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Chronos Joker slot machine

Would you like a spacy fruit cocktail? Casino fans can get it in the Chronos Joker slot from Play’n GO. The soldier of fortune meets a slot machine that floats in space and provides futuristic adventures there. Everything is just right with Chronos Joker. The graphics are crisp and the symbols are charmingly drawn. In the background, the player sees a starry galaxy where stars and colorful nebulae pass by. The sound is a bit reminiscent of the 80s and seems exceptionally spacey here as well.

The game is played on three reels, three rows and five paylines. Basically a beginner slot, because this one is not difficult to understand. Colorful fruits and laughing jokers provide cheerful moments. We present Chronos Joker online in detail in this article and whoever feels like it can play Chronos Joker for free.

The rules: How to play Chronos Joker from Play’n GO

The slot game is very easy to play. In the first step, the player can choose a stake between five cents and 100 euros. After that, the green start button is pressed and the reels rotate. Depending on the winning combinations, the player can look forward to a win or loss when playing Chronos Joker. An autostart option is also available in this online slot.

If the yellow button is pressed, the machine will spin on its own for up to 100 spins. In the menu, you can set when the reels in Chronos Joker slot stop again. For example, when Chronos Joker free spins are triggered for free or until a certain amount is reached. Of course, you can also manually deactivate the autostart at any time.

The main characters and all other symbols in Play’n GO Slot

On the one hand, Chronos Joker gathers fruits like lemons, grapes, plums and cherries. Secondly, there are four characters that represent watches. A modern wristwatch, an hourglass, a pocket watch and a sundial.

The wild symbol acts as a wild symbol in this game. It substitutes for all symbols and thus increases the chances of winning. If the wild symbol appears three times on a payline, you can look forward to 16 times the bet.

There is no scatter symbol per se in Chronos Joker slot, but plenty of other highlights await players who have always wanted to explore outer space in a slot.

Special features in Chronos Joker online

  • Double Stacks
    If images of the same symbol appear stacked in Chronos Joker, they trigger a re-spin if there is no win. If a multiplier is active, it triggers spins in the past, present and future. There is a guaranteed payoff here.
  • Spins of the future
    These are triggered by double stacks and a double multiplier. After each re-spin the multiplier increases from x3, x4, x5 to x10.
  • Spins of the present
    Activated with Double Stacks and a triple, quadruple or quintuple multiplier. For each re-spin, the value of the multiplier remains the same.
  • Spins of the past
    Here, too, a double stack is required and an active tenfold multiplier. Here the multipliers decrease. From x5, x4, x3 to x2.
  • Super Multiplier Spins of the Future
    Requires double stacks and a four times super multiplier. Re-Spins increase the value to x6, x8, x10, x20.
  • Super Multiplier Spins of the Present
    Double Stacks and a triple, quadruple or quintuple Super Multiplier activate this. Nothing changes in the multipliers.
  • Super Multiplier Spins of the Past
    With Double Stacks and ten times Super Multiplier active, this triggers re-spins. The multiplier value decreases. x5, x4, x3 to x2.

The super spins and multipliers seem a bit complicated at first. If you play Chronos Joker for free, you will quickly get the hang of it.

Play Chronos Joker for free without registration

Now the Joker party may begin. With us, players can play Chronos Joker for free without registration and experience an adventure round after round. We will now tell you why a demo play area is so useful and why you can have an excellent romp there.

The slot is not complicated, that much is clear. Nevertheless, there are one or two setting options that need to be tried out at the beginning when you play Chronos Joker. It is precisely because of the simplicity that many a user gets it wrong and quickly gambles away 100 euros in one round. This does not have to be the case. If you play Chronos Joker for free, you can try it all out, completely without risk.

Surely it has other advantages if you play slot machines for free without registration. For example, tips and tricks can be tested in demo mode without registration. Many a strategy gives you the feeling that you are in control of the game. The sober truth is, slots are not manipulable. Nevertheless, you want to try out some things and test them for yourself. If you feel comfortable with this, you will increase the bet in Chronos Joker online round after round until you win. Some people use this tactic and achieved revenues with it.

Discover alternatives from Play’n GO

Not in the mood for Joker? Don’t worry, there are other titles from Play’n GO that provide a good mood. Black Mamba, for example, or Xmas Magic. As we all know, tastes are different. Some prefer adventure, others gods, ghosts or Egypt. From book games to hard rock bands, there is so much to discover. Players can play all of these games for free, just like Chronos Joker. Who knows, maybe the next personal hit can be found among the provider’s games and is waiting for you.

Play Chronos Joker in the online casino with real money

Warmed up enough for free? Now it’s time to get down to business. If you wander directly from demo mode to the online casino for German players, you’ll be lucky to pick up free spins without deposit there. However, there are also no deposit bonuses that entice with free credits. With these bonuses, players can play Chronos Joker slot for free and still enjoy real cash winnings.

With every bonus, certain bonus conditions apply, which you should know. These can be found in the terms and conditions and bonus conditions of the casino. If you do not release the winnings from the free spins, you will unfortunately not receive a payout.

With us, gamers from Germany can find some online casinos where the slot machine is already waiting. We recommend only reputable platforms that are safe and licensed.

Now who would like to try Chronos Joker online? Sign up on a gambling site and get started right away. Whether with or without a free bonus, real money mode or demo version. You are guaranteed to have fun in space, where the fruits spin around their own axis.

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