as a mystery symbol.

Conclusion and play Aztec Bonanza for free

Pragmatic Play has once again shown a lot of creativity with Aztec Bonanza, which makes the slot almost unique, and mind you, without disregarding the graphics, sound and animations. Instead of the usual and sometimes boring standard layout of five reels and three rows, Aztec Bonanza online has a game concept that consists of an expanding game field with up to six rows. Each of these expansions is accompanied by a bonus feature that can provide great wins and at the end of which there is a free spins round. On top of all this, there is a very good RTP of 96.53%. Our conclusion is therefore: Aztec Bonanza is a slot game that you have to experience for yourself!

With us you can play the slot machine for free without registration, right now!

Play Aztec Bonanza online with real money

When you sign up at an online casino, you can play Aztec Bonanza with real money and at the same time take advantage of great welcome bonus offers like free spins without deposit. Reason enough to try your luck today, don’t you think?

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