Big Buck Bunny by Merkur

Contrary to its modern appearance, the Big Buck Bunny slot machine relies on classic winning patterns as known from the casino. You start with a deposit of €1,000, the bet ranges from €0.05 to €10. There are 10 symbols in total. This game is similar to the Super 7 Reels slot.

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9 of them, when creating a series of 3-5, result in a win that varies depending on the symbol. The highest win that can be achieved is €10,000. One of the symbols does not give a win if a line is successfully created, but it gives up to 50 free games, i.e. free game rounds.

In addition to these basic rules, there are additional rules that need to be followed when playing Big Buck Bunny online. One of them concerns the 10th symbol that provides the free games. This is the Big Buck Bunny logo and it does not depend on the constellation of a line, but only on the number of appearing symbols. The second special rule concerns the symbol of the Big Buck Bunny character, which serves as a wild card. Thus, it can serve as a substitute for a missing symbol in an otherwise winning row.

Play Big Buck Bunny for free

Features of the Mercury Slot

First of all, it should be said that you can play Big Buck Bunny for free. So, it can be started spinning without any effort. Basically, first of all, the bet for each round can be set in the lower right corner. The higher the bet, the more possible constellations are unlocked for a win. Also, the proven auto-play function in the casinos for free slots can be found in the lower left corner of Big Buck Bunny. This ensures that the browser automatically executes the rounds with previously set bet until the deposit is exhausted.

Big Buck Bunny free

After each round in which a win has occurred, there are two options. Firstly, the win can be cashed in normally and credited to the game account, but secondly, it can be used to gamble for a higher win.

If you decide to speculate and gamble for a higher win, you can choose either the card game or the ladder game, which is widely used in slot games. In the card game, the player decides on the color (either red or black) of the next card. If you guess correctly, your winnings are doubled, if you guess wrong, everything is gone. In the ladder game, the potential winnings and losses are lower, as you work your way up or down in steps, following the name. In both games, the win limit is €140.00. In addition, both variants offer the possibility to book parts of the winnings to the game account and continue gambling with the remaining sum.

You can play Big Buck Bunny for free in your browser without registration. It is a very classic version of the Merkur slot machine without unnecessary confusing additional features or other tricks. The starting deposit is 1,000€ There are 10 symbols with different amounts of winnings on successful 3-5 rows. The bet ranges from 0,05€ to 10,00€ in the casinos.

Big Buck Bunny

As a prize in the game there is either money, which is transferred to the game account, or up to 50 freespins. With autoplay, you can comfortably let the browser do the work and only have to become active when the decision has to be made after winning whether you want to continue gambling or prefer to transfer the winnings directly to the game account.

Big Buck Bunny slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins