Great Wars by Stake Logic

The warlike Great Wars slot from Stakelogic.

Epic battles, warriors on their horses and brave Amazons – these are the scenes that await you in the Great Wars online slot game by Stakelogic. Fans of fantasy adventures will love this slot. Here, good fights evil and at the same time the reels spin.

Great Wars is equipped with five reels and three rows, on which 30 paylines are distributed. Try out the slot by playing Great Wars for free without registration. In doing so, you will get to know the different wild and scatter symbols, free spins and other features on Stakelogic’s battlefield.

The good thing is that when you play Great Wars for free, you don’t run any risk. Neither do you have to fear the fighting warriors, nor do you have to be afraid of losing real money. Instead, you can keep your fingers crossed that a winning combination of at least three identical symbols will appear on the playing field. The demo version of Great Wars is completely free of charge.

Great Wars slot machine is graphically very elaborate. The animated scene behind the playing field is divided into the blue-designed half of the king and the queen’s side, which is in shades of green. As the reels spin, warrior troops march tirelessly into battle and arrows whiz through the air. The soundtrack is also perfectly matched to the scene. Somber and proud at the same time is the sound to which the knights go into battle.

How the Great Wars online game works

Play Great Wars for free without registration – this is the best way to test the individual functions and the flow of the machine. To set the reels in motion, you just need to press the spin button. Great Wars by Stakelogic has an autoplay function integrated next to the conventional spin button. By activating this function, it is possible for you to let the reels run without interruption in Great Wars. Moreover, if playing Great Wars in the normal mode seems too slow for you, you can activate the Fast Spin function. This will make the reels spin at a faster pace.

As soon as the various symbols come to a halt, you’ll see if you’ve made a win on Great Wars online. The winning lines are highlighted by colored connecting lines. The characters that make up the combinations also stand out visually. Whenever seven scatter symbols appear on a playing field, the game mode changes.

Despite the elaborate graphics and background animation, the slot looks uncluttered and not cluttered. By playing Great Wars for free, you will quickly understand the rules and gameplay. Below the reels you will find all the important elements like the spin button, the help, the total bet and the balance indicator. Above it, the amount of the last win is displayed.

The Great Wars symbols at a glance

A mighty king and the proud queen represent the main symbols in the Stakelogic slot. A warrior and a creature with a tiger-like head are also quite high in value. Lower in value, on the other hand, are the letters A, K, Q and J, which are displayed without borders and in a curved font.

Through the help menu of Great Wars online, you can look up the value for the main character and those of the other characters. The payout table is also listed. The labels and info menu are not in German, but are still easy to understand due to the good illustrations.

Wild and Scatter Features in Great Wars

A blue and a green shield each act as wild symbols. They help you complete winning combinations and can substitute for all other symbols except for a scatter symbol. A winning combination is also possible with two wild symbols.

The scatter symbols in Great Wars visually resemble a golden signet ring with red decoration. At the bottom of the symbol is a curved scatter lettering. If at least seven scatter symbols appear on the field, you will receive a scatter prize and free spins:

  • 7 Scatter Symbols: 8 Free Spins + Scatter Prize.
  • 8 Scatter Symbols: 15 Free Spins + Scatter Prize
  • 9 Scatter Symbols: 30 Free Spins + Scatter Prize

Once you redeem the Free Spins, you will notice that the reels, the background scene and the music changes when you play Great Wars. The color scheme changes from green and blue tones to a reddish colored scene. In the background, you can see a castle that is being attacked by the battling groups with heavy guns. The playing field with the reels is also designed in a wine-red tone.

The wild features also take effect during the free spins, which once again greatly increases the chances of winning in Great Wars.

Conclusion: Try out this epic slot from Stakelogic

Due to the high-quality graphic design, boredom does not arise so quickly with this slot. The best preparation to play later with real money: Play the slot machine for free without registration. This way you will learn the rules and some tips and tricks without betting real money. As with all other slot machines, there is no strategy for a guaranteed win.

Playing Great Wars for free is also possible on our website. Go into battle with the warriors of Great Wars for free on our information portal. This way you can test the game extensively in the demo version.

Playing for real money at Great Wars

Have you been able to play Great Wars for free and put it under the microscope? Then it is now time to bet real money. The RTP value for this game is 95.19%.

Find out in which online casino playing Great Wars with real money is possible in Germany. If you want to play for real money, you should simply look for a bonus. You can get free spins without deposit and other welcome offers when you register. Only when you are sure, you should actually make the first bet with real money.

To play Great Wars and bet real money, you don’t have to sit at home at your PC. The game also works on your smartphone or tablet. All you need to play Great Wars is an online connection and an internet browser. You don’t need to install a special app to go to battle with the warriors on the slot from Stakelogic on the go. Besides the real-money variant, you can also play Great Wars for free with your tablet or smartphone, and without registration.

Great Wars slot details

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