Fire Light by Aristocrat

Fire Light Slot von Aristocrat

In some slot machine tests we reach our limits. This is what happened to us the other day when we played Fire Light for free without registration. The manufacturer Aristocrat really did a great job of stirring this up, because since we saw Fire Light online, our entire team of testers has been discussing it over and over again. We should mention at this point already: Fire Light slot is great, the problem is with us.

Just read our review to find out why there is no end to our discussions after playing Fire Light.

Our experiences with the Fire Light slot machine test

We hate to admit it, but we are not omniscient, and Aristocrat, or rather their slot game called Fire Light, has shown us that ruthlessly. It is always important for us to get our readers in the mood for the respective theme world that a slot machine shows. We could expertly explain just about every slot game, every bonus, every online casino in minute detail, but we haven’t found an answer yet as to what theme the Fire Light slot shows. To be honest, we’ve been arguing like tinkers. Is it the Aztecs? Or is it the Incas, so beautifully depicted in Fire Light by Aristocrat? We have to pass and can’t answer it. If you want to find out, there is only one solution: play Fire Light for free without registration.

Find out who the actors are in Fire Light online.

We think that our theory with the Incas or Aztecs is at least very close to the truth, at least a variant of both. Maybe we were asleep in German history class and that’s why we disagree now. Maybe it doesn’t really matter, because Aztecs and Incas have similarities. Anyway, they had it harder than we did and couldn’t visit a casino just like that, let alone without registration and for free. We did! We tried Fire Light online countless times and had the time of our lives. How good that we live in Germany and can play Fire Light for free. Maybe we should ask Aristocrat who the players in the game are. We kind of owe that to both peoples if we are already playing Fire Light for free all the time and collecting so many free spins.

Fire Light slot is beautiful and special

Every time we play Fire Light for free we are a little bit irritated again. We see the Fire Light and figures that look like deities or at least celebrities of their time. However, in the background we hear original casino sounds. We can’t tell if German is being spoken or some other language, but the people sound happy and excited. Sind das vielleicht alles Menschen, die ebenfalls gerade Fire Light gratis spielen und über die Identität der Darsteller bei Fire Light  diskutieren? Fire Light online has given us many questions, but also at least as many wins. We still visit Fire Light online regularly, maybe someday a light will come on while playing Fire Light for free or we will learn useful hints and tips. What is certain is that the game fascinates and captivates us. In Fire Light, the historical background doesn’t play a big role for us, and by playing, we now know that we don’t know everything. One thing is for sure, we will continue to research Fire Light online, if only because Fire Light is so incredibly beautiful.

How to play Fire Light online without registration

We are fascinated by the symbols of this slot game and we are really happy that we can play it for free indefinitely. After all, our team already agrees that the red bird is a phoenix, which stands for infinite life or infinite rebirth. We have found interesting parallels between the phoenix and the autospin feature. After all, you can activate it to make the machine spin automatically in an infinite circle. Do you think there’s something to this?

Fire Light is divided into five reels and three rows, which indicates a traditional slot architecture. The Reel Power feature and some other special features are cutting-edge. For example, there are no specific paylines, winning combinations are formed based on reels.

These mysterious main characters are to be deciphered. So far, however, we have only figured out the value, the meanings are still mostly a mystery to us. We have sorted them by value, low to high.

  • 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace
  • The dream catcher (?) and the ring
  • The drum and the monkey statuette
  • The man

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Fire Light.

  • Wild Symbol: A volcanic eruption would normally not mean anything good. Here, however, it does, because it’s the wild! Not only does it complete paylines, it also multiplies the resulting total.
  • Scatter Symbol: The phoenix is the scatter, which pays out from left to right as long as the symbols are on adjacent reels. But that’s not all, as three or more scatter symbols will trigger a minimum of six free spins.
  • Bonus Games: There is an option after each win to double or quadruple the amount via Card Gamble.

Our verdict: Playing Fire Light for free is a fascinating experience.

You are curious, but maybe skeptical whether the slot machine suits you? We can well understand that, we find the game a bit quirky in any case, but in a positive sense. Especially the funny sounds in the slot seem special in a funny way. It’s a good thing that playing slot machines for free without registration is no problem here, so you can take a look for yourself, get an idea, try out tricks and train your strategy. Practice Fire Light in free mode for all it’s worth!

Play Fire Light for real money? Please use a bonus!

If there was an online casino that was just great, beckoning with welcome bonuses and possibly offering free spins with no deposit, would you take them up on the offer? Would you play Fire Light for real money? We could very well imagine that. It may well be that you have fallen madly in love with the game, you know the rules like the back of your hand and the phoenix brings you luck and real money! Maybe you are more fit than us in historical matters and recognize the protagonists? That’s exactly what we wish you!

Fire Light slot details