First Class Traveller by Novoline

First Class Traveller Slot free games from Novoline

We’ve been on the road a lot lately. We have Novoline to thank for that, a great game manufacturer that offered us First Class Traveller online for testing. This is how we got to exclusively test the First Class Traveller slot. We are still in the travel fever and the wanderlust will probably not let us go so quickly. Luckily, we are welcome to play First Class Traveller for free without registration at any time. But the best part is that the offer is also for you.

Before you start, why don’t you read our review with tips on how to play the slot machine.

Our impression of First Class Traveller Slot

If you are going to travel, then finally first class. After all, we didn’t just want to head for the German territories, but to take real long-distance trips, far away from Germany. First Class Traveller from Novoline was our travel ticket, or to be precise, even a subscription card for free. If we want to travel, we can book online as First Class Traveller.

The First Class Traveller slot is designed entirely in the style of a ticket machine. How convenient! Even more practical, First Class Traveller free to play without registration is allowed. This is what distinguishes a First Class Traveller from an economy traveler. In German, it’s actually first class!

Since First Class Traveller has been online, no one travels in economy class voluntarily anymore.

Unbelievable what Novoline has achieved! Playing First Class Traveller for free is now part of the program, and you can even do it without registering. The seats in the plane are always taken quickly, because it’s free. Here you don’t collect miles, but Free Spins and real money, depending on which mode you want to play in. The slot machine in the shape of an airline ticket machine makes the game unique. Where do you want to go? To Russia? To Paris? Or maybe to America? All no problem since Novoline acts as a travel agent and First Class Traveller can book their air travel online. Playing First Class Traveller for free is the fastest way to get from A to B and we now know thousands of players who play First Class Traveller and spend a lot of time online with the game.

Playing First Class Traveller is perfect for globetrotters

We would now boldly claim that in no time you too will be among the people who want to play First Class Traveller for free and discover winning combinations. This is more than understandable and the best strategy to see faraway lands. Ticket prices don’t matter in Fist Class Traveller, because the rules state that First Class Traveller is free to play. For this reason alone, we like the slot extraordinarily.

The main characters, the paylines, the reels, everything is perfectly tailored to First Class Traveller. When will you become a First Class Traveller, have you stowed your luggage yet? Travel the world history as a First Class Traveller online, with such tricks you finally get to go on vacation again. You deserve it, so let’s go, you future First Class Traveller!

How to play at First Class Traveller Slot

Are you in the process of booking your ticket but don’t quite know what the flight will be like? Here we show you what First Class Traveller has accomplished on a technical level.

Here’s how to turn your first class ticket into a dream flight:

  • Choose your bet with the two control buttons.
  • Set your paylines with the control buttons at the bottom of the screen, the maximum is 9
  • Use the Combi-Start button or the Automatic-Start button to check in with immediate effect
  • Now just wait while your ticket prints and the rollers come to a stop
  • Proceed to the gate

The following types of main characters are available to players in First Class Traveller program:

  • The card values from 9 to Ace.
  • The landmarks bring in a little more (Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, St. Basil’s Cathedral, London Tower Bridge)
  • The Scatter Symbol (The Airplane)

The extra features and bonus rounds of the airplane branch

The slot is filled to bursting with bonus features. The wild symbol is particularly well represented there, as it is the logo of the slot. The young man would like to get on board and not only completes your winning combinations, but also multiplies the result!

The scatter symbol is similarly fabulous, as it not only pays out high, but also gives away 25 free spins when it appears at least three times. Did we mention that this symbol is the airplane? You can still take advantage of some tips and tricks to get the big money. Just always make sure that your online casino is safe and everything will go smoothly.

Our verdict: First Class Traveller is suitable for frequent flyers

With First Class Traveller free games, you will become a globetrotter in record time and discover distant countries and cities that you may have always wanted to travel to. Now it is possible and we would like to humbly note that we also have a part in it. Namely, we are responsible for playing slot machines for free without registration. We will be happy if we can also help you with your travel planning.

First Class Traveller makes a special impression in real money games

If you’re lucky enough to be a First Class Traveller, you’ll get peanuts on the plane, but we’ve got a much better bonus for you. As a lounge, we are guaranteed to recommend you a casino that offers no deposit free spins or other types of welcome bonuses. So you can get used to a lot of luxury and amenities already, it’s just part of being in first class. Always take your time to look around, there is still some time before check-in.

Compare offers and choose those that bring the best comfort and service. In this way, you will also end up with more money in your travel wallet, because you simply win better with top providers. Buckle up well, like a true first class traveler, choose a first class online casino as well.

Win real money in no time and fasten your seatbelt. During the flight, you might as well plan your next win. What would you like if you won real money? A neck cone? A pair of sleeping goggles? Time is sure to fly by. Have a good trip!

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