Ghost Pirates by NetEnt

Ghost Pirates Slot Online from NetEnt

Now for a really nice scary slot, that would be it! Did you just think that and went looking for it online? We think that you have now reached your destination. Put your real money away, you won’t need it, because playing Ghost Pirates for free without registration is the solution! We have already done it and tested the slot game from NetEnt extensively. We find the game simply top! Read here everything you need to know to play Ghost Pirates for free and then set sail, you are about to be appointed captain on a pirate ship. The crew will expect you to prove yourself worthy of the job with strategy and lots of tricks.

Our experience with Ghost Pirates slot

Now you expect that the scary part of playing Ghost Pirates for free might be the seasickness? Oh no, you don’t know NetEnt very well. These slot creators don’t do things by halves. If spooky, then right! Life on a pirate ship runs according to its own rules, we Germans should submit to them. After all, there are passengers on board who you’d rather not provoke. If you understand a little English, you may have noticed that Ghost Pirates means “ghost pirates” in German. And they’re not called that because they’re enthusiastic, or look astonished, or act witty, but because they’re real ghosts! We must say, they are really not of bad parents. They are pirates and other fellow sailors who are no longer quite alive. But they are not dead either! They are the souls of sailors who probably met their end on the ship at some point and could not come to terms with it. That’s why they haunt the Ghost Pirates slot for all eternity.

A scary story great implemented

Does NetEnt have any experience with ghosts? We think so. They would never have been able to draw the undead so detailed on the reels and paylines otherwise. The Ghost Pirates themselves do not know that they are deceased. Ghost Pirates always like to play and they don’t stop playing even after their demise. We can well understand that, because it is guaranteed not so very pleasant when Grim Reaper drops the game into the water and you are simply picked up without registering. The game must go on, at least online! It’s fine with us, because playing Ghost Pirates for free has already given us many great hours. You can really get used to the crew with a firm will, because they can’t help it that they don’t look quite dewy anymore. We certainly wouldn’t feel any different if we were ghosts. The Ghost Pirates online take their situation in stride and hold their own in the online casino. On a positive note, they do it all for free and they seem to be very fond of animals. Ghost Pirates play in an exemplary manner with their dead ghost parrot.

All the characters in the slot should have been in the afterlife long ago, but they would rather play

Playing Ghost Pirates for free without registration only cost us overcoming in the first moment. Then we also immediately forgot that the slot machine has undead depicted on its reels. We were a bit scared because everything in the slot ship creaks ominously, creating an eerie atmosphere, and because we couldn’t really appreciate Ghost Pirates online yet. How could we? In Germany we never had the opportunity to meet Ghost Pirates in person before! So a certain shyness is quite normal. However, the Ghost Pirates from NetEnt turned out to be, as I said, friendly and playful hosts who love bonuses and free spins. We definitely have something in common there! We really like the slot and immediately decided to add it to our list of special picks. We do this not only to promote the fringe group of pirate zombies, but because for us Ghost Pirates slot is indeed a one-of-a-kind with huge fun factor and particularly well-done graphics. Form your own opinion by playing Ghost Pirates for free without any obligation!

How to play Ghost Pirates online without registration

Now we come to the great features of this cool slot. You can skip this section if you are absolutely confident, but you might learn something along the way. When you are ready to start the game, simply press the big green start button to make the reels spin once. If you ask one of the good-natured ghost pirates to do this, he can certainly do it for you as well. To do this, simply click on the small “AUTO” button at the bottom of the screen and select the number of spins you want. There are no fees for this, by the way. The main characters are indeed treasure collectors and buccaneers, but a “please” and “thank you” are quite enough. By the way, the game is played on five reels, which is relatively normal for slot machines from this manufacturer. However, there are no paylines at all in that sense. Well, actually there are 243, but that can also be translated to mean that symbols of the same type always form winning combinations, as long as they are only on adjacent reels.

The main characters in Ghost Pirates

If you want to become a sailor among Ghost Pirates, you should get to know the crew and make friends with the main items. Yes, among them is a pistol, but it does not have real ammunition by any means. So, there is no need for a gun license. If you want to integrate into the Ghost Pirates as soon as possible, you’ll have to be quick. We have a small cheat sheet for you here, on which all the winning symbols are ordered. Further up are the main characters with lower monetary values and below are the high ranking pirates:

  • The anchor and the cannon
  • The water bottles and the treasure map
  • The pirate medallion
  • The crossed pistols
  • Polly the parrot
  • The crazy monkey, a skilled pyrotechnician
  • One-Eyed Ed, the first mate
  • Peggy Rotten, the somewhat transparent pirate captain

The special winning symbols and bonus rounds in Ghost Pirates

Ghost Pirates hides some interesting bonus features in this slot game. While we have already mentioned that there are 243 lines in total, you can also scale them down. At the same time, you change the money values of the winning symbols, the spaces on the reels and the number of free spins from the scatter symbol. So think carefully about whether you want to keep the 243 ways. However, when you think of “bonus feature”, it certainly doesn’t look like a reel change. You’re probably thinking of interesting bonus symbols, which are also available here.

Wild Symbol

If you are an experienced slots player, you are most likely familiar with one or another wild symbol. The usage of this special symbol is usually relatively the same. In Ghost Pirates, it appears as a pirate skeleton with crossed sabers and a golden “WILD” inscription. When you see it, you have an increased chance of winning, as it can imitate any other main character, thus procuring more winning opportunities. We believe that’s why the pirate skull was chosen as the wild, because it’s not entirely clear which buccaneer it belongs to. But who knows, you may have a different interpretation.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is a must in this game. Similar to other games, the scatter here offers the chance to get free spins. Unlike other variants, however, the treasure chest must appear here from the left reel at least three times in a row to get the free spins. For this, you bag 15 free spins, but it becomes more if you can form a longer chain of treasure chests. Also, during the respective spins, all wins are multiplied by 3. Now that’s what we call a big haul!

Our verdict: Playing Ghost Pirates for free really excited us

That kind of sounds like a decent pirate portion of real money, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s worth it for you to play Ghost Pirates online first, but for free. Playing slots for free without registration is one of the good, old, tried and tested methods you can use to test a deck before you set sail. By deck, however, we mean slot in this case. And by set sail, we meant a real money deposit. See how much Ghost Pirates has already rubbed off on us? Either way, for us, playing Ghost Pirates for free was an excellent way to learn the basic rules and have a lot of fun in the process. We think you’ll have a similarly good experience, and we’re looking forward to being proven right.

Playing Ghost Pirates for real money is not for landlubbers

Do you dare to bet some real money in the normal mode now? Don’t panic, the nice ghost pirates believe in you and cross their bony fingers very hard. Not only during the game, but also before it. The first thing is to choose the right online casino. Not just any random establishment will do, but you have to pay attention to respectability. If everything is right and there is also a good bonus on top of that, you can start in the casino with Ghost Pirates. A good bonus would be the no deposit free spins, which are especially useful for new players. If you have now really made friends with Ghost Pirates online, there is certainly nothing standing in your way of experiencing some great adventures with the ghost crew. We wish you a lot of fun!

Ghost Pirates slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol