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Book of Fate Slot Free Games from Novoline

We slot testers always have to be pretty on our toes to understand the stories behind slot machines. This is especially true for historical themes. In this case, we ventured into Book of Fate from Novoline. We have to honestly admit that while playing Book of Fate for free without registration, we realized that we had massive gaps in our knowledge about Ancient Egypt and Book of Fate. Quickly we closed them and after a few sessions with Book of Fate online we can now shine with concentrated knowledge. Here you can get a good history lesson and info about Book of Fate for free.

Description and features of the slot Book of Fate

So, let’s start at the very beginning. We unsuspectingly went to Book of Fate online to subject Novoline’s slot game to a quality check according to German standards. To our apologies, we have to emphasize, we went to the online casino without signing up and at least we knew what Book of Fate means in German: Buch des Schicksals. Whose fate, we did not know, we had not received any tips about it beforehand and entered the casino completely unprejudiced.

It turned out that the content of the slot refers to Egypt. We recognized this by the main characters that can be seen on Book of Fate online. We started playing Book of Fate for free and became curious about who or what we were dealing with on the reels and paylines.

Book of Fate free to play inspired us to do some research.

For Book of Fate, background knowledge may not matter, but our ignorance scratched our egos a bit. First, while playing Book of Fate for free, we noticed a bug in the game. To this we found out, it is in fact a scarab. This was or is sacred because it is a symbol of fertility and the cycle of life.

What he does while we calmly play Book of Fate for free: He builds a ball out of feces, rolls it around all day long, nibbles on it every now and then, practices funny tricks, then lays his eggs in it, uses the ball as a baby carriage and crawls up it when his feet get too hot. Great strategy to construct a multifunctional excrement ball! In Germany, we simply call him Mistkäfer. So we became much smarter through the Book of Fate slot! We probably would never have known about it without Novoline.

Even more research results inspired by the Book of Fate Slot

While playing Book of Fate for free, we also became aware of the fact that we couldn’t really place this golden sarcophagus, which is typical for an Egypt-themed slot machine. For this, we learned a crazy story. This tomb belongs to the child king or pharaoh named Tutankhamun, who consequently also plays a main role in Book of Fate online. We found out that his parents were siblings.

Tutankhamun was their little rascal, so for them he must have been the most beautiful creature in the whole country, but the reality was probably different. He had numerous special effects, such as a club foot and a deformed body. Also, the boy was not really pretty until his bones were encased in gold after his untimely demise. King, however, he was at the age of eight. Instead of gambling, he ruled. If he could see the Book of Fate online, he would surely be compensated for his messed up youth and for his parents going against the rules of nature.

We can highly recommend you to look into Egyptian history, there are so many more highly interesting facts online! Playing Book of Fate for free is the perfect occasion to acquire this interesting knowledge as a bonus, suitable ambience along with music worth listening to included!

How to play Book of Fate Slot

Now, of course, you need to learn more about the pyramid that you enter for free. The slot machine is built with the famous structure of 5 reels and 3 rows, but there are some special features that you won’t find anywhere except the Book of Fate slot.

With these helps you will get to the treasure safely:

  • Select the enter buttons below to enter your bet.
  • You can also change the number of paylines, less paylines also means lower bet per spin
  • When you are ready, look in the bottom corner for the start button, or, just above it, the autoplay button, and press it
  • The wheels will spin and the winning combinations will be calculated after a standstill.

You will come across these artifacts in the depths of the pyramid (sorted by monetary value in ascending order):

  • Pretty card symbols from 10 to Ace.
  • The lapis lazuli scarab and an image of Anubis
  • The fabled sarcophagus of Tutankhamun
  • The Book of Fate archaeologist

The Pharaohs’ extra features and bonus rounds

If you decide to play Book of Fate now, you don’t even know the best part of the slot game. With the bonus feature, Novoline knows how to surprise positively even without a wild symbol.

Namely, the title symbol, the Book of Fate, is an exceptional scatter symbol. True, by default, as soon as you find 3 of these symbols, you can expect 10 free spins. But this is just the beginning, because when the free spins start, a random symbol is chosen. Now, if you reach a winning combination in the game that features the symbol, it will occupy the entire reel and increase your winnings.

Would you like to play Book of Fate for free for now?

Hopefully you know that playing slot machines for free without registering with us is possible without any problems? Of course, this also applies to Book of Fate. We repeat: You will get Free Spins and no real money at all if you decide to play Book of Fate for free without registration!

We recommend playing Book of Fate with real money

Did we mention that Book of Fate can be very lucrative? Provided that you get a valuable welcome bonus or even free spins without deposit from a really good and quality-checked online casino. Of course, we assume that this is the case, because we have collected a great selection of suggestions for you. These casinos treat new customers and regulars excellently, are reputable and shine with top service. This makes Book of Fate Archaeologists even more fun and brings in real money!

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