Freibier by Novoline

Free beer slot machine from Novoline

Who starts the game Freibier from Novoline, may already guess what this slot is about. That’s right, the Oktoberfest is taking place in the slot machine. Typical symbols that represent the Bavarian festival of the year may not be missing. The graphics are beautifully designed and modern. There are 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 paylines. When the reels are stationary, they do not make any sounds. As soon as they spin, sounds are heard. If there is a win, a brass band starts and celebrates the winner. We would like to introduce the slot in sequence, so that the player can get an impression of Freibier. After that, every player should play the slot Freibier for free and make up his own mind about it. A switch to online casino is still possible later.

The rules: How to play Freibier by Novoline

Who wants to get Freibier online, must make a bet in the first step. The minimum bet is 1 cent, and a maximum of 40 euros is possible in this slot. Moreover, the player can choose up to 40 lines. Each line costs extra. Example: 1 line + 1 cent bet means the player pays 1 cent for the whole round. On the other hand, if he chooses 35 lines and 50 cents, he will pay 17.50 euros for the round. Once the bet has been made, simply click Start and the reels will spin. Depending on where they stop, there is a win at the end. Tip: In this slot game there is also an autostart function. If you don’t want to click on Start every round, you can activate it without any problems. As a result, the reels will spin until the player exits the autostart function.

There are several main characters in this game. These include the letters A, K, Q, J, 10 and 9. There is also the waitress, pretzel, gingerbread hearts and pork knuckles with dumplings. To make a win, at least three of the same symbols must appear. For example, with a 1 cent bet, the player wins 12 cents for three K’s or A’s. For five waitress symbols, there are 10 euros and so on. Players can find the payout list directly in the menu under Wins & Info. It should be noted that the chances of winning change depending on the number of lines selected. It makes sense to play a little with the paytable to find out the possible winnings in advance. Users who play the game Freibier for free can find this out best in this context.

Are there any special features in the Freibier game by Novoline?

The provider built a few special features into this game to keep it exciting. We would now like to briefly introduce these.

  • There is a risk game
  • Wild symbols and scatter symbols
  • Free spins

The risk game starts whenever the player gets a win. If he accepts the game, the player must choose red or black. If the correct color is revealed, the win is doubled. Otherwise, the player loses the bet of the round completely.

Also, in Free Beer there is the Wild symbol, which is represented by a beer with the Wild written on it. This replaces all other images, except the scatter symbol. To note, a wild only appears on reels 2, 3 or 4.

There is also a scatter symbol. This triggers wins and free spins. For three scatters you get 12 free spins, for four scatters you get 15 free spins and for five scatters you get 20 free spins.

Free Beer Slots play for free without registration

Who now has a desire for free beer, can play directly with us the slot machine for free without registration. Playing in demo mode is fun and brings the gamer a lot of advantages. For example, tricks can be tried out in this mode. It is also possible to carry out one or another strategy. It should be noted that this is of course a game of chance. For this reason, the machine cannot be manipulated. Nevertheless, there are one or two tricks to increase your luck. For example, some people use the Martingale strategy. The stake is increased round by round until there is a win. Playing free beer for free is also fun just like that. Slots help to relax and provide fun moments. Whether at home on the laptop or on the go mobile on the cell phone. Slots always provide exciting hours.

From the house of Novoline there are other exciting slot titles. Take a look around and discover numerous possibilities. Of course, these can be played for free just like Freibier.

Play Freibier in real money mode and enjoy even more advantages

If you feel fit enough, you can switch directly to the real money mode after playing Freibier for free. There it’s all about real money and that’s especially fun. Playing with real money provides even more excitement, because it’s really about something and not just a fun game. Tip: To get started, we recommend a casino bonus without deposit. Many casinos give away such bonuses and also free spins to new customers. Sometimes there is also a deposit bonus. You deposit 100 euros and get 100 euros on top. With this extra money, the casino can be turned upside down.

Important: If you get an online bonus, you should always read through the bonus conditions of the websites. A bonus usually has to be cleared. For example, there is a requirement of 20x. At 100 euros, the player would have to play for 2000 euros before this receives a payout. The bonus terms and conditions also state how long the player has to clear the bonus and where the bonus is valid. It is important that everyone abides by these rules. Otherwise, players will not get their winnings.

There are sometimes great promotions for regular customers as well. In any case, it is recommended to subscribe to the casinos’ newsletters so that no important promotion is missed. It is also worthwhile to compare the offers. Sometimes there is a suitable action there, sometimes somewhere else. Whether in demo mode or with bonus, free beer from Novoline is fun in any case. If you can’t wait for the Oktoberfest time, just start this game and automatically the journey goes to Munich, where the regular Oktoberfest is held. There is also one advantage. The alcohol level does not rise so much and still it is fun. Have fun and good luck in the Free Beer Slot!

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