Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play

Buffalo King online slot machine

Fans of good slots and wild animals pay attention! Today we have the pleasure to introduce a game that should meet your taste. We are glad to present you the slot machine Buffalo King by Pragmatic Play. The experienced player knows: you can expect a lot from Pragmatic Play. Because Pragmatic Play is a game developer based in Sweden since 2005, which primarily supplies the market of online casinos and land-based casinos, including in Germany, with many slot games of the best quality. With over 50 different games of various genres, one is not one of the very largest on the world market, but the trend is clear. Because the quality is convincing.

It is our pleasure to report everything there is to tell about the online game. Because this slot is new (it was released in December 2019), exciting and can come up with quite numerous and high winnings thanks to high volatility and high RTP (of just over 96%). Read all about Buffalo King in the following article. We explain the rules, describe tips and tricks and also reveal the strategy that leads to wins when we spot one. So that you can always follow our explanations without any problems, you should play Buffalo King for free without registration parallel to reading. With us you will find a demo version of the game. This is first of all free of charge, secondly it can be used without any restrictions, thus it works without registration.

When you play Buffalo King, you will find a video slot with many different symbols. And the best thing is that there are not, as in most slots “only” 5 reels. No. There are 6 reels waiting for you here. 6 reels that are filled to the brim with wild animals and other main characters that provide winnings. But that is by far not all. While “only” 3 rows are visible in most games, there are 4 rows here. Thus, the visible grid includes a field of 24 symbols. And because there are no excellent paylines, but 4096 winning combinations, you can imagine for yourself that a lot of tension is provided. And that brings us to an important point. What do the winning symbols of the game look like? We will list them in descending order of value:

  • Rock Wall (Wild Symbol)
  • Golden Buffalo (Scatter Symbol / Bonus Symbol)
  • Buffalo
  • Eagle
  • Lynx
  • Wolf
  • Elk
  • card symbols (A – K – Q – J – 10 – 9)

There are thus a total of 13 different symbols. Each of them (with the exception of the wild symbol) can appear on any reel and each (with the exception of the scatter) can also appear as a staggered symbol. This is important in that staggered symbols increase the win significantly in winning combinations. An explanation of this will follow later. We come to the gameplay of the Buffalo King slot.

How to play Buffalo King online?

Once Buffalo King is loaded, the beauty of the symbols becomes apparent. Pragmatic Play has done a great job here. Those who like can familiarize themselves with the paytable by clicking on the info icon. Those who want to do without it can simply continue reading our review. We will shortly explain everything that the information also reveals.

Once again, our non-binding tip beforehand: you should get to know the game first and play Buffalo King for free.

The game starts with you having to place the bet. Dazu klicken Sie auf das „+“ oder das „-“  Zeichen am rechten unteren Rand. Now you can make changes in 3 places. Either you increase the number of coins per game or the value per coin or simply the total bet. Choose the one that suits your risk type. After that, you can put the reels into rotation. As with most slots, you have two options with Buffalo King. Either you start each game manually or you let the computer do it automatically. Manually means that you click Spin, press the space bar or ENTER. If you want the reels to stop early, click again (or press spacebar or ENTER). This way you can influence the outcome a little bit.

Whether you win or not in Buffalo King online depends on a simple criterion: do you find a symbol that appears on reel 1, moreover, on reels 2 and 3 as well? Then you are among the winners. If the same symbol is also on reels 4, 5 and possibly 6, you can expect much higher winnings. Here, no predefined paylines count, but winning combinations. And there are 4096 of them in Buffalo King online!

And now the explanation why stacked symbols can be an additional win. Let’s say you have 2 Buffalo symbols on each of the first three reels. The paytable says that for 3 buffaloes in a row, you get double the bet as a win. If you play with 60 Euros, you will automatically win 120 Euros. However, because there are a total of 6 different ways to form such chains of three, you get 6 times the winnings, i.e. 720 euros. And this is despite the fact that the buffalo can only be seen on the first three reels. Playing Buffalo King for free is worth it in that case. Try it out and you will immediately understand how it works. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following consideration. Multiply the frequencies of the same symbols per reel with each other and then with the win for the combination as such. Then you have the total win.

Want an example? Let’s assume you are playing with a 60 euro bet. After the spin you see the lynx on the reels 1 to 4 each so often: 2-1-1-3. For the combination of 4 you get 150 euros per se. The factor by which the win is multiplied is: 2 x 1 x 1 x 3 = 6. So you win in this round at Buffalo King online no less than 900 euros.

A goodie you may already know anyway is the wild symbol, which is also called wild symbol.

Wild Symbol

The symbol of the rock wall is the wild symbol of Buffalo King. It can appear on reels 2 to 6 and substitutes for any other symbol except the scatter symbol. It provides more wins and bigger wins as well. In free spins – we’ll explain later – Wilds even come with a multiplier.

Scatter Symbol

In the Buffalo King game, the scatter symbol is called the Bonus symbol. Meant is the same. You need at least 3 such symbols to start the bonus game. What then beckons? Here comes the resolution:

  • With 2 Bonus symbols nothing happens (except within the Free Spins – here you get 5 more Free Spins).
  • With 3 Bonus symbols you can look forward to 8 Free Spins
  • With 4 Bonus symbols you will get 15 Free Spins
  • 5 Bonus symbols will give you 25 Free Spins
  • 6 Bonus symbols will award 100 Free Spins

Within the Free Spins, each Wild symbol that appears also gets a multiplier (either x2, x3 or x5). Any win from a winning combination with Wild will be multiplied by this factor accordingly.

Conclusion about Buffalo King free play

Now we want to come to a summary about Buffalo King and give our overall impression. It is noticeable that Pragmatic Play always strives to generate beautiful symbols and provide exciting gameplay. This also applies to the Buffalo King slot. 6 reels and 4 rows and 4096 winning combinations – that alone speaks volumes. If you want to form your own opinion, you should play Buffalo King for free without registration. We provide you with the demo version for free. It is quite conceivable that you will agree with our opinion and declare Buffalo King to be one of your favorite slots. Excitement and entertainment are provided. Graphics and acoustics are also coherent. Whether playing Buffalo King becomes an unlimited pleasure is ultimately decided by Fortuna, the goddess of luck.

By the way, if you are looking for some variety in between, you can play other slot machines for free without registration. Just browse through our lists and try out the games to your heart’s content.

Do you know when the action really starts? We’ll tell you. When you actually see the bonus symbol on all reels. 100 Free Spins. Have you ever seen that on any other game? It certainly has rarity value. If they succeed in this spin, it will ring in the cash register.

How to play Buffalo King online for real money

Playing Buffalo King for free is one thing. It’s fun, provides hours of entertainment. And you can get to know Buffalo King at your leisure without risking any real money. But what if the time comes and the thought of wagering real money appeals to you, because that’s the only way to win real money? Then it’s best to resort to a bonus: free spins without deposit. Various German online casinos can come up with this kind of bonus. You can find them under the keywords No Deposit Bonus or Registration Bonus. This is even nicer than playing Buffalo King for free. Because on the one hand the pleasure is free for a certain number of games and on the other hand there is a chance to win real money – if you are lucky. So playing Buffalo King for free and still winning real money is theoretically possible. In our lists you will find portals that offer exactly that. Look for them and enjoy playing Buffalo King online.

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