Green Lantern by Playtech

Superpowers with Green Lantern online.

Superheroes are ideals for many people. Strong, usually good-looking and always on behalf of the good and right. Playtech has designed an online slot based on the Green Lantern comic, which will delight players. Green Lantern by Playtech also offers a lot of exciting features and inspires not only by its name.

Play Green Lantern for free without registration

The slot game can be played in many casinos or online casinos from Playtech. Thereby, the game is one of the most popular ones of this brand. However, you should still take a skeptical look at the features of the slot. That is why you can play Green Lantern for free with us and get an insight into the structure of the machine.

Structure and gameplay

As always, the rules and strategy are quite simple: without any special tips and tricks, you select a bet of up to 100 euros and start the spin. Thus, this slot is still suitable for high rollers. Five reels and 243 paylines make up the game.

Extras and special features at Green Lantern

The following extras await you at Green Lantern:

  • Exploding symbols make way for new ones
  • The Power Bar with exciting extras
  • Wild Symbol
  • Progressive Jackpot

The Wild symbol is one of the main symbols and appears between reel two and four. There it substitutes for other symbols, but does not hold any special multipliers.

There is no scatter symbol in this slot.

Instead, the slot machine has a special power bar ready for the user. Every winning combination fills it a bit further. This can, for example, trigger free spins, which contain many wild symbols, collect them or have other multipliers. The more segments of the power bar one has filled, the more lucrative the winnings are as well.

Conclusion: A worthwhile slot with exciting features

Playtech has proven with Green Lantern that not only the name means something. The features like the wild symbol, the many winning rows and the power bar also make the slot an exciting and unique slot. The whole thing is nicely packaged, so fans will be pleased with an exciting game. You should definitely play Green Lantern for free without registration to find out more about the slot. Playing slots for free without registration is a brilliant way to get excited about a new slot.

Real money winnings with Green Lantern

A lot can be won with this slot – a lot of money, which can quickly make the hobby of gambling very interesting. An online casino no deposit bonus can help us achieve this profit. Through free spins or some credit, it is possible to get a little jump start and get to the payouts faster through this bonus!

Green Lantern slot details

Wild Symbol
Scatter Symbol