Caribbean Holidays by Novoline

Caribbean Holidays

If the weather is not so good at home, then the desire to pack your bags and travel to warmer climates is great. But simply taking time off from work doesn’t work or the budget doesn’t allow it. In this case, it is recommended to play a round of Caribbean Holidays. You can play this slot for real money or you can choose to play Caribbean Holidays for free without registration. In the latter case, you don’t even have to win to get in a good mood. But don’t worry – the Caribbean feeling is not the only advantage of this online slot. But Caribbean Holidays by Novoline still comes up with some very special features.

Play Caribbean Holidays online

You get a piece of sun, beach and sea at home with Caribbean Holidays. The slot game is equipped with five reels and 20 paylines. You can decide the amount of your bet yourself, although you have to wager at least 0.02 euros per spin and payline. The highest bet is set at 100 Euros, which is typical for Novoline. A sensible tip is that you should always bet 0.40 euros and thus activate all 20 paylines, because this way you can increase your chances of winning accordingly.

As is often the case, the winning combinations are evaluated from left to right. If at least three identical winning symbols appear, then a payout is made according to your bet. The payout table, which adjusts to your bet, shows you what the possible winnings are. In addition, the individual functions as well as the rules of the game are explained there in an easily understandable way.

Play Caribbean Holidays for free

The developers could not avoid adding wild symbols to Caribbean Holidays. Who better to act as a wild here than the beach boy with his surfboard. He is able to complete all winning combinations and substitute almost every symbol – with one exception: the airplane. Every now and then the vacation plane lands on the reels and when it does, you can collect up to 45 free spins thanks to the scatter symbols.

  • 3 symbols -> 25 free spins
  • 4 symbols -> 35 free spins
  • 5 symbols -> 45 free spins

Within the free spins, every win is paid with a multiplier of two and this proves to be extremely rewarding. Besides these two special symbols, there are also the well-known card symbols, which are always good for lots of small wins. The other main symbols are:

  • a beach with palm trees
  • a cocktail
  • a flamingo
  • a dolphin
  • a beach beauty

With this, basically the rules or the gameplay are already explained. This even makes it possible for a beginner to start betting real money right away. However, this is not advisable, because it is easy to bet carelessly and end up losing more than planned. It is better to play Caribbean Holidays for free, at least for the first spins, because this way you can get familiar with the main characters in peace and know which ones will bring you the highest winnings.

Conclusion: a great slot with Caribbean flair

This slot is not only there for you to relax, but the game is extremely lucrative. You will find this out very quickly when you play a few spins on Caribbean Holidays for free and without registration. The slot game is equipped with many interesting features like free games, super games and multipliers. If you are thinking about using cheats, tricks or a special strategy to steer your luck in the right direction, you can put this aside right away. Because Caribbean Holidays is also controlled by a random generator and no one can influence this, not the online casino and not you. A good tip is to use Caribbean Holidays to free up your bonus.

Caribbean Holidays slot details

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