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Bonus Beans online slot machine

Slots are available in online casinos in abundance and in many different variations. However, the majority of slot games are more or less similar, be it in the bonus features, the arrangement of the reels, the rules or the main characters like the wild symbols or scatter symbols. The advantage of this circumstance is that you don’t have to come up with a new strategy from scratch for each game, for example, or that you can quickly find your way around. The disadvantage, however, is that boredom can set in, even if the manufacturers make an effort to make their games as unique as possible.

One of these manufacturers is Push Gaming and the Bonus Beans slot is anything but an online slot machine, as it already exists several times in modified form in the casino. Actually, Bonus Beans by Push Gaming is not a slot at all, because it is played without reels in the actual sense. To make the chaos perfect, we have to tell you that there are no paylines either. However, what there is in playing Bonus Beans is fun and gameplay, precisely because of a game concept that is quite rare to find in this form when playing online slots. Now, most of our readers probably have question marks in their heads and have become curious. That’s exactly why you should read on now and play Bonus Beans for free without registration in the following.

Bonus Beans online at a glance

Bonus Beans has been designed with a lot of attention to detail. If you look at the playing field and the background, you will find yourself in a fairytale landscape. Even when you play Bonus Beans for free, the candy canes sprout, the sweets grow out of the ground and the river in the valley should probably be made of sugary syrup as well. The whole thing is staged by Push Gaming with a perfectly coordinated color combination and accompanied by great sound effects.

While playing Bonus Beans, you will encounter quite a few special features. This is symbolized by the structure of the game concept, which is of course also the basis for the bonus features. In total, the Bonus Beans slot has four of them and of course, most of them are about a bean. To make it easier for players in Germany to play with these features, Push Gaming has resorted to a simple trick. So-called status indicators have been added to the right as well as the bottom edge of the screen, and we will now explain what they are all about. After that, you can use our tips to play Bonus Beans for free.

The three Bonus Beans

Bonus Beans is all about the beans. Each of these three beans has its own bonus feature and color. When one of these beans falls on your playing field, it is “collected” and fills the corresponding status bar on the right. The more beans of the same color are collected, the fuller the indicator becomes. Once the game round is over, the bonus of all the beans collected in that round is applied to your winnings. This bonus concept is not only extremely easy to understand, but also extremely fun, and you can see this for yourself when you play Bonus Beans for free without registration. So much for the rules of the beans, let’s now move on to the bonus variations.

The Multiplier Bean

This bean turns every win at Bonus Beans online into a big win. That’s why you should take a particularly close look at the red bean. If it lands, then the winnings achieved will be doubled with a multiplier of x2. If several red beans land, then this multiplier is added according to the number.

The instant win bean

The green bean can also provide a full account at Bonus Beans. There is an instant win associated with each green bean and to add to the excitement, the amount of this win is randomly determined.

The Free Spins Bean

Free spins are among the most popular bonus features not only among German players. Even when you play Bonus Beans for free, you get two free free spins for every blue bean. The free spins are started automatically after the base game round.

The Clear Board Bonus

Every time a winning combination lands in Bonus Beans, the indicator at the bottom of the screen fills up. If you have the required portion of luck, then an incredible bonus of x500 of the bet beckons. We will explain more about this in the following.

How to play Bonus Beans online

Before we begin, we would like to assure you that the game principle of Bonus Beans may sound complicated, but it is actually very simple and easy to understand. We are sure that you will come to this conclusion as soon as you start playing Bonus Beans for free.

The Bonus Beans game board consists of four “reels” and five rows. Winning combinations in this slot are formed according to the clusters pays principle, these clusters must contain at least three identical motifs. In addition, the symbols of the cluster must have a vertical or horizontal connection to each other. When a winning combination lands on Bonus Beans, the motifs are removed from the playing field and new motifs drop from the top. This process repeats until no more winning clusters land.

In addition to the three beans, Bonus Beans is played with these five symbols:

  • One blue candy
  • One yellow candy
  • One purple candy
  • One orange candy
  • One red candy

Conclusion and play Bonus Beans for free

Boredom is a no-no in a modern online casino. Fortunately, thanks to slot games like Bonus Beans, you don’t have to worry about boredom possibly arising. The game is truly different from most slots in every single area. The game principle of falling symbols, which are replaced by new ones in case of a win, makes it possible to achieve multiple wins with just one spin. In addition, there are bonus features that leave nothing to be missed, because with free spins, multipliers and instant wins, everything is really there.

Get to know the fun and entertaining slot in person by playing the slot for free without registration right here.

Bonus Beans play online for real money

In a casino, of course, you can not only play for free without registration. Win cash money by signing up at an online casino today! Registered users are offered a welcome bonus package by casinos, which in some cases consists of free spins without deposit as well as a deposit bonus.

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