Dice Fortune by Stake Logic

Dice Fortune online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

In 2017, Dice Fortune by Stakelogic was launched on the market and to this day it is one of the most unusual games from the Dutch company. This game does not follow the usual design philosophy, which mainly emphasizes simple and clear design. When you open Dice Fortune online, you will probably be overwhelmed at first. You’ll be greeted by a plain, dark blue background that displays a lot of information as well as four “sets” and no usual reels in sight, but more on the design later. However, should you want to get an impression right now, check out the demo version of Dice Fortune online for free.

The rules in this game are interesting and guarantee excitement, as you have much more control in Dice Fortune than in other slot machines. You will be offered many special features here, with the main focus being on keeping it exciting throughout. If you want to have a quick look at this slot machine in advance, you can play Dice Fortune online for free without registration in the demo version.

However, the question arises whether playing Dice Fortune is fun or whether you will just be swamped by all the special features. Whether you can enjoy the game and how quickly you understand the rules, we will cover in detail in the following article. Of course, the rules will also be explained so that you can easily get started and play Dice Fortune online for free.


Dice Fortune has a special structure, so in principle there is only one reel that spins in the middle and always generates a reel with three rows, on which the symbols are then displayed. This reel is then moved to one of four sets, and then gradually builds paylines there. In total, there are five paylines, which, along with four separate sets of three reels each, allows for countless winning combinations. Paylines are always counted from left to right. You can view the different paylines in the information menu while playing Dice Fortune for free.

Sound and Design

The design of Dice Fortune is kept very minimalistic, as already mentioned everything happens on a dark blue background. But still, the design seems a bit cluttered, as a lot of information about points, coins and multipliers are displayed in this slot game. You can also see the special game “Wheel of Fortune” in the background, but more about that later. After a few games, however, you get used to the design and it is not annoying. What is very helpful, on the other hand, is that the symbols that best match the row you get light up and flash.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you much about the audio accompaniment, since there are hardly any sounds in it. When you play the online version of Dice Fortune for free, you will quickly notice that there is no background music. The only sounds you’ll hear are dice noises when you start the reel, and sounds that accompany the wins. This is a shame, as there is no real excitement to be had from this. Stakelogic could have improved here. However, if you feel disturbed by the sounds online when playing Dice Fortune for free, they can of course always be turned off in the “Options”.

How to play Dice Fortune

In Germany, you can easily play Dice Fortune for free without registration, thanks to the demo version of Stakelogic. You’ll need a bit of strategy with this slot machine, as you have a bit more control here than with normal slot games. Nevertheless, here you rely mainly on chance and your luck. Of course, you also have influence over the amount of your bet in Dice Fortune.

When you play Dice Fortune, you’ll notice that you can combine the rows yourself. You put these rows together with the reels that are shown to you in the center. You then put these reels into one of your four sets, each reel having three symbols. This continues until you have filled all four sets with three reels each. After that, the points achieved are added up and you get a win based on the points achieved, but more on the ways to win later. It must also be said that counting is always from left to right and the symbols must form a straight or diagonal row. In order to familiarize yourself with this system, we recommend you to test Dice Fortune online for free.

A small tip from the editors, don’t get too attached to a particular symbol, otherwise you might miss out on other options. Unfortunately, we can’t give you any other tips or tricks.

The symbols in Dice Fortune

The Dice Fortune slot has a total of ten symbols, all symbols are represented as dice, which of course fits perfectly with the name, which translated into German means “dice luck”. Thereby, the main characters are dice from 1 to 6, as well as three dice that also grant a direct win. In the following list, the characters are ordered by the possible wins, with the lowest win first:

  • Dice “1”
  • Dice “2”
  • Dice “3”
  • Dice “4”
  • Dice “5”
  • Cube “6”
  • Cube “Hat
  • Cube “Crown
  • Dice “Ship

In addition, the Dice Fortune slot also has a “special dice” that triggers the “Wheel of Fortune”. In the “Wheel of Fortune” mode, you can get between 100 and 1000 bonus points or trigger the Mystery Bonus Game. Should you get 100 or more points in the Bonus Game, you will get a 100x multiplier, also you can get a 1.5x multiplier if you have three sets with a win, or a 2x multiplier if all sets win. Scatter symbols or free spins are not present. The wild symbol is also dispensed with.

Winning possibilities with Dice Fortune

If you test Dice Fortune online in the demo version, you can bet between 0.20€ and 5€. Winnings at Dice Fortune are calculated on the points achieved, so you need to reach at least 100 points to get the lowest win, which equals 0,40€.

Conclusion: Play Dice Fortune online for free!

If you are interested in a more challenging game from Stakelogic, then you should play Dice Fortune for free without registration. You won’t get bored with this game, as they have significantly more interaction than usual. You should try Dice Fortune online. If you are interested in more traditional games, you can look around our website and play all slots for free without registration.

Play Dice Fortune for real money

If you want to play Dice Fortune for free, but you are missing the excitement, you can try it out in a real casino or online casino. We have gathered the best ways to play Dice Fortune for you here, while there are of course several bonuses, such as welcome packages, aimed at newcomers. These offers can consist of free spins without a deposit, for example.

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