Cinderella Wintime by Stake Logic

Cinderella Wintime Online Slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Even our testers sometimes come across surprises. Would you have thought that the slot game Cinderella Wintime by Stakelogic is a fruit slot? Probably not. Neither did our experts. But it is. This is the first surprise that Stakelogic comes up with. The second is that we find a very slim slot with only three reels and three visible rows. But that is not enough. There are also a whopping 50 paylines. And if that’s not enough for you. There is a third surprise in the online game from Stakelogic. Namely, the Cinderella Wintime slot also comes up with a wild symbol. But everything in order.

Do you know Stakelogic? It is one of the most renowned manufacturers of games that you can play in all German online casinos. These developers shine not only by mass, but especially by quality and versatility. If you want to convince yourself of this, you can play Cinderella Wintime for free without registration with us. We have the honor to provide the demo version for free and without registration. This way, you can get to know and practice the slot machine at your leisure.

Since January 2018, you can play Cinderella Wintime online in casinos all over Germany. Because that’s when the slot appeared. As already written, it is a fruit slot, although nothing in the title would indicate that. When you play Cinderella Wintime for free, you will find a 3×3 slot, which means that the visible grid depicts three reels with three visible rows. Because it’s hard to imagine 50 paylines crisscrossing over it in all directions with that manageable field, it’s probably better to talk about winning combinations. You almost get the impression that you win as soon as you see the same symbol three times somewhere on the grid. The winnings table at Cinderella Wintime online reveals how high the respective winnings are. The RTP is 94.97%. The volatility is indicated as low. This means that when you play Cinderella Wintime online, you can win a little something with every spin.

To help you win as much as possible when playing Cinderella Wintime, we have several tips and tricks. First, read the rules that we describe in the Gameplay section. Secondly, practice by playing Cinderella Wintime for free with us and thirdly, try to find a strategy that will give you particularly frequent wins.

Cinderella Wintime slot comes with a total of eight main characters. And they are:

  • Logo Cinderella Wintime (wild symbol).
  • Seven
  • 3 x BAR
  • 2 x BAR
  • 1 x BAR
  • Melon
  • Plum
  • Orange
  • Empty field

The empty field is marked by a blue diamond. This is necessary so that the RTP does not get too high and that Cinderella Wintime does not tear a hole in the coffers of the manufacturer or the online casino. Take a look at it all at your leisure by playing Cinderella Wintime for free.

How to play Cinderella Wintime online?

Before the Cinderella Wintime game can start, you need to define a bet per game round. You have two set screws to do this. Firstly, the bet per payline and secondly, the coin value. Your bet can be between 0,50 Euro and 125 Euro.

The process of playing Cinderella Wintime is always the same. It doesn’t matter whether you spin manually on each spin or claim the autospin mode. The Cinderella Wintime reels will spin and eventually stop on their own. If you have winning combinations on the grid, they will be displayed immediately. The winnings will be paid out. This happens all by itself. Whether autospin or manual spin you have to decide. Try both when you play Cinderella Wintime for free.

The winnings table provides information about the amount of the winnings. Only one win is always redefined for each spin. It is the win for cherries. For this purpose there is the “Cherry Meter” at Cinderella Wintime online. A small wheel of fortune spins on each spin and reveals a numerical value. This number is multiplied by your bet per payline. That’s the win for three cherry symbols. And there’s one more thing. As you can see above, there are three symbols with the lettering BAR. If you get a winning combination with three mixed BAR symbols, you win as well. This is the “Mixed Bar Prize.” Get to know it when you play Cinderella Wintime for free.

Wild Symbol

Interestingly, there is a wild symbol in Cinderella Wintime. This drives up the chance of winning again noticeably. This is because it substitutes for any other symbol. In return, the manufacturer has dispensed with a scatter symbol. Thus, there is no feature that would result in free spins or anything similar. There is no need for that with the amount of wins.

Conclusion about playing Cinderella Wintime for free

Cinderella Wintime is amazing in many ways. It’s a crisp little slot with only nine squares. And over this grid, 50 paylines have been miraculously distributed. When you play Cinderella Wintime for free without registration with us, you will quickly see that there are continuous wins. It is impossible to keep all 50 winning combinations in mind. That’s why it’s good that the computer always displays the winnings right after the spin itself. Cinderella Wintime is a completely atypical fruit slot, especially since the title doesn’t necessarily make you think of one. However, that doesn’t matter. This casino game is fun without end. The entertainment does not come too short. Whoever is looking for a slot game with more reels at some point, can still play many other slot machines for free without registration with us. We have quite a few on our site.

How to play Cinderella Wintime online for real money

The nice thing is that demo versions are always free. The bad thing is that you won’t succeed in winning real money with them here. You can do that with Cinderella Wintime only in the online casino. But this experience always costs money. That is clear. No real money bet, no real money win. Or maybe you do? You could look for a bonus. The buzzword of the hour for you is free spins without deposit. With this, you can actually play for free and win real money with a lot of luck. You would have to wager the winnings from the free spins accordingly many times. Maybe a little of it will be left over… the bonus terms and conditions reveal the details about that. And in our lists you can find the portals that offer such bonuses. All the best.

Cinderella Wintime slot details

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