Gold Train by Pragmatic Play

Gold Train by Pragmatic Play

Fans of compact slots with few reels, few paylines and high RTP should pay close attention now. At this point, we present you a slot that will meet your taste. We are talking about Gold Train from Pragmatic Play. If you like, you are invited to make use of our offer right at the beginning of our review. You can play Gold Train for free with us without registration, because we have the demo version of the game, which can be played without any restrictions, fully, for free and without registration.

Pragmatic Play sometimes treads paths that miss the mainstream of the time a little. And it does so with great success. While slots with many reels and countless paylines shoot up like mushrooms, the manufacturer Pragmatic Play stayed on the ground with this slot game. The result was Gold Train, a slot with only three reels, three paylines and a high payout probability of 97.16%, which appeared online in casinos across Germany in May 2017. If you read the bare numbers and know that the volatility is stated as medium, you are inclined to believe in a rather boring game. But he is very much mistaken. Because unlike most other slots, which get by with so few reels and paylines, there are winning combinations here that don’t span all the reels. But we will get to that later. In the meantime, if you like, you should check it out for yourself and play the demo version of Gold Train for free.

We will continue our journey through the features of the game and explain everything about the rules, tips and tricks of Gold Train online. Play along too and try to find a strategy that will lead to as many wins as possible.

These are the main characters that you will find in Gold Train. They are sorted in descending order of value:

  • Locomotive (Wild Symbol)
  • Tickets (Scatter Symbol)
  • Upgrade sign (Bonus symbol)
  • 3 x the red seven
  • Locomotive cap
  • Flags
  • Bell
  • 3 x BAR
  • 2 x BAR
  • 1 x BAR

So the number of symbols is manageable. You will be amazed how often you can get the maximum win with “777”.

How to play Gold Train online?

Well. The beginning of the game Gold Train is unspectacular and resembles that of any other slot. Have you already followed our tip and enjoy playing Gold Train for free? If not – feel free to accept our invitation. We hope you will not regret it.

Whether you play Gold Train slot for free or for real money, you should stay true to your personal attitude and play with realistic stakes. These can be between 0.03 euros and 15 euros at Gold Train values. You can start the game round either by single spin (press spin button or space bar) or autoplay mode. In the latter case, the game runs by itself. You can sit back and watch. Pragmatic Play doesn’t dare to experiment much with Gold Train. These only come into play with the features.

The Gold Train reels stop by themselves after a few seconds, unless you stop them manually and thus significantly influence the luck yourself. See if you have a good knack for this. This can be part of a good online casino strategy. Winning combinations are immediately displayed at Gold Train online, winnings are paid out.  Fortunately, there are the already mentioned features.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol of Gold Train shows the front of a locomotive. It substitutes for all symbols except the scatter symbol and the “upgrade” symbol. This provides multiple and higher wins.

Scatter Symbol

If you see a scatter on all reels while playing Gold Train, the bonus game will start. A train with at least ten carriages moves across the top of the screen. Each one is filled with a certain amount of money. The sum corresponds to a progressive bonus, because the more “upgrade” symbols you spin during the game, the more wagons the train pulls behind it in Gold Train online. Free spins, as you know them from other slots, there are none to be won.

Conclusion about playing Gold Train for free

We already mentioned it at the beginning: Gold Train slot is aimed at those who are self-confessed lovers of slim slots. Don’t worry. Playing Gold Train for free is not boring at all, even with few reels and paylines. On the contrary. You will be amazed at how often you can win the top prize. You should see for yourself and play Gold Train for free without registration. Playing Gold Train is entertaining and profitable. Symbols and sound, by the way, do their part to keep the fun going. If you want to try even more games, you can play other slot machines for free without registration. Just click through our lists.

How to play Gold Train online for real money

Admittedly. Playing Gold Train for free is all well and good. But there is something that can be even better. And that is when you get a bonus for Gold Train online. Free spins without deposit are especially fine. Because this way you combine two benefits: Firstly, playing Gold Train for free and secondly, the possibility of winning real money. For this, a successful registration is required. Our lists reveal in which German online casinos you can find such bonuses with free spins.

Gold Train slot details

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