Classic Bingo by Merkur

Classic Bingo – Game Overview and Features

Bingo! Playing classic bingo is one of the most popular games of chance. This may be due to the fact that it is a very social game, since it is played, if not online as today, usually in a bingo hall, where you can meet many friends and acquaintances. Money is often raised for a good cause in the process, making this game a true classic.

In online casinos, bingo has had a permanent place for several years and here we present you the slot Classic Bingo from Merkur, which you can play for real money in the category of slot games. If you want to play Classic Bingo for free to get to know its features and peculiarities before you dive right into expenses, you can learn the rules of the game without wagering any money. Classic Bingo is a slot machine which is not a classic slot, so it has no reels spinning, no wild symbols, no scatter symbols and in that sense no game symbols or main characters and of course no free spins and no bonus round.

For fans of bingo, this rather simple slot machine is certainly a great alternative to the regular bingo game or to extremely complicated and cutting-edge bingo versions that can be found in parts and may not be fully understood. The machine is lucrative despite its simplicity and can certainly provide a lot of excitement and fun.

How is the Classic Bingo slot machine played?

The Classic Bingo online is brought to you by the German software manufacturer Merkur on the screen and you can play Classic Bingo for free, so without registration, to apply all the tips and tricks you knew from the classic bingo game here too. Pick the right online casinos that will let you play for free and see how you can now draw your bingo balls online!

You will see a bingo card in front of you, so to speak, just like the one you used to have in front of you and marked with a pencil or with any objects. As in the very classic bingo variant, the numbers 1 to 80 are written on this card in Classic Bingo online. These are divided into 8 paylines with 10 numbers each. Next to the first set of 40 balls you will see two buttons, one that says “Quicktipp” on it and one to “Clear”. Next to the numbers 41 to 80 you will see a “Tips” box, in which the number of numbers you bet appears if you manually check and don’t use the Quicktip. Below that you will see the box “Hits”, where in case of a win then the number of correctly tipped numbers will be shown.

Below the box on the left, you can click on “Paytable” to see the paytable. Here you can see the winning combinations if you have marked the correct numbers. At the maximum bet, these are the respective winnings:

  • 3 hits: 20.00 coins win
  • 4 hits: 40.00 coins win
  • 5 hits: 240.00 coins win
  • 6 hits: 900.00 coins profit
  • 7 hits: 10000.00 coins profit

At the bottom right of the display you will see the Bet button. Click on the minus and plus buttons to adjust the bet from 0.05 to 0.10, 0.20, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00 to 10.00. If you want to select the maximum bet in Classic Bingo by Merkur, this is easily done by clicking on the green button “MAX BET”. Further down on the left, you can also set the number of automatic draws if you do not want to click again for each game round. This goes from 0 (no auto-marking, but manual), over 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 75 up to 100 rounds.

Either you click now on the Quicktip and 7 arbitrary numbers are selected by the system and marked in red. You will hear a short melody. If you want to do the marking manually, click on the numbers that are your lucky charms. You can also click on less than 7 numbers, but 3 marked numbers are the minimum bet here. Then click on the green “START” button.

Immediately the bingo raffle appears above the game card and the balls spin and the winning balls are randomly selected and drop down through a filter onto the game card where they are immediately marked. The numbers get a red background and become round bingo balls.

The number of winning balls is immediately displayed on the right in the “Hit” field. If this is more than 3 balls, there is a win and you are immediately prompted to play the risk game. If you have no luck in this round, you can either leave the same marked balls and click “START” again, or click “Clear” to start over and select a new number and new numbers to try again.

The risk feature is as you may already know it from Merkur slots games. You can choose between the card risk and the ladder game here and either take the win or risk it.

Classic Bingo free to play and conclusion

This entertaining Merkur slot is based on the rules of traditional bingo and if you can play Classic Bingo for free, feel free to take advantage of this offer to develop your individual strategy. Without registration and without risky use of real money, you are allowed to play Classic Bingo for free here on our website to try it out.

Whenever you are allowed to play a slot machine for free, that is without registration, this is a good option to get to know the casino and its atmosphere as well. Don’t think twice and play Classic Bingo and let the balls fall on your playing card!

Play Classic Bingo by Merkur for real money

Now that you have gotten to know Classic Bingo well, it is surely time to take advantage of a no deposit casino bonus or even a bonus with deposit to play this slot for real money now. In the best online casinos in the industry, you can make your deposit, just like here, and also claim a bonus if you want to.

Bingo remains one of the most popular games of chance and is presented to you online with Merkur’s Classic Bingo. The winnings can be really high and the game is not only fun but also brings excitement, making it a thoroughly lucrative pastime.

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