Fruits’n Royals by Novoline

Fruits’n Royals slot machine from Novoline.

As the name of this slot game adventure suggests, Fruits’n Royals is a classic fruit slot that received a royal online visit. The slot is quite simple in design, yet it looks contemporary and presents all its colorful symbols. Unfortunately, a running Fruits’n Royals background music has been omitted. Only when the reels are activated does the sound start, which introduces the excitement. Novoline clearly orientates itself on the retro look, with one difference that some symbols have been exchanged for royals. These ensure that the fruit slot stands out a bit and thus has a unique selling point. We have taken a closer look at this slot and would like to present a small overview. If you want to get to know the slot game first, you can play Fruits’n Royals for free and get an impression yourself.

The rules: How to play Fruits’n Royals

In this Novoline slot there are 5 reels, three rows and 5 fixed paylines. To start the game, the player must place a bet. The minimum bet is 5 cents, the maximum is 50 euros per spin. Those who want to play directly with the highest bet can click the max bet button. This saves the player from having to open the betting menu. If the bet was made, it is called to click on Start and the reels rotate. If the player does not want to click manually every round, there is a practical autostart function. Once activated, the reels will spin until the player deactivates it again or until there is no credit left.

The main characters in this Fruits’n Royals game include cherries, lemons, plums, the king, the queen and the crown. At least three of the same symbols must appear on the reel for a win to occur. In terms of payout, this slot is quite generous. With a bet of 4 euros, there are already 16 euros with three lemons, oranges and plums. With two cherries, the player also wins something, but only his bet back. Therefore, we are not really talking about profit here. For three cherries there are also 16 euros. For three kings and queens 40 euros beckon and three crowns provide a profit of 80 euros. Whoever plays with 50 euros per round and wins five crowns, cracks the jackpot of 50,000 euros. Tip: Play Fruits’n Royals for free and discover the various winning opportunities in the demo. This game is truly royally designed and comes with plenty of surprises.

Are there any special features in Fruits’n Royals online?

As with several fruit slots, many Fruits’n Royals extras have been omitted. You might think Novoline wanted to make the retro slots really retro and not add much new features here. Still, there is one or two things to discover.


  • Scatter symbols
  • Risk function

Wild symbols are unfortunately not available in Fruits’n Royals. However, scatter symbols are waiting, which take on a special task. If at least three of them appear on the reels, there is a payout. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reels, but they don’t have to be right next to each other like all other symbols. As always, the higher the bet, the higher the win when the scatters suddenly appear in front of you. Free spins were unfortunately also waived in this game.

If the player wins a round, he can accept the risk function. In succession, the player is asked to choose the color black or red. If he chooses the right one, the win is doubled. If he chooses the wrong color, the complete round win is lost.

Fruits’n Royals play for free without registration

To test new slots, it is recommended to play them in demo mode. With us, players can play this slot for free without registration. Just load the page and start playing. Playing Fruits’n Royals for free brings the player a lot of advantages. On the one hand, the player can play the game without any risk. You can hardly do anything wrong with a slot machine. Nevertheless, it makes sense to look at the whole thing in peace. For example, players who don’t know that the Fruits’n Royals risk feature exists might click and take a risk without wanting to. In the end, all the winnings are gone. For this reason, even with simple slot machines, players should read the rules and play to try them out.

Playing Fruits’n Royals for free brings even more advantages. For example, tricks can be used or a strategy can be developed. Although not much can be intervened in a slot, but sometimes it makes sense to create your own statistics. There are even players who apply Martingale in slots. In that case, every round the bet is doubled until there is a win. Of course, there are limits to all Fruits’n Royals strategies. Be it because the stakes don’t allow it or because your budget is too low. Either way, playing for free is fun. It does not always have to be about money. Those who want to dare to play a little game in between can do so wonderfully in demo mode. This is also possible on a mobile smartphone.

Play the Fruits’n Royals slot from Novoline in a real money casino.

Had enough of playing Fruits’n Royals for free? Wonderful, how about getting started at the real money casino. There it gets really exciting because everything revolves around real money. This means even more thrills, excitement and hopefully high winnings. Tip: Almost every casino gives away bonus offers. For example, a casino bonus without deposit, free spins without deposit or similar. Such are the ideal intermediate solution between demo mode and online casino for real money. Here, too, the player plays for free, but has the opportunity to win real money winnings. Sometimes, for example, there is a 100% bonus with up to 100 euros. This means the player deposits up to 100 euros and gets 100 euros on top.

The bonus conditions are important. These are usually in the terms and conditions of the casino websites. There it is noted that the bonus must be converted several times. For example, 30 times. With 100 euros, the player would now have to play for 3,000 euros. Only then may this pay out the winnings. There are also other rules to follow. Sometimes not all free spins are valid on all games and there are limits on the bet. For this reason, everyone should study the terms and conditions so that the rules are known. Otherwise, nothing stands in the way of playing. The Fruits’n Royals online fruits are already looking forward to exciting hours.

Fruits’n Royals slot details