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Creatures of the Night Slot Free Games from Bally Wulff

Creatures of the Night slot is an eerily creepy slot machine. In this slot game, you become an online vampire hunter in the casino and your opponent is none other than the king of vampires himself. The heroine and presumably full-time vampire hunter will stand by your side while you play, nevertheless you should tear off to Dracula’s castle in Romania with a strategy in your luggage. Neither we nor the blonde beauty with her wooden stakes will probably have to give tips or tricks to German vampire hunters when they play Creatures of the Night for free. Bally Wulff has already left some particularly helpful paraphernalia for you on the reels, because the game developer from Germany knows that you can teach even a vampire king like Dracula the fear with crosses, holy water and garlic.

However, not only bats or vampires are waiting in the darkness at Dracula’s castle. While we play Creatures of the Night, we can of course also earn winnings. You may find it hard to believe, but even Dracula himself helps us with that, because he is one of the main characters of Creatures of the Night by Bally Wulff. But bonus features also await the brave player in the Romanian castle, and that too while you play Creatures of the Night for free without registration. Are you brave enough to take on Dracula?

Creatures of the Night online at a glance

Bally Wulff has thought of every detail to show off the slot’s theme. We have already hinted at how this is evident in some of the symbols. While playing Creatures of the Night, we get to listen to the eerily creepy music of an organ. This could actually cause you to find yourself looking over your shoulder as soon as the reels start moving in the online casino. Therefore, it might not hurt to play Creatures of the Night for free first. Our game field, which consists of five reels and three rows, is also blood red. In the background of Creatures of the Night slot, the full moon shines above our playing field, bathing the snow-covered mountains and the forest surrounded by wisps of mist in a scary blue. You could say that Creatures of the Night offers a double thrill.

If you have the courage to hunt for vampires online in Creatures of the Night, then a visit to Dracula’s castle could be well worth it. Among other things, the bonus features that Bally Wulff has integrated into the slot game can ensure this. Especially Dracula should be kept in mind even if you play Creatures of the Night for free without registration Not only because he is so scary, but because he has two very special functions at once. Take a deep breath, because here come the bonus features of Creatures of the Night!

The Wild Symbol

The vampire king is the wild symbol of the slot. He substitutes for all symbols, except the scatter symbol, and thus can form or expand winning combinations. If Dracula helps you win in Creatures of the Night, you can watch the bats circle the Prince of Darkness in an animation. Dracula can also form a winning combination himself with at least two wild symbols.

The Free Spins

For the Free Spins, you actually have to venture into the lion’s den, even when playing Creatures of the Night for free. Namely, the scatter symbol in Creatures of the Night consists of Dracula’s castle, where the vampires make their home. There must be at least three scatter symbols at the end of a spin before the ten free spins can be played. At his home castle, Dracula has very special powers, because during the Free Spins he is not just an ordinary Wild symbol, but a Sticky Wild symbol.

The Gamble Feature

At Creatures of the Night online you also have the possibility to increase your winnings to a maximum amount of 150€. You have the choice between two different free gamble features, the win ladder and the playing card feature. If you choose the win ladder, you may have several 50/50 opportunities to make your way to the top. The playing card feature, on the other hand, is more direct and a bit riskier. Here your winnings are doubled for free if you are right with your bet.

How to play Creatures of the Night

Creatures of the Night has been equipped by Bally Wulff with ten fixed paylines, which, according to the rules of the slot, all start on the left reel and run from there to the right across the playing field. After you have selected your bet amount, you can start your first spin on the bottom right. If a winning combination lands on one of these ten paylines, you will receive your winnings. With the two main characters, Dracula and the Vampire Slayer, only two of the same symbols are needed for a winning combination. With all other themes, however, three of the same symbols must land to form a winning combination in Creatures of the Night. These rules apply both in case you play Creatures of the Night for free or hunt vampires with real money at the casino.

These eleven motifs are waiting for you in the mountains of Romania at Dracular’s castle:

  • The playing card motifs from ten to A.
  • A garlic necklace
  • Holy water
  • A cross with a bible
  • The vampire slayer
  • Dracula as a wild symbol
  • The castle as a scatter symbol

Conclusion and play Creatures of the Night for free

Creatures of the Night can literally make your blood run cold. However, in this creepy slot, the chances of winning are primarily responsible for this, which is proven to us by the very good RTP of 96.26%. The graphics as well as the animations are made in such a lavish and high-quality way that you can provide goosebumps moments in combination with the gloomy organ music. Sharpen your wooden stake and become a winner as you take on Dracula!

With us you can play the slot for free without registration and see for yourself the qualities of the slot without any obligation.

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