Elements by NetEnt

Elements Slot Online by NetEnt

If we ask our German readers about the four elements, the answer probably comes out of the blue without much thought: Fire, Water, Wind and the Earth. However, in Elements by NetEnt you will not only meet these four elements, you can also get to know their winnings with this game. By the way, you should not be put off by the futuristic look of Elements slot, we can assure you that this is a slot machine, and an extremely interesting one at that. So, the slot game is not only made for science fiction fans, that became clear to us pretty quickly in our test when we started playing Elements for free.

But of course, a game from NetEnt has much more to offer than just an attractive appearance. If we have now aroused your curiosity, then you should read on, because one thing we can promise you is that this slot machine delivers in every respect what it promises and what is associated with the name NetEnt. However, you should only venture into the futuristic world of Elements with a strategy. Now that we have already given you a first hint, you probably want to know what makes us say this. While playing Elements, you are at the mercy of the harsh forces of the elements, and this can pay off. Whether there are free spins here in the dark and rocky world and whether you need to come up with tricks to survive are just two of the questions we are only too happy to answer in this article.

Elements online at a glance

There are probably no two opinions when it comes to the graphics of this online slot: Elements could easily be called an absolute masterpiece from NetEnt. The four elements are practically omnipresent while playing. From the first moment you play Elements for free without registration, you can observe animations of wind, fire, earth and water on your reels. Speaking of reels, by the way, Elements online is played with the layout of five reels and three rows, which is well known in Germany, and all symbols represent one of the elements in their own way, of course. In the background of our floating motifs are, among others, an erupting volcano as well as a snow-covered mountain range and all details are really so pin sharp that you can let your gaze wander past the motifs into the distance while playing Elements.

How to play Elements online

The first sight of Elements can already cause some confusion, at the latest when you play Elements for free and the first winning combination lands, most players will probably take a look at the rules. Here, any inconsistencies that may have arisen are quickly eliminated, because Elements, like many other slot machines, also has 20 fixed paylines and also the so-called Avalanche function. This means that after a winning combination lands, for example with one of the main characters, these motifs disappear from the reels and are replaced by new ones. Practically speaking, this is a kind of free re-spin, because further winning combinations can be formed with both the new motifs and the remaining symbols that now fall one row down.

Elements features these eleven motifs:

  • Two Fire symbols
  • Two Water symbols
  • Two Wind symbols
  • Two Earth symbols
  • A cube as a wild symbol

However, the developers have not only done a great job with the graphics or the sound effects, the bonus features also stand out in Elements. Here, for example, there are not just a few wild symbols, a scatter symbol and free spins, no, here you can expect bonus features that do justice to the importance of Elements. You can find out which bonus features the Elements slot has to offer by playing Elements for free. However, it is much faster with our detailed overview.

The Wild Symbol

Admittedly, you probably would have identified the mysterious metal cube as the wild symbol if you had gone straight to playing Elements for free. But would you have learned that the wild symbol only appears on reels two, three, four and five and that it can substitute for all other symbols?

The Free Falls

Free Falls? That sounds like free spins, doesn’t it? We can at least partially confirm this assumption, we have already explained to you why Elements is Free Falls. You followed our tip and dared to play Elements for free without registration? Then take a closer look at the funny cube in the center at the bottom of the screen. This energy meter shows you whether you will encounter the earth, water, fire or wind as a special wild during the ten Free Falls. However, the prerequisite for this is that four winning combinations in a row float in on the reels of Elements.

Conclusion and play Elements for free

Elements is a particularly unusual and impressive slot machine in every respect. As soon as you open the slot game, a fascinating gaming experience begins that you won’t soon forget. The graphics and the game sounds take you to another world, where the fun and entertainment value are undoubtedly in the foreground, and it is exactly these two aspects that really come up short here. Each of the four elements is showcased while playing through impressive icons and through even more breathtaking animations. But of course, Elements is first and foremost a casino game, and here the prospect of winning naturally plays a crucial role. In this slot game, thanks to the Avalanche feature, you even have a double chance of winning if a first winning combination has already landed on the reels. It gets really exciting when four wins land in a row in this way and the Free Falls feature is activated with the different wilds of the elements.

No question, you simply have to experience this game yourself. Therefore, you should lose no time and join us in playing the slot machine for free without registration. If you are interested in more slot games, check out our portfolio for exciting games.

Play Elements online with real money

If you feel like playing with the prospect of real money winnings, sign up at an online casino and enter the world of Elements with real money. So that you do not have to start your journey with only your deposited amount, you can receive a welcome bonus from the casino as a starting credit. More and more online casinos grant their customers free spins without deposit in addition to the deposit bonus.

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