Coins of Egypt by NetEnt

Coins of Egypt online slot machine

Dear fans of good games and Egyptian antiquity, pay attention! We have another treat for you today. We have the pleasure to introduce you to a slot machine of the extra class. In our case, introducing means that we will explain the rules, give you tips and tricks on how to play with the perfect strategy and not only enjoy fun and best entertainment, but with a portion of luck also get winnings out of it. And this time we will once again dive into the world of ancient Egypt. We are looking forward to the Coins of Egypt slot game from NetEnt.

In March 2018, another game that makes Egyptian antiquity its theme saw the light of day in the world of online casinos. And promptly, there was a rush for the video slot in Germany as well as in many other countries. And this rush was predictable. Because two things come together here. The best known manufacturer NetEnt and the theme that makes up the Coins of Egypt slot. NetEnt is a name that simply cannot be missed in casinos around the world. The reason for this is a simple one. Hundreds of games in the best quality provide millions of followers with countless entertaining hours and massive winnings. And with Coins of Egypt, NetEnt once again lives up to its name. It is likely that this slot will stay in the list of the most popular slots for a long time. This is reason enough for us to present it here with all its features, so that you can immediately get the hang of it. In addition, you should play Coins of Egypt for free without registration. The game is available to you without obligation, free of charge and without registration. This way you can get to know it at your leisure.

NetEnt relies on several recipes for success with the Coins of Egypt video slot. Firstly, the popular 5 reels, secondly, 20 paylines, thirdly, symbols that have a slight 3D effect or are somewhat relief-like and fourthly, an extensive bonus game. This brings big winnings and provides even more variety.

The symbols are divided into main symbols and additional symbols, which are only available in the bonus game. These are the main symbols that can be seen in the regular game:

  • Fly with golden wings on emerald background (wild symbol).
  • Scatter symbol
  • Pharaoh (Collect symbol )
  • figure of god with eagle wings on red background
  • Gods figure with cat ears on golden background
  • Gods figure with snake head on green background
  • Jackal
  • scorpion
  • 5 different beetles in different colors

These symbols are also available within the bonus game, which are also Free Spins:

  1. 3 so-called “Chest Seal symbols” matching god figures (only in Free Spins).
  2. 3 coffins on the edge of the game matching god figures (only during free spins)

As you can see: there are quite a few different characters. A warning beforehand: the eye has to get used to this variety. Especially the beetles don’t look quite dissimilar to each other. It takes a while to internalize the symbols.

What is amazing is that despite the multitude of symbols, it comes to extremely many wins. Der RTP von Coins of Egypt online  – das ist die ermittelte Auszahlungswahrscheinlichkeit liegt bei satten 96,97%. This puts NetEnt on a very high level. The downside, if you are looking for one, can be found in the paytable. With a few exceptions, the winnings are in the low to moderate range. You will search in vain for huge jackpots, as they exist in some other games, in Coins of Egypt. But now we have kept you in suspense long enough. We now come to the essentials – the gameplay. If you haven’t played Coins of Egypt for free yet, you should start now at the latest. Just don’t waste any time.

How to play Coins of Egypt online?

The quality of the game clearly bears the signature of the manufacturer. Quality and brilliance at its best. Full of anticipation, we display the information and study the features. So that you don’t lose any time here, we will summarize everything that awaits you in the Coins of Egypt online game for you. You don’t even have to know English for this, but can comfortably read everything in German.

You start by setting the stake. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer to play for free or for real money. The game works absolutely the same in both cases. However, you should always play Coins of Egypt for free before trying a new game. You can’t lose any money in the process. And the entertainment and excitement factor is also very high.

At the bottom you can see the betting options. Decide how much you want to risk per game by changing these set screws. If the total bet is ideal, then spin the reels. To do this, press either the SPIN button or the autoplay mode. For beginners, it is recommended to spin by yourself every time. Because otherwise, the game runs so fast that you will have trouble catching all the wins and features immediately with your eye. Besides, the manual mode has a second advantage: you can also stop the reels yourself and do not have to wait for the product of chance. Perhaps, this intervention will also have a positive effect on your winnings. Just try it out.

Any winning combinations will result as is actually usual. If you find the same symbol at least three times in a row along a winning line, starting from the left edge, then you win. The amount of the win is based on two parameters. The value of the symbol (a god figure gives higher winnings than a red beetle) and the length of the winning combination. And because it’s now blow by blow, once again our well-meant hint: You should play Coins of Egypt for free and try out everything you read here right away.

Wild Symbol

The fly with golden wings is the wild symbol. It replaces all other main symbols except Collect Symbol and Scatter Symbol. This wild symbol increases the chances of winning and is therefore always welcome.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is similar. In Coins of Egypt, it looks a bit like a round gemstone encased in golden threads. This symbol can only be found on reels 1, 3 and 5. If you are lucky enough to see the scatter on all three reels at the same time, the playing field will suddenly light up. The bonus game will start. We will go into detail about this one a little further down.

Feature 1: Collect Symbol

When the reels stop, small coins can appear on the first three reels. This is not a must, but a can. And this is almost always the case. The values of the coins are many times your bet. For example, if you risk 2 euros per spin, you can expect coins worth up to 30 euros. But what do these coins bring? They bring instant winnings. The prerequisite for this is that the Pharaoh symbol (the Collect symbol) appears on reel 5. The Pharaoh collects the displayed coins. This is your additional win for the game round. So, first the “regular” wins are paid after each spin, then there are the direct wins to sprinkle on top – assuming the Pharaoh on reel 5. And these are not to be scoffed at, because they are usually higher than the normal winning combinations.

Feature 2: The Bonus Game

If you are lucky, you will get 3 scatter symbols. Then there are free spins. But unlike most other slots, the number of free spins is not fixed. Yes, you read correctly. Coins of Egypt is also out of the ordinary here. That’s why we describe this feature in a separate chapter.

A new screen is loaded. You can see a game field that strongly resembles the previous one. But at the bottom you see 3 coffins – matching the three gods (red, green and golden). At the top edge you see three counters – again in the three colors. This is where the bonus amount for each of the three gods is counted. Now, when the reels are spun, coins appear on the first three reels – also in the three colors. Depending on the color, the respective value is added to the bonus sum of the god. At the end of the bonus game, you win one of the three god jackpots. But which one? That is decided by the 3 colored Chest Seal symbols that can appear on reel 5. Whenever one appears, a point is added to the matching colored casket. The coffin that has 3 points first is opened. Its content is the collected jackpot in the also matching color.

Of course, all other winning combinations are also paid out for each free spin. If you ask us now, how many spins does a bonus game give? There must be at least 3 (because three Chest Seal symbols of the same color must have appeared), but it can also be 20 or even more. Because not every time one of these symbols appears. And the more free spins, the higher the win.

Conclusion about Coins of Egypt free play

In a nutshell: Coins of Egypt online is fun – almost without limitation. Beautiful, brilliant symbols meet pleasant sound effects and combine with a very well thought-out gameplay. The features are sophisticated and winning. So why our “almost”? Actually, only because the symbols are not as distinguishable to our lazy eye as one might like. But still, our verdict is clear: Coins of Egypt is an exceptionally entertaining video slot – and certainly one of the best among those themed on Egyptian antiquity.

We warmly recommend one thing: take advantage of our offer! Playing slots for free without registration is a chance to try any game for free and get to know all the intricacies. Of course, our descriptions will help you to get along with the game. But believe us: there is no substitute for the “live feeling”. You can play Coins of Egypt for free without registration or play Coins of Egypt for real money. Both have a huge fun factor. But for understanding and getting acquainted with it, you simply have to take your time and play yourself. Believe us – it is worth it. When our testers get down to work and try out a slot like Coins of Egypt, they always read the game information from the manufacturer first. They have an extreme amount of experience in what they do. That’s why they know what’s important. And yet, there always comes a point where they say, “Enough, now it’s just play and try.” They start by playing Coins of Egypt for free. They vary the stakes, play alternately with autoplay and manual modes, and pay attention to how the balance changes and how the game feels. Then you play Coins of Egypt online – at the casino. Partly for real money and look again very closely. And then summarize and report and describe. To make it easier for you to get started. You should not miss the gaming experience at Coins of Egypt under any circumstances. That is our clear conclusion.

How to play Coins of Egypt online for real money

The question now is how and where to play Coins of Egypt slot. First for free, then for real money. The first is easy to answer: right here with us. For the second, we have two tips for you. First, you should search our lists for the best online casinos. And secondly, if you want to gamble for real money, you should look for no deposit free spins. This is a bonus as offered by some online casinos. You can also find this promotion under the name No Deposit Bonus. Or registration bonus. This bonus is characterized by the fact that it does not cost a single cent. You only have to register with your personal data at the portal and be accepted as a new player. This online bonus is already yours. With these Free Spins you can then play the Coins of Egypt slot. Again for free. You play with a gift balance. And although it doesn’t cost you anything, there is a chance to win real money.

We have one more hint for you at this point: Of course, you cannot withdraw these winnings immediately. Not in any online casino in the world. No. These winnings are treated like bonus money and are therefore subject to the bonus conditions. This means that you have to use these winnings again, for example, 35 times on games. On games like Coins of Egypt, for example. Even if the prospect of a cash payout is still so slim, one thing is a fact: without having invested a cent, you can play Coins of Egypt for free this way for even longer.

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