Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt

Gonzo’s Quest slot machine – game overview and features.

If you like to spend your free time in online casinos, then you have almost certainly already come across the Gonzo’s Quest slot machine. In fact, it is one of the most famous developments of the manufacturer NetEnt. With the theme of the ancient Aztecs, this slot game stands out. However, it is also the special concept of the Avalanche feature and the great design that have brought Gonzo’s Quest to the best list of all casino games.

We have closely examined the slot and would like to share with you all the details, tips and tricks about it. Learn how the game is structured, what are the special features and how to play Gonzo’s Quest for free without registration. In addition, we present you the best online casinos where you can also play for real money!

Go to golden ruins with Gonzo’s Quest online

Gonzo’s Quest is based on the legend of the Spanish conquistador who set out to the golden city of El Dorado to find great treasures. In this Gonzo’s Quest game from Netent you’ll accompany the adventurer on this journey, visiting golden ruins engraved with Aztec symbols that are the key to wealth. Get alongside the conqueror and unlock the mystery of the gold city. With a little luck, some surprises await you at the end!

As soon as you start the slot machine, the magnificent design will immediately catch your eye. Developer NetEnt has put a lot of effort into the elaboration and created a true masterpiece. You are looking at a ruin. The symbols are represented by individual stones, in which Aztec masks are carved. You will have the feeling of being in another world and, most importantly, in a completely different era. To the left of the playing field, Gonzo the Conqueror accompanies the game and adds a certain liveliness to the monitor with animations. Familiarize yourself with the user interface before you start playing. This is because it differs slightly from classic slot machines.

Discover Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt

It is best to play Gonzo’s Quest for free first, so that you can get an overview of the settings and then use them correctly in the game for real money. However, we will of course tell you in advance what rules the game is based on and how the user interface is structured.

Basically, it is a typical structure of reels and rows. Namely, there are 5 reels and 3 rows on which the symbols cavort. The paylines are fixed in this game and amount to 20. In the paytable you can see and understand the distribution of the paylines. If you want to play for real money, you have many options as far as the bet is concerned. You can play with a bet of only 0.20 euros, but you can also bet a whole 50 euros per spin. This variety makes the slot interesting for both casual players and high rollers.

Let’s take a look at the user interface:

  • “i” button: this takes you to the overview of features and the paytable. Check here if you want to check symbol values or features.
  • Bet: Here you can see how many coins you are playing for.
  • Level: Use the -/+ buttons to determine how many coins you want to bet.
  • Auto Play: Press this button to set autospins. This will automatically perform a certain number of spins for you.
  • Round Arrows: This is the start button that allows you to start each spin manually.
  • Max. Bet: If you press this button, a spin will start at the maximum possible bet (50 Euros).
  • Coin Value: Use the -/+ buttons to set the amount of value per coin.
  • Coins: This is the credit balance display.
  • Win: See the win of each round here.

Slot machine with Avalanche feature

Things get really interesting when you press the spin button for the first time. The great feature of Gonzo’s Quest is that the reels do not spin, but the so-called Avalanche feature is applied. This means that the game pieces fall down from above. This may look unusual at first glance, but it brings pretty big advantages for you as a player. Namely, as soon as a win is achieved in a round, the tiles involved in the winning combination are removed from the playing field and new ones start falling from the top. This means that every round you have the chance to win several times. Stones keep falling from the top until at some point there is no new winning combination.

However, it gets even better. The Avalanche feature also comes with win multipliers. While your first win is simply paid out, it increases with each new Avalanche that is triggered. If you manage to have stones fall from the top four times, wins in this and subsequent rounds will be multiplied x5. This makes for terrific payouts! Remember, though, that only the highest win per line is paid out at a time.

Gonzo’s Quest Symbols and Values

In the world of the Aztecs, we encounter many indefinable symbols. Each of them probably carries a special meaning, but it takes deep researchers to get to the bottom of them. What we’re talking about, you’ll quickly realize as soon as you take a look at the game symbols. Among them are different colored stones with Aztec masks and animal symbols. The characters that feature animal shapes carry low values and provide you with smaller payouts. On the other hand, the Aztec masks carry higher values. The most valuable symbol is the blue stone with golden Aztec figure. If this lands a whole five times on a payline, the bet is multiplied by 2,500 times.

How to play Gonzo’s Quest for free and for real money

Of course, in order for you to experience the best possible slot entertainment, it is not only important to know about the structure, but also about the bonus features. While the Avalanche feature should already seem to be bonus enough, there are still some main characters that can provide surprises.

For one, it’s about the well-known wild symbol. This is represented by a gray stone with a golden question mark carved into it. The wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols on the board and thus create winning combinations or even expand them.

Even more generous, however, is the special Free Fall symbol. This represents a kind of scatter symbol. You can recognize it by a gold-plated stone with an Aztec figure. In the best case, this symbol lands three times in adjacent positions on a line. Because then the lucrative bonus is triggered. You will immediately receive 10 free spins (Free Falls), which will be carried out at the previously determined bet. During these free spins you have the opportunity to trigger more. This is done in the same way with another three Free Fall symbols.

Free spins are lucrative anyway, since they allow you to play Gonzo’s Quest for free. However, NetEnt has gone one better and wants to increase the possible value of the free spins even more. All so-called Free Falls are played with different win multipliers as far as the Avalanche feature is concerned. You start here already with a multiplier of x3. This means that already the first win is paid out three times. If the Avalanche feature is triggered more often, the win multipliers increase to x6, x9 and finally to x15. You can enjoy a golden time in the ruins accordingly!

Gonzo’s Quest Strategy

Players always wonder if there are certain tricks that can be used to outsmart a slot machine. However, in this regard, we can safely say that it is not the case. All slots are powered by random generators, which leave no room for tricks. However, a good strategy, in our opinion, is to take advantage of the possibility to play Gonzo’s Quest for free and get to know the game this way first. This will help you in that you will get to know the rules and will be able to understand them better when playing for real money.

Get started by playing Gonzo’s Quest for free!

If you have read our review thoroughly, you could probably already tell that we are excited about Gonzo’s Quest! The slot machine delivers a great concept that makes it very different from typical games. This slot game actually pioneered the exciting Avalanche feature, which has been adopted by many other games today. However, the fact that the manufacturer has added even more bonus features to the game is a testament to the fact that players’ wishes come first. It is not a big surprise that Gonzo’s Quest online is one of the most popular slot machines on the market and does not go out of fashion!

We give you a unique opportunity on our site that you can play this and other slot machines for free without registration. Save yourself the annoying time you have to spend on registration on other sites and stay anonymous – we do not require any data from you! Playing a few rounds of slots for free is an excellent option for those who like the casino atmosphere but would rather not spend any money. This way you can enjoy the best entertainment without taking any risks.

Check out the outstanding graphics and features of Gonzo’s Quest slot for yourself right now. We are sure that you, too, will quickly get carried away by the game and love the mission of finding gold!

Play for real money at the online casino

If your fingers are already itching and you can’t wait to play the slot for real money, you can almost get started now. However, we advise you to take some time when choosing a suitable online casino to check it for security and seriousness. There are numerous gambling providers on the Internet and, as is unfortunately the case today, there are always black sheep. Therefore, make sure that the casino has a valid gambling license and can show other securities such as known payment methods.

Of course, we would like to assist you in this point and not withhold the best online casinos on the German market. Take a look at our list and compare providers yourself to find a casino that meets your needs and expectations.

When selecting the best online casinos, we pay attention to another important feature in addition to security and seriousness: the casino bonus without deposit. The majority of all online casinos offer you the opportunity to claim bonuses. These you get partly without registration and partly only as a registered member. When newly registering at a casino, you can, for example, receive a welcome bonus. Through this, you can get a starting balance, a bonus payment on your first deposit or a few free spins, which may be used either on slot machines or any casino games. A no deposit bonus is especially beneficial, as you are not required to initiate a deposit to receive it. Most of the time, these are small credit amounts or free spins. However, it gives you the opportunity to play for real money for free!

Before you blindly claim a bonus, you should also check the bonus conditions. This is because it states what is required of you in order to a) qualify for the bonus in the first place and b) have the chance to cash it out in the end. You may have to make a minimum deposit, pay with a certain method or convert the bonus amount into real money. It is not uncommon for there to be stipulations on this as well, as far as the amount of wagers for games with bonus money is concerned. In addition, the use may be limited to certain games.

Enjoy great entertainment while playing at the online casino

We don’t want to keep you any longer now and wish you a lot of fun with Gonzo’s Quest and other casino games. Once you have found an appealing online casino, the entire world of gambling is open to you. Remember to play responsibly and take assistance from the provider if necessary. For example, in many online casinos you can set the maximum time you want to play per day or per week. You will then be logged out automatically after reaching the specified time.

Take a thorough look around the online casino and test the entire offer. Take advantage of the variety of slot machines and table games or even participate in exciting competitions and tournaments!

Gonzo’s Quest slot details

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