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Dragon Maiden online slot machine

Dragon Maiden slot tells a fascinating story that should not leave even hardened German online casino veterans cold. The story takes place in another era and far before our time. A time when humans were not at the bottom of the food chain, but huge flying fire-breathing monsters. Dragon Maiden brings this era to life online. In the main role of the fantasy slot game we see the Dragon Maiden. She is the only one brave enough to take on the dragons. As the main protagonist of the game, Play’n GO has naturally assigned her a very special role.

We are therefore looking for players in Germany who can also take on the dragons. After all, playing Dragon Maiden online could make you a rich dragon slayer. The right strategy and some tricks certainly couldn’t hurt to prepare. To sharpen your senses and warm up, you can play Dragon Maiden for free without registration. Who knows, maybe the dragon girl will give you a tip or two in the process?

We were able to play Dragon Maiden and took a close look at the slot. The slot machine has an interesting gameplay that differs from most other slots. Also, the bonus features are not only extremely numerous, but also quite entertaining. Expanding symbols, re-spins or free spins, Dragon Maiden slot has a lot to offer. As always, we’ll go into detail, so read on and get to know the Dragon Maiden herself.

Dragon Maiden online at a glance

Dragon Maiden by Play’n GO is a fully animated slot game. As a result, the fantasy theme comes to the fore in an outstanding way. We can start our adventure, for example, by playing Dragon Maidon for free and enjoying the detailed off-the-field animations. Our reels are located in a barren rocky landscape riddled with volcanoes. Next to the playing field, we can see the ash and embers of the fire-breathing volcanoes fly past our reels as we play Dragon Maiden. A bit further in the background we can watch the dragons making their circles around our playing field. Play’n GO has immersed this fantastic setting in a sea of colors of a sunrise to bring out the fantasy atmosphere of the game even more.

Our reels are surrounded by the scaly skin of dragons, and the symbols are also very much under the sign of dragons. This is noticeable in the main symbols and especially in the bonus features. Dragon Maiden offers an unusually large number of bonus features and the dragons and the dragon girl can help us leave the casino with a full account. By the way, we will get a small taste of this already when we play Dragon Maiden for free. So, if you prefer slots that offer much more than a wild symbol and free spins, Dragon Maiden is for you. Raise the curtain on the outrageous bonus features!

The Wild Symbol

Wild symbols belong to the absolute basic equipment of a slot machine. Of course, Play’n GO is also aware of this, which is why our Wild Symbol can do much more than just replace all other motifs except for the Scatter Symbol as a wild, as is usually the case with slots. For example, the dragon girl can bring us a win herself, because three symbols form an independent winning combination. The dragon girl can turn into a wild symbol and expand to cover two or even all three positions on a reel. This stacked wild symbol is randomly activated and randomness also decides how far it will expand.

The Scatter Re-Spin Feature

The Dragon is the Scatter symbol and although its most important task is probably to get us into the Free Spins bonus round, it has another winning feature for us. Let’s assume that you play Dragon Maiden for free without registration and only two scatter symbols land. If you were playing any other slot game, then in all likelihood you would now be upset about narrowly missing out on the Free Spins. However, thanks to the Scatter Re-Spin feature, your annoyance will be limited if this happens while you are playing Dragon Maiden for free. Namely, only two scatter symbols are needed to get the free re-spin. During this free re-spin, however, the two reels on which the dragon landed will not spin. If another dragon lands now, you will of course also receive another re-spin.

The Free Spins

We already told you, to reach the free spins round in Dragon Maiden three scatter symbols are needed. During the eight spins that follow, the dragon remains as a scatter symbol on your reels, because its full powers only come to light here. If a dragon lands, then the reel grows by one position to four rows. Another dragon adds another row until the reel has grown to six rows. If you have had the luck needed for this, then you will receive a golden free spin. Another golden free spin is awarded for each scatter symbol that lands on a fully expanded reel. These golden free spins are played after all spins of the free spins round have been completed and what you can expect here, you will now learn.

The golden free spins

The golden free spins are played on a maximally expanded game field. It now consists of five reels and six rows instead of five reels and three rows. Your chances of winning are even greater with golden free spins. This is ensured by an almost unbelievable 7,776 different winning ways!

How to play Dragon Maiden online

The action takes place on the playing field and that’s why it’s magnified in the center of our screen while we play Dragon Maiden for free. Before we can take on a dragon in the flesh, we must first make sure that we are ready for this duel. In the lower left corner, we can activate the quick play mode or the sound, for example. In these settings, we can also specify whether we want to start the spins with the spacebar or have the bets adjust automatically. The sound effects can alternatively be turned on or off by clicking on the speaker icon.

Directly below the reels are further configuration options. In the left corner is the “i”, here the rules, as well as the bonus features of the game are explained to you clearly. Right next to it is the field that shows you your current balance. Now comes the most important setting, the choice of the bet amount. The minimum bet is a moderate €0.20 and the maximum bet is €100. Numerous gradations between these two amounts ensure that Dragon Maiden can be played by any player, regardless of their budget. If you prefer to play slot games using an autoplay feature, then you can configure this feature in the right corner as you wish. Set a certain number of spins or let the feature stop spins as soon as your balance changes, just as you like.

The rules of the game

Just because you have to deal with giant dragons in Dragon Maiden doesn’t mean that there are no rules to follow. Some of these rules are hardly different from other slots in the casino. For example, that the scoring of spins is always done from left to right. However, there is a big difference in this evaluation. Namely, unlike most online slots, Dragon Maiden is not played with fixed paylines. The slot is based on the winning principle of winning ways. Wins are achieved in this principle when identical symbols land on adjacent positions. In the base game, the slot has 243 different winning ways and during the golden free spins even 7,776 winning ways.

In order to enjoy a winning combination, at least three identical motifs are required. Except for the scatter symbol, winning combinations can be formed with all other motifs. All ten symbols can be found in our overview below:

  • The four playing card symbols hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs.
  • A dragon coin
  • An amulet
  • A ring
  • A dagger
  • The dragon girl as a wild symbol
  • The dragon as a scatter symbol

Conclusion and play Dragon Maiden for free

The graphics as well as the animations of Dragon Maiden are simply fantastic. From the fire-breathing dragon on the reels to a landscape bathed in dawn in the background, no detail has been left out here to create an outstanding gaming atmosphere. The base game is already packed with bonus features, which adds significant value to the slot. Stacked wild symbols can provide unexpected cheers here. The Scatter Re-Spin feature can not only bring us a win, but also gives us a much bigger chance to reach the Free Spins. Thanks to the two dragons that have already landed, only one more scatter symbol is needed for this. The Free Spins and their larger reels not only increase the chance of especially big wins, but also open the door to the golden Free Spins, where a whole 7,776 different winning ways await you.

These are all good reasons to play the slot right here with us for free without registration, don’t you think?

Play Dragon Maiden online for real money

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