Candy Bars by IGT

Yum, yum, chocolate, candy bars and candy! Who does not get a desire to play? The slot machine Candy Bars from the provider of slot games IGT can satisfy your sweet craving when visiting our casinos online. Online games like this are fun to play, because they may not be quite understandable at first glance.

Candy Bars is played on 4 reels and features 50 paylines waiting to be filled with flashing candy bars, gummy and peppermint candies and lollipops. This game is similar to captain quids treasure quest slot machine and book of ra real money.

Candy Bars slot – something different for a change

As it is usual for the online games in our assortment, you can have fun with Candy Bars in the “Play Free Mode”, just like with the other casino slot games. Immediately you notice on the display that there are three candy jars waiting for you in the top right corner. These are three progressive jackpots. Depending on where the candies stop on the reels, these jars will be filled and great wins can be had. For example, if you get the second reel full, there is a small “snack” win. However, the bars can also land horizontally on the reels and if that happens on the middle reels, there is a “Big” win (King-Size) and if three of them are seen on reels 2, 3 and 4, there is the “Gigantic” win. Only the maximum win is paid, even if other wins would occur on other lines at the same time.

The different display functions

On the display, casino players have several functions that they can take advantage of to see what is possible in the Candy Bar slot game.

Candy Bars slot paylines

  • 4 x the red 7 pays 100, 4 x the blue 7 pays 50, 3 x the red 7 pays 15, 3 x the blue 7 pays 10.
  • Any 4 symbols and 1 red and 1 blue 7 pay 10 and any 3 symbols and 1 red and 1 blue 7 pay 10.
  • 4 purple candies pay 10 and three of them pay 5.
  • 4 white and red striped mint candies pay 10 and 3 pay 5.
  • 4 green gum drops pay 10 and 3 drops pay 5.
  • Paytable button: this one explains, the progressive jackpot. There you can see the three jars already mentioned “Snack Size”, “King Size” and “Giant Size”.
  • The paylines play from left to right.
  • Wins per line are multiplied by the coin value.

Candy Bars slot machine blackout wins

  • 16 x the red 7 pays 25,000.
  • 16 x the blue 7 pays 12,500.
  • 16 x the purple candies pay 5,000.
  • 16 x the mint candies pay 5,000.
  • 16 x the gum drops pay 5,000.
  • Any 16 blue or red 7’s pay 5,000.
  • Blackout wins are multiplied by the coin value and pay in addition to paylines.

Wild symbols and chocolate bars in Candy Bars game.

  • When purple candies, mint candies or gum drops with a chocolate bar in the background appear on reel 2, 3 or 4, respectively, all three symbols are substituted.
  • The symbol 2X in a bubble appears on reel 2 and 3, all other symbols in a line are substituted and 2x the win is paid.
  • Twice the 2X in a bubble symbol in a line pays 4x the win.
  • Wild symbol does not substitute for blackout wins or progressive jackpot wins.
  • Payout information: there you can see that the maximum win is 25,000,000.

Candy Bars slot games are a very entertaining slot that can surely bring you a lot of sugar rushes, not only with its visual effects, but also with its interesting winning combinations and high payouts. Come play Candy Bar for free at

Candy Bars slot details

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