Fat Cat by Amaya

Fat Cat free slot machine online from Amaya

Who remembers Garfield, the most famous and laziest cat in the world? Well, the cat of the Fat Cat slot looks just as lazy as Garfield, but in addition, he is also filthy rich. On the outside, however, the most famous cat in Germany and the cat of our slot have a lot in common. Both have a lot of weight on their backs and belong to the type of cats that don’t exercise. Whether the main character of this slot game earned his fortune with a clever strategy in real estate investments or simply had the necessary bit of luck while playing in the online casino, we unfortunately could not find out in our test of Fat Cat.

However, what we found out while playing Fat Cat might be of particular interest to our German readers. In this game you will not only find out how extravagant the lifestyle of a rich cat can become. Thanks to our tips, at the end of this article you will know, for example, where you can play Fat Cat for free, with what main characters the game is played online, whether free spins are among the bonus features and what rules you need to follow when playing Fat Cat by Amaya. That sounds like an extremely interesting slot game? Absolutely!

Fat Cat online at a glance

Fat Cat is all about almost unlimited riches, and that’s even if you play Fat Cat for free. A glance at the screen brings back memories of Scrooge McDuck’s famous money bin, but you might forget that we are dealing with a cute animal with four paws. Amaya reminds us while playing Fat Cat how rich this cat actually is, or perhaps how big the winnings can get in this game. Our playing field, which is composed of five reels and three rows, is located pretty much in the center of the screen. To help us get started, Amaya has resorted to a trick. While playing Fat Cat for free without registration, pay attention to the highlighted numbers on the edge of the game field, because they will show you the number of paylines in the game.

How big the accumulated fortune of our cat is, can only be guessed from the background of Fat Cat online. However, we do not advise you to even try to count the stacked banknotes and gold coins. A little further back you can even see the private jets circling in the blue sky! Who wouldn’t want to have some of this cat’s money? This is actually possible, and even when you play Fat Cat for free.

How to play Fat Cat slot

The rules of Fat Cat online will probably already be familiar to the more experienced players among our readers. Fat Cat has 20 fixed paylines, and as we already found out in the case of the scatter symbol, these run from left to right. As a result, a win is achieved when one of the winning combinations lands on adjacent reels starting on the leftmost reel. By the way, with the main characters, only two symbols are needed for a winning combination in Fat Cat.

If you are now wondering which motifs are the main characters of Fat Cat, then you should take a look at the following table, because we have listed all the symbols according to their value:

  • Playing card symbols from 9 to A.
  • A bag of money
  • A butler
  • A cat lady
  • The cat as a wild symbol
  • The dollar sign as a scatter symbol

The slot machine has several bonus features that can make the account burst thanks to multipliers. Even more, several multipliers can even be added together, and how it all works, we’ll explain now.

The Wild Symbol

The cat is undoubtedly the star of the slot game and yes, it is not only heavily rich, but also quite fat. Thanks to oversized sunglasses and a golden necklace with a dollar sign, you can spot her pretty easily on the reels once you start playing Fat Cat for free. The cat is our wild symbol and as such it can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbol. However, our cat is so rich that it has its own bonus feature. This consists of a pick me game and is triggered when our wild symbol lands on the first and on the last reel. In this mini-game, prizes like an instant win or a multiplier will be waiting for you. If you are lucky enough to find multiple multipliers, your winnings will not only be multiplied by the highest value, but all multipliers will be added up and you can watch your winnings reach astronomical heights.

The Free Spins

What’s fun for a cat even when it’s so rich that it already has everything? That’s right, free spins! If, like us, you decide to play Fat Cat for free without signing up, our first tip is to find the scatter symbol! In Fat Cat, you don’t have to look for long, because the golden dollar sign is more or less unmissable. Of course, the rich cat of Fat Cat can easily afford to triple all the winnings of this bonus round and make sure that it can be triggered again. On top of all this, the Wild symbol’s Pick Me game can also be won during Free Spins. There is one fly in the ointment though, the three scatter symbols have to land from left to right, that is on reels one, two and three, in order to be allowed to play out the ten free spins.

Conclusion and play Fat Cat for free

Fat Cat is an ideal slot machine for a quick pastime. Neither complicated rules nor elaborate bonus features await you here, so even beginners can go straight into the hunt for wins. Amaya has focused on the most important thing with Fat Cat – the fun and the chances of winning, and these are more than decent with an RTP of 96.586%.

And now it’s your turn, because with us you can play the slot machine for free without registration!

Play Fat Cat online for real money

Sign up at the online casino and get the chance to play Fat Cat for real money. There is a chance to win winnings that can be paid out as real money. A welcome bonus package awaits all players who have not yet registered at a casino, which can even include free spins without a deposit.

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