Batman Begins by Playtech

Batman Begins

Batman Begins is a slot game with a lot of additional material and enough variety. Here you can play Batman Begins for free! Feel free to look around our site, because you will find a lot of other slot machines without registration.

Batman Begins by Playtech is a very diverse slot machine. There are 5 locations that can be changed by scatter symbols. Each location has its speciality and features of wild symbols. There are Wilds in every imaginable form, multipliers and free ReSpins. You have to do without free spins in the traditional sense. The game runs on 5 reels with 20 paylines. There is a progressive jackpot.

Play Batman Begins for free here and dive into the dark night. If needed, a few clicks can switch to an online casino of your choice for real money games.

Batman Begins – On the hunt for villains

Batman Begins online is a game from Playtech, which offers the player a lot of variety. There is not much to consider when playing, the rules are quite simple.

Main symbols

  • Card symbols 9 to Ace
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Scarecrow
  • Ra’s Al Ghul
  • Dr Jonathan Crane
  • Batman


In Batman Begins, the second position on the third reel is a hotspot. Symbols that land in the hotspot fill up one meter, which causes a change of scene. If Batman comes to a stop in the hotspot, he expands onto the reel and becomes a Wild Reel.


| The Temple | Flower Wild:
The Flower Wild substitutes equally for all main characters. If you get a Flower Wild, it expands to all 4 squares diagonal to it and turns all of them into Wild symbols as well. |
| Wayne Manor | Petrol Wild:
The Petrol Wild substitutes equally for all main symbols. The Petrol Wild ignites the reels and some adjacent symbols that are on the Petrol track also become burning Wilds. |
| The Batcave | Batcave Wild:
The Batcave Wild substitutes equally for all main symbols. In addition, the Batcave Wild creates a ReSpin and moves one reel to the left. A ReSpin is generated until the Batcave Wild has completely disappeared from the reels. |
| Arkham Asylum | Bat-Signal:
The Bat-Signal turns one symbol on the reel set into a Wild with a bonus multiplier up to x50 on each spin. |
| The Monorail | Microwave Wild:
The Microwave Wild substitutes equally for all main symbols. In addition, it detects the highest value symbol in its vicinity and, on a blast, transforms some icons of this high value symbol for better winning combinations. |

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot game of Batman Begins can be triggered randomly on each spin. There are four partial jackpots! Once you get into the jackpot game, one of the partial jackpots is guaranteed. Behind some icons are hidden symbols, which decide one of the partial jackpots by clicking on them.

Play Batman Begins for free without registration

Here you can play Batman Begins for free! This game from Playtech holds some surprises and has a tight suspense. Simply play Batman Begins for free and consolidate the right strategy for real play! You can find all tips & tricks here. Play Batman Begins for free now!

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Batman Begins at the online casino

Yesterday on the big screen, today in the online casino! Batman Begins is a very diverse game from Playtech. To really enjoy the game, it is recommended to play Batman Begins online with stakes of real money. On our website you will find a list of reputable and tested online casinos. In our reviews you will learn all the details about the casino and its bonus offer. Für Anfänger eignet sich der Casino Bonus ohne Einzahlung zum Ausprobieren. Batman Begins is a worthy game for first gaming experience and much more. Choose your new favorite casino now and play for the big jackpot!

Batman Begins slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol