Gods of Death by Stake Logic

Gods of Death online slot by StakeLogic – overview and game features.

Gods of Death by Stakelogic is a new game released in March 2020. In line with the usual design philosophy of the Dutch company, the game is designed with simple rules and an exciting atmosphere in mind. The first impression you get when you check out Gods of Death online is a somewhat dark and mysterious mood. The reels are framed by Ra and Anubis, which of course fits perfectly with the name, which means “gods of death” in German. The rest of the design is also in the style of an Egyptian tomb, but more on the design later.

The rules are kept simple as usual, but you will quickly notice that Gods of Death online has some special features. This is of course to make the slot more exciting and prevent boredom. The main focus of the Gods of Death slot is to make sure that you can enjoy the tension and atmosphere. The tension is conveyed by the sounds of the game, and we will go into more detail about that later as well. If you want to play Gods of Death for free, you can easily do so online with the demo version.

If you want to get an idea in advance, you can play Gods of Death for free without registration. But what we can already tell you is that this slot game quickly creates a mysterious, mysterious and exciting atmosphere. Of course, all this sounds very positive, but whether this mood lasts and whether there is really no boredom, we clarify in this article.


The Gods of Death slot consists of five reels with three rows. There are a total of ten paylines, these are always active and not dependent on the bet. This means that Gods of Death offers you countless winning combinations. You can see how the paylines are composed in the information menu. It is only counted from left to right. We have to throw in a quick note about the information menu, it is very fiddly to use and can be a bit frustrating, Stakelogic should improve here. Otherwise, Gods of Death is easy to use online.

Sound and Design

As already mentioned, the whole design is held in the style of an Egyptian burial chamber, the most striking feature being the statues of the Egyptian gods Ra and Anubis. They stand to the left and right of the reels and supervise the whole action. In the background of the reels you can see stone tablets with Egyptian hieroglyphics, which perfectly fit the general atmosphere. However, Stakelogic manages perfectly to keep the design from being too cluttered and still clear. If you want to see the design for yourself, you can play Gods of Death for free without registration.

The sound is true to the theme, kept mysterious and subliminal, you never know what awaits you behind the next twist. This, of course, also enhances the impression of the two statues. Wins are accompanied by appropriate sounds that give you the feeling of victory. If you do not like the sound of the game, you can turn it off in the “Options”, even if you play online Gods of Death for free.

How to play Gods of Death

If you want to play Gods of Death, you can do it for free in Germany with the demo version. Moreover, in Gods of Death you don’t need any special strategies or tactics, tips or tricks, here you rely entirely on your luck and chance. But of course, there are rules in Gods of Death as well. Of course, you also have an influence on the amount of your bet in this slot machine. The following applies: the higher the bet is determined, the higher the possible winnings will be.

Gods of Death also has a special mode that you can select at the beginning. The so-called Super Stake mode. In this, your bet will be doubled, but also new features will be activated, so more random symbols will appear on the reels, which should improve the chance for higher wins.

The best way to get a feel for this slot game is to play Gods of Death for free. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with the symbols.

The symbols in Gods of Death

In total, Gods of Death has twelve characters, the five main characters are simple letters and numbers, while the rest are images. In the following list, the characters are ordered by the possible wins, with the lowest win first:

  • Card symbols between “10” and “A”.
  • Tomb Guard
  • Crocodile
  • Horus
  • Anubis
  • Pharaoh
  • Mummy (only during Free Spins)
  • Snake Queen

In addition, the last three symbols mentioned are also additional symbols.

  • So the Snake Queen is also the wild symbol of Gods of Death, thereby the symbol expands only if it appears in the third reel, but should that happen, re-spins are given, thereby the Snake Queen becomes smaller and smaller and covers no more field in the last spin.
  • The mummy can only appear during free spins, it is a winning symbol and an expanding wild symbol. The mummy can only appear on the first or last reel, on each free spin the mummy moves to the left and also functions as a wild symbol.
  • The Pharaoh is the symbol that gives free spins when playing Gods of Death and is considered as a scatter symbol, with ten free spins given when appearing three times, 20 when appearing four times and 50 when appearing five times.

All these symbols and rules can be overwhelming at first glance, so you should play Gods of Death for free to get a feel for all these features.

Winning opportunities in Gods of Death by Stakelogic

When you play Gods of Death for free, you have the opportunity to bet between $0.10 and $80, in Super Stake mode. The lowest symbol gives 0.30€ in the cheapest variant if it appears 5 times.

Conclusion: Play Gods of Death online for free!

If you want a classic slot game, but with fresh features, then you should play Gods of Death for free without registration. Uncover the mystery surrounding the gods of death and enjoy the atmosphere. If you have the interest in other themes, you can click through our directory and play many exciting slots for free without registration.

Play Gods of Death with real money

Do you like to play Gods of Death for free, but the excitement is missing in the free version, then you should play in a real casino or online casino. We have gathered what we consider to be the best ways to play Gods of Death online. Here you can find welcome packages that are aimed at new customers, for example, offering free spins without deposit or some other bonus.

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