Dolphin Quest by Microgaming

Dolphin Quest by Microgaming

When Dolphin Quest by Microgaming is opened, an entertaining sound is heard, which ensures a good mood and directly invites you to play. The music can be turned on and off as desired. During the gameplay, surprising animations due to winning combinations achieved provide joy.

The exciting underwater theme is used in this slot from the renowned software manufacturer Microgaming. While gamers are submerged, you will find numerous, different fish species and other sea creatures in the game. The main character of Dolphin Quest, as the title suggests, is the dolphin. By finding it, players are rewarded with rich winnings.

At first glance, the slot looks like the slot game Dolphin’s Pearl from Novoline. Similarly structured with five reels and pretty much identical symbols, the game immediately looks familiar to the connoisseurs. However, the winning possibilities and features are completely different.

Gamers have with the Automatenspie play without registration is possible with us. In online casinos can be played with real money bets to keep open the chance of real winnings and benefit from the bonus offers. Players with low budgets are also well served by this slot, as numerous winning opportunities are given.

No matter how it is played, Dolphin Quest provides high entertainment value in any case and should be tried out.

How to play Dolphin Quest online

Before starting the slot machine, gamers decide to play Dolphin Quest for free or with real money stakes. The rules and features are identical for both game types.

The slot machine can be used on all devices that have internet. The game is designed to work on the desktop, which allows you to play at home on a PC or laptop with a large screen. This allows the atmosphere of the game to be enjoyed in the best possible way.

But gamers don’t have to do without the game on the go either, as it works flawlessly on mobile devices such as smartphones or cell phones or tablets. The graphics adapt to the screen size.

The rules

In Dolphin Quest, up to 50 paylines can be set. By clicking on the right button Lines, these are adjusted.

The bet amount is between one cent and 125 euros per spin.

Dolphin Quest free games use virtual play money, which is not real money. Winnings can therefore not be requested for payout.

Winning combinations in Dolphin Quest online progress from the first reel on the left side of the screen to the right. At least three of the same symbols must occur in a row. Then a winning amount is posted to the customer’s account depending on the symbol type and number.

The symbols and payout values are as follows:

| Symbol type | X3 | X4 | X5 |
| Dolphin Quest lettering | 50 | 500 | 2500 |
| Dolphin | 50 | 100 | 400 |
| Two Dolphins | 25 | 100 | 400 |
| turtle | 20 | 75 | 250 |
| octopus | 20 | 75 | 250 |
| ray | 5 | 50 | 150 |
| red and white fish | 5 | 50 | 150 |
| puffer fish | 5 | 20 | 100 |
| seahorse | 5 | 20 | 100 |
| green fish | 5 | 20 | 100 |
| Crab | 5 | 20 | 100 |
If multiple winning combinations are hit, the totals are added up and paid out to the customer’s account.

Features of Dolphin Quest

Besides the usual method of winning by collecting the same symbols, there are other features in Dolphin Quest online that help fill the wallet. Both in Dolphin Quest free play these are present as well as in real money mode.

  • Wild Symbol: The lettering is a wild symbol. This means that it substitutes for all other symbols like a wild. It can appear stacked several times on a reel.
  • Scatter and Bonus Symbols: Two golden dolphins are a scatter symbol. If they appear on the second, third and fourth reel, a Dolphin Quest Bonus is won, which pays out up to 75000 euros. In the bonus game, three reels are operated, which are populated with different sums. After the reels stop, these numbers are added up and the winning amount is credited.

Moreover, the scatter additionally serves as a wild symbol.

  • Autoplay feature: when selecting automatic spins, each spin does not have to be executed by pressing the button again. Gamers can set number of automatic spins and other setting options.

Users have to do without the popular free spins in this slot game. Only a bonus game as described was built in, but it is definitely worth it. Due to the winning amounts in jackpot-like heights, the free spins can easily be dispensed with.

We recommend to play Dolphin Quest for free at first.

Dolphin Quest by Microgaming is a pure game of chance. Therefore, there is no guarantee for winning. However, we would like to share some tips and tricks to maximize the chances of winning:

  1. First of all, users should play Dolphin Quest for free without registration. This way, experience is gained and possible chances of winning are recognized. In addition, gamers can use this to create suitable strategies for themselves. Directly on our website, visitors can use the mode for free without registration for this purpose.
    If the autoplay function is activated on the Microgaming slot machine, settings should be made. This will stop the game automatically when a desired win is taken. Due to carelessness, this can no longer be lost.
  2. players who have a smaller budget should try to use all paylines. This way, almost every spin will post a win to the customer’s account at the online casino, allowing for numerous spins.
    Experienced gamers use between five and 25 paylines in the game, depending on their risk appetite. These are equipped with higher stakes, so that large sums can be won when a hit is made.
    Before starting the game with real stakes, gamers should first set limits that are adapted to the budget. Every user should keep in mind that he can be hit by a streak of bad luck, whereby losses have to be accepted. Therefore, the game should be ended in time, so that there is a chance to play again on another day.

Play Dolphin Quest in real money mode

By playing Dolphin Quest for free, winnings cannot be claimed for withdrawal, which can be quite frustrating.

If a player has decided to keep the possibility of real winnings open, he should use one of the best casinos. Especially online casinos bonus without deposit are popular and increase chances of winning.

In addition, many casinos award other lucrative welcome bonuses such as free spins and promotions, through which, with luck, even more winnings can be collected.

Dolphin Quest slot details