Bicicleta by YGGDRASIL

Bicicleta slot machine

With the Bicicleta slot machine, the player can play soccer on the PC and earn high winnings. The slot game comes from the house of Yggdrasil Gaming and picks up an action-packed soccer theme. The game is played on a total of 25 paylines, whereby the player decides in advance whether he wants to play Bicicleta for free or invest money. Besides a lot of fun, the game also offers a bonus feature, which promises free spins among other things.

How is Bicicleta by Yggdrasil played?

First, the gamer has to visit an online casino so that he can gamble. Most of the casinos offer in advance the possibility to try out the game without registration. This is played with play money before real money is used. Playing Bicicleta for free allows you to develop a strategy for choosing the best bets in advance. Tips and tricks for the game are not required. As with other slots, winning combinations must be formed on the five reels. This is supported by a wild symbol, which can replace other motifs and thus form new rows. Free spins are also available, which are triggered with the soccer symbol. These rounds make it possible to play Bicicleta for free. There is no scatter symbol here, but there is a multiplier on the free spins.

Play Bicicleta for free without registration

Online it is possible to play Bicicleta for free. In this case, the slot Bicicleta is called and click on free spin. The main character here is the soccer, which can trigger free spins. In order for the player to play Bicicleta online, he simply proceeds as follows:

  • Call the casino.
  • Open a player account, if you want to receive a bonus from the casino.
  • Follow the rules for the implementation of the bonus promotions of the casino
  • Call up and start the game Bicicleta from the renowned manufacturer Yggdrasil.
  • Play the slot machine for free without registration is also possible.

However, if you want to make profits, you should choose a player account and make a first deposit.

Play Bicicleta by Yggdrasil with real money

It is always bet on all 25 paylines. Thereby, the bet varies, as it is between 0.01 and 4.00. Of course, you can use the casino bonus without deposit, if it is offered. Often you are rewarded with a registration and can thus play the game Bicicleta online and spin the first rounds for free.

Bicicleta slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins