EggOMatic by NetEnt

EggOMatic Slot Online by NetEnt

EggOMatic by NetEnt is a fantastic video slot with incredible special features. There are robot birds that catch falling eggs. The feature with the eggs on the conveyor belt is very innovative. In any case, this slot has a really interesting design and brings the necessary excitement. If you want to get in the middle of the action, you can play EggOMatic for free now.

Game structure

EggOMatic online is quite spectacularly designed and is guaranteed to amaze many players. There is a conveyor belt above the five reels, each of which has three symbols. Next to the set of reels with 20 fixed paylines is a machine that can randomly produce an egg on a spin. The eggs are transported to the other side on the conveyor belt above the roller set and can be caught with a little luck. There is a wild symbol, which is the only character that can catch the eggs. There is no scatter symbol or other special symbols in EggOMatic. All features, such as free spins or cloned wild symbols can be triggered by the eggs on the conveyor belt. There is an autoplay mode with advanced options. To get your own impression of this fabulous game, you should play EggOMatic for free now.

Graphics & Sounds

EggOMatic has a very contemporary design. The special effects are top notch. The game gives the impression of taking place in a futuristic tinkering basement or backyard factory. Small robotic birds, which are the main characters, are screwed together in search of the golden egg. In addition, there is a machine that constantly produces different eggs and spits them out onto the treadmill. Through these eggs you can get a very good bonus. In any case, this slot game promises an exciting gaming session. So you can safely get involved with this game from NetEnt and play EggOMatic.

Tips & Tricks

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EggOMatic – Catch the Egg!

EggOMatic has been designed very interestingly in terms of rules by NetEnt. Above the roller set there is a conveyor belt on which an egg can be randomly placed on each spin. Fresh eggs are always placed over the last reel and move one reel to the left with each spin until they disappear from the playing field. If a wild symbol appears under an egg, then the egg is collected with the bonus. If you increase the stakes, then all the eggs disappear from the conveyor belt. If you want to get familiar with this unique system now, you can play EggOMatic for free.


There are ten symbols on the roller set in EggOMatic online. Winning combinations can be generated from at least three characters of the same value. The standard symbols are as follows:

  • 5 large robot birds
  • 5 small robot birds


The wild symbol in the EggOMatic slot is a robot bird with a sign that says the word “Wild”. This bird can be used to substitute for other symbols when forming winning combinations. Only the Wild symbol has the ability to activate the Feature Eggs. Whenever the Wild symbol appears on the reel under an egg, the egg is activated with its feature.

Feature Eggs

In EggOMatic online, there are four different eggs that can appear on the conveyor belt above the reels. Feature Eggs are activated by Wild symbols that appear under the egg.

  • Coin Win Egg: The Coin Win Egg gives you an instant win. The number of coins you get with this egg is written on the egg.
  • Spreading Wild Egg: The Spreading Wild Egg turns all the characters around the Wild symbol into Wild symbols as well. These Wild symbols cannot activate any other Feature Eggs.
  • Free Spins Egg: When you activate the Free Spins Egg, you can play the Free Spins Feature at EggOMatic.
  • Surprise Egg: The Surprise Egg randomly activates one of the three features mentioned above.

Free Spins

The free spins feature of EggOMatic online includes 7 to 50 free spins. The exact number of free spins is listed on the Feature Egg. During the free spins, there is always a Feature Egg above each reel, which can be activated by Wild symbols.


In EggOMatic slot, the bets are made on 20 fixed lines. There are 10 bet levels. Each level represents the bet of one coin on each payline. The coin value can be set individually between 0.01 and 1.00. The total bets per game round are between 0.20 and 200.00.

RTP (theoretical Return To Player)

The RTP is a value that describes the average payout of winnings. The RTP is calculated on a very long-term basis and the player is not entitled to a payout of winnings in the said amount. The actual payout of winnings can vary greatly in both directions. EggOMatic has an RTP of 96.5%.

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EggOMatic – Precious Eggs

EggOMatic is really uniquely designed. You will hardly find a slot machine with a similar structure. NetEnt has especially equipped the Feature Eggs partly with very lucrative winnings. In the free spins feature, the conveyor belt is full of these valuable eggs.

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