BlackJack by IGT


Blackjack online is a classic video slot from IGT. The gamer is immediately seated at the table when starting the game and is allowed to place his bet. The design is modern. A voice prompts to place his bet. Blackjack is a classic in online and offline casino. Tips: If you have never played this slot game before, you should play Blackjack for free without registration to get a better grasp of the rules.

The rules: How blackjack works online

In front of the player are chips worth 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 and 1K. Now it is time to place a bet. For example, the player clicks on a 5 chip and places it on the table. The goal is to have a better hand of cards than the dealer. However, 21 points may not be exceeded. After the bet, two cards are already laid out. If the player has a blackjack from the beginning, he gets paid 3:2. If the dealer has it, the player loses his bet. If there is a tie, the bet is returned. If the dealer has more points, the player loses the bet. If the dealer has less points, the player gets paid 1:1. Cards are drawn until the dealer or player reaches a blackjack or exceeds 21.

The card values

The points always amount to the respective cards. Cards 2 – 10 are worth 2 – 10 points. For example, if the card is an 8, then 8 points are counted. Jack, Queen, King count 10, the Ace 1 or 11. If the player or dealer already holds, for example, the number 10 and an Ace in the hand in the first round, it is a Blackjack. Players can find the exact rules and winning combinations under the “?” in the IGT game. It sounds more complicated at first than it is in the end.

Play Blackjack for free without registration

This is a popular card game in the casino. If you want to try it out, you should play Blackjack for free for the time being. This gives the player the advantage of learning and applying the strategy and tricks without any losses. Everyone can try this slot machine for free without registration and try their luck. Those who no longer want to play blackjack for free, sign up at an online casino.

Play Blackjack from IGT with real money

Since it is the casino classic par excellence, the card game is usually offered in many online casinos. Tips: Many offer an online casino bonus without deposit. For the player, this means he can play blackjack for free thanks to the bonus and still have chances to win.

BlackJack slot details