Baywatch by IGT

Those who followed the TV series Baywatch in the 90s, and cheered along when David Hasselhoff and the other lifeguards saved lives, will be delighted to find themselves by the sea in Baywatch from IGT. On 5 transparent reels, portrait images of the main characters and various paraphernalia related to the movie plot accompany us, accompanied by the original movie music and a beautiful image of the sea with a beach in front of it. This game is similar to the Sizzling Hott slot machine.

The following symbols can also be found in the paytable:

  1. telescope
  2. swimming aids
  3. beach buggy
  4. jeep
  5. speedboat
  6. caroline holden
  7. cody madison
    8th C.J. Parker
  8. mitch buchannon
  9. wild symbols have WILD written on them on a wave
  10. scatter symbols are the bonus badges with the life guard house

Playing Baywatch for free, pleasant by the fact that this is done without registration, or in the real money version, will bring a lot of fun to fans of the series, but even those players who have never seen the movie, thanks to IGT (International Game Technology), will spend a good time on California beaches through the atmosphere of the beach and vacation, as well as the following extras.

Baywatch online, gameplay with surprising extras

The Baywatch slot machine, in addition to a great atmosphere, also provides some surprise moments due to the built-in features:

  • Tidal Wild: The wild not only forms new paylines by replacing other symbols, it also has the property of randomly expanding. In this case, a big wave first washes over the reels, then the wild spreads over the entire reel. At the same time, the wild may also expand horizontally to the right, filling one or two more reels.This, of course, creates unexpected winning options.
  • Teamwork Feature: The random factor in the base game continues with the lifeguards themselves. – Two of the protagonists can be paired for teamwork, turning all lifeguard symbols into team symbols to increase winnings.
  • The bonus symbol brings interesting free spins from 3 occupied reel slots. First you have to choose a man and a woman of the main characters. They bring different benefits, be it more symbol stacks or more spins, plus free spins wins are doubled. The two selected characters are the only lifeguards that fill the reels when the free spins expire. This is where the player’s decision and strategy are required, and each free spin can look so different.
  • In free spins, there are increased Tidal Wild features and the Teamwork feature is always active.

So there will be a lot of extras in Baywatch free play just like in real money play to sweeten the beach trip of the players online.

Paytable and the rules can be found at the top right( or also at the bottom right) in the game field, the stake for betting starts with a quite high coin value of 2.00 (at some websites also 1.00). Since with the 15 paylines a bet is always made with 25 coins, a proud minimum bet of 50.00 (25.00) is calculated from this. The coin value can be increased up to 25.00 and so the maximum bet is then 625.00, which should also make high rollers sit up and take notice.

The RTP value is given in the game from 92.54% to 96.25%, depending on the player’s choice of free spins, and their results.

Play Baywatch for free helps

With the large number of extras and the different winning combinations that can be created both by chance and by the player’s choice, it is advisable to play Baywatch for free and without registration. Thus, the player gets acquainted with the game variations and can enjoy the slot game without any risk.

Perhaps he would like to try tricks and tips that he found while searching the Internet, and so there is a chance to do so without, out of ignorance, experiencing financial losses.

Once one has grasped the background of the various features, he will surely plunge into the water via online casino and challenge his luck with a round of real money. IGT has set all the course for an exciting and entertaining game, the player should take his chance now.

Baywatch slot details

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