Book of Anubis by Stake Logic

Book of Anubis by Stake Logic – The Power of the Egyptian Gods

Book of Anubis free to play without registration – it’s like a free trip back in time. This slot machine online tells a story as exciting as a blockbuster about the pharaohs and their gods who once ruled over the Nile Delta. This slot game takes you in immediately. Immediately you are immersed in the game and feel small in the face of the mighty temples and the overpowering gods. But the gameplay challenges you and you want to conquer the Pharaoh’s temple yourself and steal the treasures from the Valley of the Kings.

In Book of Anubis, the modern classic game from Stake Logic, you conquer them in the classic way. Five reels await the player, on which a variety of main symbols and quite a few special characters can be found. Book of Anubis online easily competes with other apps and online games today. Especially because of the good graphics and the sophisticated animations that literally amaze you.

The structure of the Book of Anubis slot is also classic. This means that the wins on the specified paylines are also read from the left and to the right. From three consecutive identical symbols, a win is paid out. Book of Anubis also distinguishes between high-paying and low-paying symbols. The higher the symbol is valued, the higher the possible winnings are accordingly. However, Stake Logic has added a special feature to the Book of Anubis free game. This concerns the function of the wild symbols and the scatter symbols. We will go into more detail about this in the rules of the game.

The Book of Anubis slot is perfect if you want to get to know a well-known classic in a new way. While many other slots, even online in the casino, seem dusty and old, Stake Logic combines the advantages of new technology with the familiar charm of the reel game. There is a great potential in this and a great scope for players to use some tips and tricks. Playing Book of Anubis for free means that you can expect great excitement and entertaining gameplay from the very first minute. The winnings are distributed regularly, so you can really hope for the big win in every round. Due to the peculiarity of the game in the special symbols, Book of Anubis free play is suitable not only for experienced professionals and amateurs, but also for beginners who may be playing a game like Book of Anubis for the first time.

Book of Anubis – how to play the slot by Stake Logic?

  • Paylines
  • Stakes
  • Winning Combinations
  • Wild and Scatter symbols
  • Bonus rounds

In the enumeration for playing Book of Anubis you will find all the elements that have a decisive influence on the game. The paylines are fixed in this game and for the player this means that each bet is valid per payline, so it is multiplied by the number of them. Of course, a larger bet automatically means more winnings on a winning combination, but conversely, it also means a larger loss. Book of Anubis online has a special feature that can hardly be found anywhere else: The functions of the scatter symbol and the wild symbol are combined. This means that as soon as more than three wild symbols appear on the reels at the same time, no matter where, they trigger the usual function of a scatter. Additionally, as usual, these substitute for the symbols that are missing to form a winning combination.

Players are thus waiting for only one important special symbol in Book of Anubis. This makes the game much easier, and playing Book of Anubis for free without registration almost automatically guarantees bigger wins. Book of Anubis online shows that a simplification of a game can also be a gain. By combining individual symbols, Book of Anubis becomes more direct, faster and more entertaining. It has the potential to convince even experienced players. In Book of Anubis online, every element seems to be precisely coordinated. For this reason, it gives the impression that the game flow is particularly smooth and responsive.

Book of Anubis – a short conclusion to the modern game

Who would have thought that the slot machine would survive the end of the analog age and even emerge stronger? It is thanks to games like Book of Anubis that the hype and the old-fashioned and classic game has been revived. The excitement is always high and playing slots for free without registration is excellent if another game should have already aroused your interest.

It doesn’t require any data and you get started immediately. After a short loading time, you jump into the game and within a short time you have grasped the rules. This does not mean that Book of Anubis is boring, but on the contrary, it shows that you can really use your own and well thought-out strategy when playing Book of Anubis for free. Because behind the loving and detailed design is a serious game where real winnings await. It is entirely up to the player whether he uses the game just as a pastime or whether he really chases his luck. The fun of the game is always guaranteed and it is up to you at any time how, when and in what way you play this slot. Here on this website you can play Book of Anubis for free.

Gold your own luck at Book of Anubis

If you have found the perfect game in this slot, you should consider taking the next step. This one means a higher risk, but also real winnings and exciting thrills. The nice thing is that Book of Anubis is offered at a variety of online casinos. You might even find one that offers free spins without a deposit.

If so, then the path to great fortune is even available for free during the first games. Of course, you can keep the winnings. This is insofar relevant for the players, who could already get an idea of how high the chances of winning in this slot are during the free game. With just a little bit of luck, the stake of a round can be multiplied. It is always worth a try, especially at such good conditions.

Book of Anubis slot details

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