Casino Royale by Tom Horn

Casino Royale by TOM HORN

Casino Royale is a slot from TOM HORN, which is based on the James Bond classic “Casino Royale”. This movie has a cult factor that even a slot machine has been dedicated to it by now.

You can get ready for wild symbols and will see peculiar scatter symbols. In the background you can see a dark blue and some guns. The layout is not too intrusive. The game is simple with sounds to the reel spins and other interactions. There are only 5 paylines on 5 reels. Basically, it must be said that this game is totally pleasant to play, although it has quite few additional features. In the overall picture, the graphics are very good. There are no additional animations, but all symbols are 3D animated. There are a few guns hanging around the reels. One pistol goes on each payline. This is fired when winning combinations are made. This is quite amusing and is quite a little graphical distraction.

Here you can play Casino Royale for free! Game is similar to free Sizzling Hot games.

Casino Royale – The rules

Casino Royale online is a very simple game, but has some advantages compared to the well-known games. Actually, it should be said that this machine has 10 paylines. The reason for this statement is that the lines run from left to right, but are equally counted from right to left. The main symbols are more or less related to the movie.

Standard symbols:

  • King of Spades
  • Queen of Hearts
  • Casino Chips
  • Martini
  • Poison
  • Pistol


In this wonderful slot game by TOM HORN, a bundle of sticks of dynamite is the wild. Once an advantage is gained from it, the bundle explodes and substitutes for any standard symbols to create wins. The exceptions to this are the “0” and “7” scatters.


The scatter symbols are a 0 and a 7. Individually, these symbols are completely worthless. Without a combination, they only take up space on the reels. Only when a combination of 0 0 7 or 7 0 0 comes about, do these symbols give you a significant advantage. These two combos trigger a bonus feature.


Bonus Feature triggered by a 007 or 700 starts with having to choose between some slots. The choice of slots sets the number of free spins. The Free Spins are played immediately after the selection. Once they are over, you get to choose a mirror additionally, which sets the multiplier on the win you get.

Casino Royale – Play for real money

Get involved in this unique thrill and dare to place real bets in the online casino. The feeling is indescribable when you are once again trembling for the jackpot.

Tips & Tricks

Play responsibly and set personal limits on how far you can go and what losses you can take.


Bet from 0.10 to 10.00 per spin.


The winnings are on average the value of 97%.

Play Casino Royale for free

Play Casino Royale for free without registration and just enjoy this great game. The game is very relaxing and does not require much attention. It is the ideal game to round off the evening or when you come home tired from work. The demo is great for just distracting yourself. However, you can also familiarize yourself with the game structure before you dare to gamble with real stakes. This can be used to set a strategy or simply to internalize the rules. The value of a demo version is hard to put into words or to weigh. You have this option exclusively online. On Automatenspiele X you can play all casino online for free without registration.

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Casino Royale slot details

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