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Fruits & Wilds 2 Slot Free Games from Bally Wulff

Fruits & Wilds 2 is probably one of the most entertaining slots in the online casino. While playing this slot game online, a good mood immediately arises and after only a few spins you catch yourself sitting in front of the screen with a big grin. With the Fruits & Wilds 2 slot, the German game manufacturer Bally Wulff shows us that sometimes you can produce an interesting, exciting and, above all, a slot machine bubbling over with gaming joy even with less. We don’t want to create any false impressions, Fruits & Wilds 2 may look like an ordinary fruit slot at first glance, but our first tip to our readers is to definitely take a closer look. Otherwise, you run the risk of missing out on this top-notch slot game and wrongly pigeonholing it.

A pretty simple trick would be to play Fruits & Wilds 2 for free. Of course, it would be even better to read our review first and only then play Fruits & Wilds 2 for free. We will provide you with all the information you need for your strategy in this article. Among other things, this includes a detailed description of the bonus features, the main characters as well as the rules. Of course, we will also explain how to win while playing Fruits & Wilds and reveal the secret of whether free spins are among the slot’s extras. Jump into the fruity adventure!

Fruits & Wilds 2 online at a glance

Fruits & Wilds 2 by Bally Wulff is actually a pretty simple slot game, in all respects. The game field is small but nice with three reels and three rows, and also on the reels there are rather simple but particularly detailed and nice looking motifs. Most of the symbols that you will encounter when playing Fruits & Wilds 2 are colorful fruits, which are complemented by some popular motifs of classic slot machines. Although Bally Wulff didn’t really need to put the action on the reels in the foreground, that’s exactly what they achieved with the choice of the background of Fruits & Wilds 2 online. It is precisely because of such details that the game developer is one of the most popular producers of casino games ever, and not only in Germany. The different shades of blue with their white dots remind us of the Milky Way on a starry night or the northern lights of the far north. You can already find out how well this color coordination matches and highlights the fruits as soon as you play Fruits & Wilds 2 for free without registration.

Another detail that immediately caught our testers’ attention is the mood-enhancing background music. Unlike many other slots, the player does not expect the monotonous slot music that is unfortunately chosen far too often when playing Fruits & Wilds 2, but a pop mix that tempts you to dance. Of course, the Fruits & Wilds 2 slot also has some bonus features, which you can also get to know while playing Fruits & Wilds 2 for free. Even here, Bally Wulff takes an extremely interesting and simpler approach, as Free Spins and the scatter symbol associated with them do not exist here, but see for yourself.

The Wild Symbols

Here we actually did not make a mistake, because in Fruits & Wilds 2 you actually have to use the plural when talking about the wild symbol. In this slot game, there are a total of seven different wild symbols on the reels! These all have the property of being able to replace all other motifs as wild symbols. But they all also come with their own multiplier. This means that for every winning combination that lands with a wild symbol, there is always a multiplier that boosts the winnings. Should you play Fruits & Wilds 2 for free without registration, then you can see the amount of the winnings of these multipliers with your own eyes. By the way, the multiplier values of the wild symbols range from x1 to x15.

The Gamble Functions

What applies to the wild symbol also applies to the gamble function in Fruits & Wilds 2. There is more than one of these free bonus functions. Winnings can optionally be increased with the playing card function or the winning ladder up to a maximum amount of €150. However, these free features can only be used if the amount won does not exceed this limit and the autoplay feature is not used.

How to play Fruits & Wilds 2 online

Since Fruits & Wilds is played with five fixed paylines, you can start playing in just a few moments. The only setting you actually need to make is to set the amount of your bets. You can optionally resort to the autoplay feature. Due to the simple layout, you don’t have to bother with the rules, but can go straight to playing Fruits & Wilds 2 for free and thus familiarize yourself with the slot in practice. The winning combinations always consist of three identical motifs and if they land on one of the five paylines, then your spin was successful. We can assure you that these game rules are actually as simple as it sounds.

In Fruits & Wilds 2, you can expect these ten symbols:

  • The Red Seven
  • Bells
  • Melons
  • Lemons
  • Oranges
  • Grapes
  • plums
  • strawberries
  • cherries
  • Various wild symbols

Conclusion and play Fruits & Wilds 2 for free

Fruits & Wilds 2 may seem unimpressive and almost uninteresting at first glance. However, the slot machine is full of surprises and is also incredibly fun to play. Its simple design proves to be a big plus, because it saves you a lot of time reading the rules and memorizing the course of the paylines. Even as a beginner, you could start playing right away and enjoy the fun that the slot game provides. Wins provide even more good mood and they can land more often than you think. With an RTP of 96.21%, the chances for this are even excellent. The two gamble feature options also provide plenty of thrills, and wild wins always come with a multiplier.

With us you can play the slot machine for free without registration right now!

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