Classic Dice 5 Reels by Stake Logic

Classic Dice 5 Reels online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

If you are one of those who like the way the games from Stakelogic are made, then Classic Dice 5 Reels slot will also delight you. Because the Classic Dice 5 Reels slot game also comes from the developer Stakelogic, which is known for its wonderfully varied online casino games. If you want to get a picture of it right away and try out the demo version for free without registering, just do it. Because with us you can play Classic Dice 5 Reels for free without registration.

Classic Dice 5 Reels by Stakelogic belongs to the video slots. Thus, it is a slot machine that comes with stacked symbols and one or the other feature. To let you know what it’s all about and how to play Classic Dice 5 Reels to win, we’ll reveal everything about the strategies, give tips and tricks, and provide comprehensive information about the rules.

But first, a few basic things about Classic Dice 5 Reels online. The manufacturer Stakelogic released the Classic Dice 5 Reels slot in January 2019, not too long ago in the German casinos. Five reels with three visible rows and five double-sided paylines are waiting for you here. On the one hand, this means that there are “only” five paylines, but that, unlike the other roughly 95% of slots, you will find winning combinations not only starting from the left edge, but also from the right edge. This ensures that the RTP, the theoretical payout probability is 96.26%. Coupled with a moderately high volatility, this results in a good mix of broadly spread winnings that are played relatively often. If you want to test this out, you should play Classic Dice 5 Reels for free. As said. The demo version of Classic Dice 5 Reels is unrestricted and free to play and works exactly the same as the one that is applied in the online casino.

When you play Classic Dice 5 Reels, you can look forward to a handful of main characters. And these are them, sorted by their valence:

  • 2 dice (scatter symbol)
  • Star
  • Seven
  • Bell
  • Grapes
  • Lemon
  • cherries

The attentive reader will have noticed. There is no wild symbol. That is, no wild symbol that can replace other symbols and provide more and higher winnings in Classic Dice 5 Reels online. Convince yourself that this doesn’t really bother you by playing Classic Dice 5 Reels for free with us and get to know the slot while playing.

How to play Classic Dice 5 Reels online?

As soon as the game is loaded, you can view the game information and the paytable of Classic Dice 5 Reels. You will quickly see that everything here is very compact and clear. The winning possibilities are limited to the seven symbols mentioned above. This makes for quite a high chance of winning. And that is what people in Germany are particularly fond of.

Before you start Classic Dice 5 Reels online, you need to define a game stake. At the bottom you can set this. It will take a value between 0,1€ and 50€. Thus, you can control your risk quite well yourself. You should also try this out when you play Classic Dice 5 Reels for free. Try to fathom out which bet will bring you how much luck and how the virtual account balance will change. When you play Classic Dice 5 Reels for real money later, you should already have a feeling for how big the fluctuations of the account balance will be.

Once the bet is fixed, start the game. Clicking the play button does the same service as pressing the space bar. The reels will spin and stop again by themselves. Any winning combinations are highlighted and the winnings are paid out. If you prefer not to start every game manually, you can activate the autospin mode. Then the game runs by itself. You can also get to know this at your leisure when playing Classic Dice 5 Reels for free. It gets interesting when you activate the Dice feature. What you need to do for this? Spin scatter symbols.

Scatter Symbol

For those who don’t know, let us help you. Dice means “dice” in German. And they appear in every casino. So the symbol you are looking for is a pair of red dice. This is the scatter symbol that appears on reels two, three and four. If you manage to see such a symbol on all three reels, you will get free spins. The Dice Feature starts.

At the bottom you will see a scale that displays the numbers of dice from one to six. You stop the random number generator. The number of dice that now appears tells how many Free Spins will be played in Classic Dice 5 Reels online. The beauty of it is that these free spins are guaranteed to win. Every spin wins. Within this feature you can re-spin three dice symbols and win more free spins for Classic Dice 5 Reels.

Conclusion about Classic Dice 5 Reels free game play

The Classic Dice 5 Reels game has a pleasantly streamlined design. The symbols have an unexciting but high-quality design. The sound is decent and appropriate to the scenario. Everything fits so far. The fact that there is no wild symbol takes a little getting used to, but does not stand out negatively because you win continuously anyway. Either from the left or from the right. Because the paylines are double-sided. This makes Classic Dice 5 Reels extraordinary. You should take the chance and play Classic Dice 5 Reels for free without registration. Use the demo version to try it out. If Classic Dice 5 Reels does not quite meet your taste, you can play many other slots for free without registration on our site. You will surely find a game that you particularly like.

How to play Classic Dice 5 Reels online for real money

The fan of casino games loves this kind of game for several reasons. First, the games are fast-paced, varied, exciting and versatile. Secondly, you can sometimes win real money with them in the online casino. Playing Classic Dice 5 Reels for free is a nice change, maybe also a good opportunity to get familiar with the features of a game. But if you want to play for money, you will look for a portal where this is offered. Use our lists as a help. Here you will find tips on which online casinos are particularly good and which may also offer a good bonus. For example, one with free spins without deposit. These allow free play and offer the theoretical chance of real winnings.

Classic Dice 5 Reels slot details

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