Coin of Gods by Merkur

Coin of Gods slot from Merkur Casinos

With Coin of Gods, the German game developer Merkur has brought a slot to the online casino that is very different from the typical slot machines. You can familiarize yourself with the game rules when playing Coin of Gods for free and even play the demo game without registering.

The basic game: This is how the slot is played

The game is equipped with 10 fixed paylines and they run vertically, horizontally and diagonally across the playing field. If you open Coin of Gods, you will notice at first glance that it is not a classic slot game, because there are no reels here. The game field is divided into squares of 4 x 4 and there is only one main character here. The title of the game already gives a hint about it: it’s about a golden coin here. The more paylines you cover with coins, the higher your winnings will be. You can start a game with a bet of 10 cents. A maximum bet of 10 euros is possible here. You have to do without wild symbols and scatter symbols in Coin of Gods by Merkur and also without other bonus symbols. Consequently, there are no free spins or other bonus games here.

The only special feature you will find in this slot is the risk feature, in which you will find two games:

  • Ladder Risk
  • Card Risk

Play Coins of Gods and collect up to 10.000 Euro

Playing with this Merkur slot is quite profitable, because you will be paid a profit already from 2 complete lines. This means that the golden side of the coin must show up four times on each of two of the payout lines. As usual, the more paylines you can complete with four coins, the bigger your winnings will be, and in that case your winnings can range from 2 times to 500 times your bet. For example, if you bet 50 cents, the winnings will be as follows:

  • 2 lines → 1 euro
  • 3 lines → 2.50 Euro
  • 4 lines → 7.50 Euro
  • 5 lines → 15.00 Euro
  • 6 lines → 30.00 euro
  • 7 lines → 60.00 Euro
  • 8 lines → 125.00 Euro
  • 10 lines → 250.00 Euro

This is by no means to be scoffed at and the payout rate of 96.30% (RTP) indicates that there are more frequent wins here after all.

Games for free without registration

As already mentioned, this slot is different from the usual slots that Merkur otherwise brings to online casinos. This slot game is characterized by its original gameplay and by the fact that there is only one main character here, with which the winning combinations must be formed. During a spin, not the reels, but the coins rotate around their own axis. Do you want to try your luck on this game? Then you can play Coin of Gods for free without registration. This way you can get an idea of the chances of winning, because the rules here are so simple that you can basically start playing for real money right away.

Tips for Coin of Gods

We took a look around online to see if there are any tricks or tips currently available to successfully play Coin of Gods online, or a strategy that can be used to increase your winnings. It will certainly not surprise you that we did not find anything of the sort. The Merkur tricks that are available from time to time are definitely not helpful.

Our tip is: try the Coin of Gods slot for yourself, if only because of the innovative gameplay. The game is fast, lucrative and makes a change from the conventional games. If you want to try out the Merkur slot, you can play Coin of Gods for free.

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