Coin of Apollo by Novoline

Coin of Apollo slot free games from Novoline

Once again, we really wanted to test a slot game with a historical or mythological background, so we decided to play Coin of Apollo online. We didn’t regret this test and we think Coin of Apollo by Novoline is really great!

Therefore, of course, promptly wrote a letter of recommendation in our editorial office. Moreover, we provide the game so that not only we, but also our readers can play Coin of Apollo for free without registration.

Want to know details about this great and epic slot?

Our impressions of Coin of Apollo online

You know Apollo? We basically don’t know much about him either, but to play Coin of Apollo for free, it’s not really necessary. Apollo, in the German books also sometimes Apoll or Apollon, comes from Greek mythology and is or was a god. Coin of Apollo means coin or thaler of Apollo. This information should be enough to play Coin of Apollo, because in the casino real money counts. This can be won with the Coin of Apollo slot or alternatively play Coin of Apollo for free.

Novoline has designed the game quite wonderfully, because Coin of Apollo online undeniably looks really imposing. It is recognizable even for laymen that the game scene does not take place in Germany, but probably in Greece or Rome.

The Coin of Apollo slot is visually an eye-catcher

We could not find out what the Coin of Apollo really meant in the times of the ancient gods. The obviously very valuable coin is depicted in great detail in the Coin of Apollo slot and looks impressive. Perhaps we should ask Novoline, the designers of the game could certainly provide information about this.

But the eye-catcher par excellence is Apollo himself, who is the owner of the coin according to the name – Coin of Apollo. Apollo was also a real multi-talent in other respects. He stands for purification, spring, but also divination. The last point is particularly interesting, then maybe he could prophesy us the best winning combinations at Coin of Apollo online? So far, he hasn’t done that and we had to resort to the usual tricks and our own strategy when playing, but he has definitely brought us luck. The many free spins are the proof!

Playing Coin of Apollo is an aesthetic experience

The slot machine is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It looks splendid and, in typical Novoline fashion, has been given a lot of details and matching images on the reels and paylines. Apollo was also a musician, which is why the harp caught our attention. It is completely set in gold, as is the entire slot game. This one looks like a temple. We unanimously agree that the sound effects in Coin of Apollo are also quite nice.

A particular highlight, however, is Apollo, who comes galloping along with his team of horses. Since we mostly play Coin of Apollo for free, we will always drop by Coin of Apollo online once in a while, if only to enjoy the sight. You should also play Coin of Apollo for free at least once in your life, which is always possible on our site online. Don’t miss out on this mythology slot! You will learn how to play Coin of Apollo for free properly in a moment. Do you want an epic gaming experience? Then you should play Coin of Apollo right now!

How to play Coin of Apollo Slot

Coin of Apollo doesn’t just make a good impression with its Greek charm. Its greatest strength lies in finding the perfect balance between irresistible fun and exciting bonus features. Thus, it is always good to catch sight of this slot in an online casino.

Here you can learn step by step how to master Coin of Apollo:

  • Below you can select your bet per payline.
  • Of course, you can change the number of paylines at the same time, although the maximum number is best for all players and brings with it the exclusive Extra Bet feature
  • Whether you choose autoplay or manual spin, it’s time to get the reels spinning
  • Now it’s wait and see and cross your fingers. May the best winning combinations win!

Now you can get to know, in ascending order of their value, the main characters of the machine:

  • The old familiar card symbols from the 10 to the Ace.
  • The harp and the bow and arrow
  • The temple of Apollo
  • Apollo himself

The extra features and bonus rounds of the Greeks

The Coin of Apollo is the wild symbol in this slot machine and is exclusively available in Extra Bet mode. This appears exclusively on reels 2 and 4, but can substitute for any symbol to complete a payline.

As always, you also get to play with a scatter symbol, which is the “bonus” scroll. When 3 or more of these parchments appear on the reels, 10 free spins are triggered, which activate the special expanding symbols. That is, a symbol is chosen at random, which, as long as a winning opportunity is present, expands to cover the entire reel.

Our verdict: Playing Coin of Apollo for free as a practice round is a good start.

In practice mode, you automatically study the rules you need to win. You can go to practice without registering, it’s fun and free. You will now also find Coin of Apollo among our tips for entertaining slot machines. Playing slot machines for free without registration is common here, so don’t be shy and take the opportunity! Playing Coin of Apollo for free without registration is a huge pleasure that will last for hours!

Playing Coin of Apollo for real money is the next step.

What do you do when you realize that you have great talent for Coin of Apollo? We have a suggestion. Go to a recommended online casino, get yourself free spins without deposit and any bonus you can get for free. Thus, the foundation is laid to literally get Coin of Apollo silvered. Make your mark, the best casinos are already waiting for player talents like you. Apollo may be a legendary hero of mythology, but become a casino hero by winning really well! From the winnings you could buy yourself something great, maybe a horse or a stylish harp! Good luck!

Coin of Apollo slot details