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Dragon Sisters online slot machine

Good and evil have probably existed ever since mankind has existed on our planet. Dragon Sisters slot revolves around this very theme. In the case of the two main protagonists of the game, good and evil are even extremely close to each other. The story of the two sisters takes place in a world far before our modern times. This slot takes you away from your home in Germany and catapults you right into the middle of a fantasy adventure of the highest order.

However, Push Gaming has designed a fascinating slot game with Dragon Sisters online not only in terms of the theme. The software developer has also achieved a masterpiece in terms of graphics. As soon as you set the reels in motion for the first spin while playing Dragon Sisters, the biggest feature of the online slot becomes apparent. The two sisters not only stand for good and evil, but they also have their own playing fields and dragons. Just as the siblings are connected by their family roots, so are their playing fields consisting of five reels and three rows. You can find out how to play this slot, which is exceptional in every way, whether it includes bonus features like free spins and where you can play Dragon Sisters for free by reading on.

Dragon Sisters slot at a glance

Our first impression of Dragon Sisters should be confirmed in the course of our test, here we are dealing with an absolute top slot. Especially graphically Push Gaming has put in a lot of effort. Since this slot game is actually two slots in one, the two fields are placed directly below each other in the middle of the screen. In the background we can see a fortress, which was built in a rock. This fortress is surrounded by a barren mountain landscape. All of this has been so well staged by Push Gaming that a German gamer might feel like he’s in an episode of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. But you should also pay attention to the sound effects, and not only when you play Dragon Sisters for free without registration.

Besides the two sisters, you will also encounter their respective dragons when playing Dragon Sisters at the online casino. The good news beforehand, what sounds like a horror scenario is good news in Dragon Sisters. Because the two dragons do not only ring in when you play Dragon Sisters for free the bonus feature of the game. For once, this doesn’t consist of the almost normal Free Spins and the corresponding Scatter symbol, but what is normal in Dragon Sisters online?

The Dragon Re-Spin Feature

This bonus feature is triggered when a dragon lands on one of the two game fields. This does not require any tricks, just a little bit of luck. Since the two game fields stand for the good and the evil sister, respectively, and both have their own dragon, this feature also comes in two different versions. We would like to give our readers the tip to play Dragon Sisters for free without registration and thereby find out whether you like the red or the blue dragon feature better. By playing Dragon Sisters for free, you can incidentally test your strategy without taking any risks.

The Re-Spin Feature of the Blue Dragon

The blue dragon symbol is located exclusively on the bottom playing field. If he lands on any position, he will spit up to three wild symbols on the reels of the upper playfield. These additional wild symbols are scattered randomly before the free re-spin is played. In addition, these wild symbols remain in their position during the re-spin. If a red dragon lands during the re-spin, its re-spin is set in motion on the lower playfield of Dragon Sisters. Thus, these two main characters can cause the Re-Spin feature to be triggered several times in a row, alternating between the upper and lower playfields, creating incredibly high wins in the process.

The Red Dragon Re-Spin Feature

This re-spin is triggered with the red dragon motif, which is only on the upper playfield. If a red dragon lands on a reel in the upper playfield, then the corresponding reel in the lower playfield will be completely covered with wild symbols. Next comes the free Dragon Sisters re-spin of the bottom reel. The same rules apply as for the blue dragon re-spin.

How to play Dragon Sisters Online

The two playfields of Dragon Sisters start moving together and at the same time when you press the spin button. To help players keep track of each other, the same symbols have been placed on both fields, with the exception of the dragons and their respective sisters. When you play Dragon Sisters for free, you will very quickly notice how easy the game is to use.

Not only are the symbols the same on both fields, but also the 25 paylines are exactly the same on both fields. By the way, a winning combination in Dragon Sisters always consists of at least three identical symbols. These are composed as follows:

  • Five balls in different colors
  • A spear
  • A shield
  • A sword
  • A crown
  • The two sisters
  • A wild symbol

Conclusion and play Dragon Sisters for free

Dragon Sisters may not have many bonus features, but the slot still undoubtedly has some outstanding qualities to offer. If you value good graphics, this slot is definitely for you. However, what makes it a real standout in the casino are its two slots, which have their own re-spin versions on top of that. The game manufacturer seems to have placed great emphasis on ensuring that the slot game does not come across as too complicated. This was noticeable in our test, Dragon Sisters will not present you with any problems despite its unusual gameplay, of that we are firmly convinced. An RTP of 96.73% ensures very good chances of winning, but you should keep in mind that this is a slot with high volatility.

With us you can play the slot for free without registration. Try Dragon Sisters today!

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