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Einstein Eureka Moments by Stakelogic – More than just a slot machine for nerds.

The special atmosphere of Einstein Eureka Moments makes you go back to the most exciting scientific discoveries of the last centuries. If you think about the great inventors, discoverers and researchers, the names Edison, Newton, Darwin, Bell and Einstein, which are well-known in Germany, appear in your mind’s eye. The last of this illustrious group, Albert Einstein, not only lends his name to Stakelogic’s machine, but also guides the player through the game as an animated character. The other four inventors and discoverers, or rather, their names, only appear during the free spins. On our site you can play Einstein Eureka Moments for free and get to know the slot machine in detail.

The little character of Einstein with the typical shaggy hair soon gets bored if not played fast enough. Stakelogic has given the animated character the feature of stomping his feet if he hesitates too long. These small details in combination with the pleasant background music are what makes Einstein Eureka Moments online so special. The slot game is built in the classic way. It is played with five reels and 20 fixed paylines. This results in an average payback rate of 96 percent in combination with the many bonuses that are not only waiting for you during the free spins.

Not only with the design of the little animated Einstein does the developer team from Stakelogic once again show themselves to be particularly creative, but also with the design of the main characters of Einstein Eureka Moments. If you want to play Einstein Eureka Moments for free, you will be amazed by a DNA strand or Erlenmeyer flasks, which are usually only found in laboratories. In addition, during the game you will encounter an atom symbol, a symbol with the slot logo and the card symbols from ace to 10. With this attention to detail, the Einstein Eureka Moments slot has been able to win over many German players.

These rules provide fun and excitement in the Einstein Eureka Moments slot game online.

Einstein Eureka Moments surprises with a variety of animated bonuses. If you want to play Einstein Eureka Moments for free, you can expect a fireworks of features and specialties. What is special about Einstein Eureka Moments online is that no tips and tricks are needed at all in the virtual casino to enjoy a feature.

The Reel Bonuses at Einstein Eureka Moments

If you want to play Einstein Eureka Moments for free, you will quickly notice that the little animated Albert Einstein has a specific function. As soon as he turns to the board behind him during the normal rounds, it means that he will choose one of the three Reel Bonuses in the next step:

  • Stacked Symbol Bonus: With this bonus, when you play Einstein Eureka Moments, you get a round where one of the top four main symbols occurs in stacked form on a reel.
  • Bonus Lock-in: With this feature of Einstein Eureka Moments, the player automatically gets a round where a bonus symbol, also featuring Albert Einstein, is guaranteed to appear on each of reels one and two. So, it only takes a third one to unlock the coveted free spins while also playing Einstein Eureka Moments for free.
  • Big Win Bonus: Here, it is already certain before the next spin that there will be a win that exceeds your bet by at least 20 times.

For these bonuses, while you play Einstein Eureka Moments for free, you don’t need any special strategy. Just as with the winning combinations, the probability in the form of the animated Einstein figure decides whether a Reel Bonus will occur or not.

The Einstein Bonus Rounds

In these bonus rounds, which appear when playing Einstein Eureka Moments in conjunction with free spins, the other explorer and inventor greats from the past suddenly appear. Again, it’s Einstein. Should you play Einstein Eureka Moments, the Einstein figure will decide which bonus will be applied. The prerequisite, of course, is that three Einstein bonus symbols appear first.

  1. Newton’s Free Spins: Here, the player receives unlimited free spins. However, these are over when the Einstein character is hit on the head three times by a falling apple.
  2. Bell’s Multiplier Bars: The player gets ten free spins. During one of these free spins, the phone will ring and the subsequent win will receive a multiplier, which is a maximum of nine times the win.
  3. Darwin’s Evolution Bonus: Here, the player receives eight free spins at the beginning. If a blue Darwin symbol appears on the center reel during a spin, all main symbols with the lowest value are subsequently removed from the game. In addition to that, the player gets another free spin with each Darwin symbol.
    4th Edison’s Enlightening Bonus: Again, the player receives eight free spins at the beginning. After each spin, a lamp with a symbol lights up. The corresponding symbol is subsequently converted into a wild symbol on the reels.

Another bonus that the player of Einstein Eureka Moments online decides on his own is the Double Bubble Bonus. If you activate this bonus at Einstein Eureka Moments, you will have to bet 50 percent more. With this bonus, nothing changes in the winning combinations, but with a random Einstein bonus, the genius selects two bonuses at once, which work in the combination in the subsequent round. The role of the scatter symbol in this slot is taken by the Einstein bonus symbol.

In addition, the Einstein Eureka Moments slot offers the possibility to multiply the winnings achieved by using the gamble feature in the form of the card risk. Here, you can try to either guess the suit and double your winnings, or choose one of the four card symbols and quadruple the amount.

Play Einstein Eureka Moments for free without registration and a conclusion about the game.

Einstein Eureka Moments is a game that, with its complexity, definitely does justice to the genius of the famous physicist. If you want to play Einstein Eureka Moments for free without registration, you have the opportunity to do so on our site. If you play the slot for free without registration, it is a good chance to get to know something new. The offer is free, it works without registration and starts immediately, no matter what device you want to play with.

Play online and rake in real winnings at Einstein Eureka Moments slot.

If you have found the perfect game for you in this slot and would like to put your luck to the test with real stakes, you should choose a provider that offers a small incentive when playing for real money for a registration. Free spins without deposit are a good example of this. With such a bonus, playing in the online casino is even more fun and you approach the matter with more pleasure and serenity. The small thank you at the start in the form of free spins, is ideal to approach the matter concentrated and full of gaming joy.

Einstein Eureka Moments slot details

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