Bar Bar Black Sheep by Microgaming

The black sheep is known to us from many stories, namely as the troublemaker, the inappropriate particle of the group or simply an unpopular individual. But Bar Bar Black Sheep turns exactly these resolutions around, after all, you should be hot for the Black Sheep in this slot. The reason is obvious: if you hit a combination with the Black Sheep, you can forget your worries for the near future for now. Because then huge winnings beckon and the farm becomes a madhouse. But let’s take things one step at a time. Dieses Spiel ist ähnlich Plenty on twenty.

Game structure

Funny symbols**: You can best take the respective win levels from the win table attached to the machine.

  • One thing in advance: The black sheep helps you to the big jackpot, but also the white sheep, the stable and the good old “BAR” symbol have it in them.
    5 reels, 3 rows: Classic structure, here you do not differ the video slot from the other colleagues.
  • 15 fixed paylines: The number of paylines is fixed and cannot be changed. However, the bet per payline can be varied, which still allows for maximum individuality.
  • Minimum bet 0,15€, maximum bet 150€**: Here you also have maximum freedom of choice, both the one who plays small stakes and the high roller get their money’s worth.
  • Wild and Scatter Symbol**: Of course, in the spirit of Microgaming, Bar Bar Black Sheep gives you the chance to pick up a few extras. First of all, there is the wild symbol, with which you can complete any combination. It acts as a wild symbol, so to speak. Then there is the scatter symbol, which promises you a big bonus. With three or more scatter symbols you can win free spins, during which the winnings are provided with a multiplier of x3! With up to 20 possible free spins, this is a pretty good place to clean up!
  • Special Combination Bar Black Sheep: As the name suggests, you need this exact combination in the game to unlock extra rewards and a fat bonus! Who came up with that one?


Any experienced player should have no problem understanding Bar Bar Black Sheep, after all, it’s basically set up like any other. The goal is to match at least three of the same symbols on a winning line. However, these must be in order, starting from the left and moving to the right. So if you don’t have a winning combination on the first two reels, this spin is already used up.

You can see the corresponding winning possibilities in the paytable, after all, the different symbols also offer different returns. Of course, the game with the highest bet offers the highest winnings of up to €95,000. However, don’t forget that your credit can be used up very quickly.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Tips

Beginners should definitely play with small amounts at the beginning of the game. If at all, finally, the best casinos on the Internet also offer a free demo version of many slot machines, which you can often play immediately without registration. Thereby you can get to know the respective slot first and avoid unnecessary losses.

The advantage in online casinos is, by the way, the high payout ratios. If it is – as with Bar Bar Black Sheep – usually over 95%, it looks quite different in gaming houses. Here, the house edge can easily exceed the 30% mark.

Bar Bar Black Sheep is a great slot machine due to its funny animations and the glorious idea of the black sheep. In addition, there is an appealing musical background that rounds out the gaming experience. The great winning opportunities and bonus features make the video slot one of the better slots in 2017.

Bar Bar Black Sheep slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins