Books And Bulls by Bally Wulff

Books and Bulls Spielautomat von Bally Wulff

Bally Wulff has created a really nice game online with Books and Bulls. The theme is a rather unusual one, because if you don’t understand the title at first glance, you won’t be surprised when the slot game Books and Bulls is started. This game is actually about two things that you actually associate less together. In Books and Bulls by Bally Wulff, the theme is books and bulls. Only at second glance does it become clear what connects the two things.

Since this is primarily about Spanish bullfights, one tends to assume only the animals and the toreros. However, the fact that they also have to learn their craft first is usually put in the background. This is what the Books and Bulls slot machine is all about. The online game convinces with almost realistic graphics. Even small details like the decorations on the torero’s vest have been worked out in great detail. Even the poses of the characters and animals have a convincing dynamic. For a better understanding, you can play Books and Bulls for free without registration. If you are still not convinced by this excellent game, you have only yourself to blame. Because playing here is a real pleasure.

The symbols in the game

  • Girl with castanets
  • Coat
  • Castanets
  • Card symbols
  • Bullfighter (Wild Symbol)
  • Book (Scatter Symbol)
  • Bull (Scatter Symbol)

The rules and gameplay tips

The action never comes up short in Bally Wulff’s Books and Bulls at any second. The excitement increases especially whenever the special symbols like the bull or the bullfighter come to a stop on the reels. There are 5 of them in Books and Bulls, and all of them have 15 symbols each, which can decide about victory or defeat. Playing Books and Bulls for free in Fun mode without registering is a bit more relaxed, since there is no real money involved. However, you should not stay there for long. The real winnings are only available when playing for real money.

In addition, the online game has 5 fixed paylines, which cannot be changed. The advantage of this is that the player does not have to think about which paylines he wants to play. The player is only asked to decide on the stake. How high should the possible winnings be? Would you rather risk only 5 cents per spin and line or would you prefer the maximum amount of 3 euros? No matter how much is bet, it all comes down to the right winning combinations. But even the best strategy is of no use if luck is lacking. You just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that the bull doesn’t take you by the horns.

Free spins at Books and Bulls

It should be clear that the free spins only play a subordinate role in Books and Bulls free game. In the real game, however, they are extremely valuable for maximizing profits.

The selection is not particularly large, but very fine. In order for the player to receive 10 free spins as a bonus, one of the two scatter symbols must appear three times on the reels. Unfortunately, no additional free spins can be won in the Free Spins rounds. For this, the conditions for the ordinary free spins are kept very low.

Full action in the arena

Bally Wulff offers its players with the slot game Books and Bulls a very action-packed game for fast rounds in the online casino with maximum gaming fun. The payout rate of this online game is particularly interesting. With over 95%, the slot is probably rightly one of the popular slot machines. But the most important thing is that playing the slot is fun and you can win something on the side.

Books and Bulls Red Hot Firepot Expansion

There are some games and slots that you can’t have enough of. That’s why there are so many games for certain iconic and especially popular games. In the case of the Books and Bulls slot machine, the manufacturers at Gamomat have directly considered releasing a new variant themselves. What does this one bring to the player and is it even more exciting than the basic game?

New features of Books and Bulls Red Hot Firepot

The original game does not have so many different extras. This is of course very positive for the group of players who like to get higher (and therefore rarer) payouts and don’t go for all the newfangled features.

Double-or-Nothing Feature

One of the novelties of Books and Bulls Red Hot Firepot is that there is a Double-or-Nothing feature. What does it allow you to do? After each win you can gamble for it. Either you can guess up to five times between a card suit and either double the payout or lose the entire win.

Risk ladder

The other option is a ladder where you have to hit different displayed values correctly. This allows you to climb up this ladder. Moreover, you can already collect and hedge half of your winnings in between. This way you don’t get too annoyed when you do have some bad luck.

Scatter and Free Spins

There are also differences in the Free Spins. Because you can extend them in comparison to the original within the free spins. If you get three or more scatter symbols during the free spins, then more free spins are added. This was not possible in the basic game.


If you are very lucky, you can also win a kind of jackpot. This can be reached by betting additional amounts and the win is triggered randomly. In total, you can get paid here between 750 and 20000 times the bet, which is a huge sum of money in the best case. Thus, this variant enables even completely different winnings than the original!

Experience golden nights with Books and Bulls Golden Nights

Some expansions and re-releases turn out to be not very interesting for players. However, it is quite different with the Books and Bulls slot, which also features its Andalusian theme in the Golden Nights version. For the novelties of this edition excite many players, even if no one will ever really understand what the game has to do with books.

Innovative features in Books and Bulls Golden Nights

First of all, in the Golden Nights version, the payout rate has increased. In the normal game it is 95%, here it is 96%. This may not sound like much, but it definitely makes a difference in the long run. With 96%, the slot is also one of the very lucrative video slots.

In terms of wagering, it is possible to wager up to 18 coins when claiming all Golden Nights bonuses. This unlocks various new winning opportunities. In any case, the jackpot feature of this slot is particularly exciting. If you claim all the bonuses, you can win up to 20000 times your bet. At this point, you can calculate for yourself what a huge profit you would achieve with this. Thus, the game is especially suitable for high rollers who like to invest a little more money in their games.

As you know, the free spins are triggered by the scatter symbols. Golden Nights also allows an additional feature to be triggered during the free spins depending on the symbol. For example, the bull triggers all wild symbols to stay in place until the end of the round. Thus, you collect more and more of these symbols and more and more winnings once you reach the free spins. Moreover, in this version you can win more Free Spins, unlike in the original game.

Books And Bulls slot details

Bally Wulff
Bonus Rounds
Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol
Free Spins