Buffalo by Aristocrat

Buffalo Slot von Aristocrat

We absolutely have to tell you about an online slot that we recently discovered and tested extensively. Its name is Buffalo. Do you immediately get the feeling of the Wild West? For us it does! We are still excited about the atmosphere that the slot gives off and never expected to be transported directly to the wilds of North America. However, that’s exactly what happened and we haven’t regretted a second. Playing Buffalo for free without registration will be a regular item on our agenda from now on. On yours too?

Let us just tell you what you are getting into with this slot game.

Our adventurous test with Buffalo by Aristocrat

Let’s just start from the beginning when describing the slot game. We didn’t even think much about what to expect in Buffalo slot, because we are always up for a surprise. This is simply part of the everyday life of a slot machine tester! Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist speculating a bit in advance. Buffalo is English. In German, it means buffalo. What did that mean?

The happy guesswork began. Where do buffalos actually live? One of our colleagues said there were water buffalo in Italy, where real mozzarella is made from buffalo milk. So an Italy slot? Somehow we didn’t really want to believe that, but you never know. The only thing that was certain was that buffalo are very rare in Germany. We have never seen one in the wild, nor in the zoo, as far as we can remember.

Now we were really excited, because this vending machine test should be our first contact with these impressive animals, if the name would keep what it promises. Finally we were allowed to play Buffalo for free and no longer had to remain ignorant. Aha, didn’t we somehow suspect it? Buffalo by Aristocrat took us straight to North America!

Strong and persistent like a buffalo: Buffalo slot is unique

We started the game and the aha effect didn’t take three seconds. We immediately got to see our first buffalo. What never happened to us offline, we were able to catch up with Buffalo online. Aristocrat used really great drawings, so we got a lot of respect. At the most we were confronted with a German cow in the past, but when playing Buffalo for free the first colossus stared us straight in the eye. The shaggy animal can only be compared to a cow to a limited extent, even our untrained layman’s eye told us. We are experts, who no slot machine so quickly lifts out of the armchair, but with this specimen we really had to swallow. This was clearly due to the animal that the publisher Aristocrat put in the center. A buffalo like that is a real boss and a lot bigger than other bovine beasts.

Also, we were in the middle of America and no one had bothered to tame the animals. So we saw this as an additional challenge for us and had some success in the process. After the first moment of fright we moved through the prairie as if we were buffalo whisperers and all our expectations were exceeded. We were even rewarded with all kinds of free spins.

Our self-confidence grew due to the completely new experience and our whole team was enticed to voluntarily work overtime. We were busy with Buffalo online for an eternally long time and didn’t feel the slightest desire to ever stop again.

Buffalo free to play is a real wild west safari

Now we’ve gone into so much detail about the Buffalo that we almost forgot to mention the many other animals. We warn you that if you play Buffalo for free, you will meet some of the wild animals that roam America. Buffalo also features wolves, bald eagles, cougars and mighty deer.

This might be a bit frightening for some people at first, because it is already an unusual experience to stand in the middle of the Rocky Mountains and fight your way through there alone. Those who previously thought the wolf was the most respectful animal might change their minds after the first buffalo encounter. Playing Buffalo for free is the ultimate survival test. Hardly anything reminds of human civilization.

But wait! If you really prick up your ears, you can hear something strange. Incredibly, there must be a casino somewhere nearby! In fact, Aristocrat has installed a soundscape online that seems to come straight from the gambling hall. There are clearly human voices talking. Here and there a cheer can be recognized, the mood is exuberant. Typical online casino, we would say! What is this all about? Perhaps the game designers intended for players to hear human voices for reassurance?

An important safety measure in Buffalo Slot.

Why would anyone play casino sounds in Buffalo when the scenario takes place in the uncivilized nature of North America? Let’s elaborate on our theory that this was an intentional precaution by the slot developers. If that’s true, we think it’s a good strategy. Imagine that someone invades a buffalo territory while playing Buffalo for free without registration. This someone is untrained in dealing with a buffalo and doesn’t know that you should act calmly and confidently in its presence.

Don’t just run screaming, that’s one of the most important tips of real cowboys. But now there is no cowboy to advise him in the game and the player is nervously flailing around. He earns a disapproving look from the buffalo boss and makes the exact mistake of screeching and sprinting. Depending on the sound frequency, a buffalo may be lured out of its reserve by this. He may even take it as an invitation to play and start moving. Better not, buffalos are really thick rollers and could push a human around game!

It is better for the player to be reminded by the human background noise that he is not alone in the prairie and that there is no danger online. Little psychological tricks like this can be very helpful. It seems to have helped with us slot machine testers, because we feel absolutely safe and almost at home in the Rocky Mountains or on the prairie, among all the wild animals.

Playing Buffalo for free is easy – here’s how it works

Now we would like to explain how to deal with Buffalo online, so that you do not stand unprepared in a strange environment. The game is free, you can test it at any time. The rules are simple and the slot itself is also designed in such a way that you have everything under control when exploring the prairie landscape. The slot structure is reminiscent of a cockpit. You have 50 paylines at your disposal, which are spread over four rows. On them, five reels are spinning.

Before you really start playing, Buffalo online allows you to make various settings and adjustments:

  • You can turn the sound on or off by clicking on the gear. You can change your mind at any time.
  • You can decide if you want to set the reels in motion by using the space bar.
  • You can pause the main game to view the game rules, paylines and pay tables.

Then it’s on to the fine adjustments:

  • Decide whether you want to use the autospin feature and if so, for how many rounds. You make this setting with a few clicks on the plus and minus symbols on the play button.
  • Set your bet per reel
  • Set the Reel Power. This determines the number of active paylines and how likely you are to get winning combinations.
  • Check your bet. This is automatically calculated from the reel bet and the reel power.
  • Click Play to start the game manually.

The reels are moving – How to win at Buffalo

Now comes the exciting part. While the reels are spinning now, you can’t influence the game anymore. Watch the buffaloes, wolves and cougars that you come across and also look up because eagles are circling there. Cross your fingers firmly and behave respectfully so as not to frighten or even provoke the prairie inhabitants.

If you stick to it, some of the animals will venture near you and hopefully form good winning combinations. This happens when the reels come to a standstill and similar symbols are on a winning line, starting from left to right.

One warning: please don’t get scared. By the way, besides the ambient music that reminds us of a casino, there are other traces from human civilization that we wouldn’t have expected in the wild at all. There would be the playing cards, which can appear every now and then. There is also something else mysterious, but we’ll get to that later. Let’s stick to the standard symbols and main characters for now.

The following animals and symbols make up the main characters, sorted by their value:

  • The green 9: It only needs to appear twice on a line to pay out. Nevertheless, the more often the better! It can bring up to 100 times the coin value if it appears five times.
  • The red 10: Must appear at least three times per line for a win, pays out up to a hundred times
  • The blue Jack , yellow Queen, orange King and pink Ace must also appear at least three times on a line for a win, and have ascending value
  • The stag pays at least twenty times and must appear in at least a three of a kind. Maximum payout is 120 times
  • The wolf pays as well as the deer and must be visible in at least a pack of three on a line for a payout
  • The cougar pays 50 times the bet for a triple combo, and 150 times the bet for a full five combo.
  • The bald eagle is just as valuable as the cougar.

Special symbols and features in Buffalo Slot

As we have already indicated, there are surprising items in Buffalo that cannot come from the wilds. For example, there is the gold coin. We found out that it serves as a scatter symbol and free spins are triggered as soon as between three and five coins show up on the reels.

The number of these free spins depends on the number of scatter symbols present. If three symbols appear, 8 free spins are triggered. If there are four, there are 15 and if there are five, you can spin 20 rounds for free. If a sunset appears during these rounds, the resulting win is multiplied by a certain value, up to a maximum of 27x. In addition, if two or more gold doubloons appear during the free spins, these bonus rounds are extended by five.

The sunset is the wild symbol for the slot. This appears exclusively on reels three, four and five. Like a wild, a wild can complete a payline as if it were a symbol of the applicable type. The only exception is for the scatter symbol, as it cannot substitute for it. Three or more gold coins must actually always appear to trigger the feature.

After each cash win, there is the option to risk the cash value won to multiply it. To do this, all you have to do is press the gamble button after a win, after which you will be taken to another screen. Here there is a deck of cards. You now have to guess which suit or type of card will be drawn next. If you guess the suit correctly, the winnings will be doubled, if you bet on the symbol type, even quadrupled. The best way to put your guessing luck to the test is to play Buffalo for free.

Our verdict: Playing Buffalo for free is worthwhile

We had a lot of fun with Buffalo and therefore the decision was quickly made that we should also offer this experience to our readers without registration. Thus, Buffalo slot has found its place in our collection of slots to play for free without registration. Why not take the opportunity with play money instead of real money and test the slot for free at your leisure!

Playing Buffalo for real money is a great Wild West project for adventurers.

Once you have swotted the rules of the game and found the access to the North American wildlife and the giant Buffalo, you can also grab a bonus and wager real money at our casinos. Please compare the bonus offers well, because a welcome bonus is a unique thing in the online casino and reserved only for new customers. With a little luck, you will even find exactly the free spins without deposit that you need and can invest them in Buffalo.

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