Fruit Rush by Gamomat

Fruit Rush online slot machine from Gamomat

Is everything still fruity with you? For us it is, because we have found another mega slot: Fruit Rush from Gamomat. After an extensive test with the slot machine, we were able to put down our vitamin supplements and pills. We now know where to get our daily dose of vitamins and happy hormones. Fruit is healthy and Fruit Rush means fruit rush. We, as experts, hereby join all the fruit studies that say five servings a day is optimal.

Now let’s get to the details.

Description and features of Fruit Rush slot machine

We have played Fruit Rush online extensively and were able to convince ourselves of the extraordinarily colorful design. That’s what we call playing! The fruit is displayed in brilliant colors, which really whets your appetite for something fruity every time you revisit it. How about oranges, plums, cherries, grapes or lemons? These are exactly the fruit symbols that are depicted on the six reels of the machine. Fittingly, the seventh symbol is a 7, which appears the least often, but when it does, it pays out huge winnings.

The background of the slot is a brown, chic wallpaper, which makes it clear that Fruit Rush Slot is set in an exceedingly noble establishment. By the way, the upbeat music matches the good mood atmosphere that Fruit Rush slot exudes. Fruit Rush is so smooth that we can compare it to a smoothie.

How to play Fruit Rush online slot

When you want to start Fruit Rush by Gamomat, simply select your bet amount starting from 20 cents and press the big green button. Alternatively, you can press the space bar on your keyboard, select turbo spin or the autoplay function. The latter can be stopped at any time while you are playing Fruit Rush. Right off the bat, the animation is reminiscent of a fruit mix in a salad spinner.

While the reels are spinning, you don’t have to worry about fruit stains. The fruits are not mashed, but remain as winning combinations on the 20 paylines and bring different amounts of winnings.

By the way, Fruit Rush online is also available for mobile devices, so you always have your online casino at hand even on the go.  As a special highlight, Gamomat has come up with an optimized mode for left-handed players, which is useful in the Fruit Rush slot for smartphone and tablet. So it is now official: Fruit Rush is a slot game that every player can manage left-handed!

Your winning opportunities in Fruit Rush & Special Effects.

Please do not forget in your fruit rush respectively Fruit Rush that you only win play money when you play Fruit Rush for free. Playing without real money is free, but by no means free. The Fruit Rush machine is online at all times and you can complete free spins worth thousands of dollars. This is not real money, but it is a training mode without registration, which allows you to learn the rules and work out a strategy for Fruit Rush.

Since all this is possible without registration, we are not surprised that Fruit Rush has broken out in Germany. In almost every German household, the Fruit Rush slot is as much a part of the furnishings as a stove or a refrigerator. It doesn’t take any special tricks for you to learn Fruit Rush online as well. Gamomat has created a guide in German, but let’s make it simple. We will tell you on the spot how to play Fruit Rush for free and what features are waiting for you. The calculation is simpler than a recipe for fruit salad: playing Fruit Rush for free without registration is the basis for your later winnings in the casino.

  • The main characters form winning combinations, which are read from left to right on the paylines according to the instructions.
  • You can achieve the maximum win with a combination of six times the 7 on a payline – this lucky hit brings 6000 euros profit
  • But you will also be happy about two cherries, if you are not a fussy eater and know how to appreciate 3 euros.
  • In ascending order, the citrus fruits, plums, grapes and watermelons are also extremely rich in content
  • Playing Fruit Rush is something unique. There is no wild symbol and no free spins in the familiar sense, but plenty of special features – typical Gamomat!

Surprising variety – you call the shots in Fruit Rush

Why we praise Fruit Rush so much and include it among our special picks, you might wonder. Without scatters and wilds – what does the slot have that other slots don’t? We’ll reveal the secret. The actual bonus occurs after every win! Gamomat offers you two options.

Either you take your winnings or you try your hand at the art of refining your harvest by choosing between two face-down playing cards. Red or black? If you guess correctly, your winnings double; if you miss, it means a total loss.

You think that’s a lot of poker? Then there is a compromise: get half of the money credited to you and make a deal with the other half. That way, you’re guaranteed not to make yourself a fruit. If you play Fruit Rush for free, you can only lose play money anyway. Then you certainly won’t shy away from the risk ladder that Fruit Rush has put online to give you even more thrills for free.

Our verdict: Fruit Rush is great fun for free

Did our test with Fruit Rush work for you? Then we have great news for you: you start right here with us, because playing slot machines for free without registration is our mission. Of course, after our vitamin rush, we immediately decided that you should also play Fruit Rush for free, and without any cumbersome registration. As you can see: It’s always good to eat cherries with us, especially of course when we’re in Fruit Rush.

Are you ready for sensational real money wins at Fruit Rush?

Do you want to play Fruit Rush for free and can’t get rid of the feeling that the apples are always sweeter at your neighbors’? You want to win real money with your Fruit Rush experience? Good thought! Your casino fun will actually bear even more fruit if you take a detour to the best online casinos after playing Fruit Rush for free without registration. Get your free spins without deposit or another crisp welcome bonus there!

Fruit Rush slot details